By Nathan Naversen

When I was nine years old I had a terrible accident in gymnastics class. This night I decided to jump from the parallel bars into a huge foam pit about 6 feet over (and six feet down) from the bars. I placed one foot on one bar, and one foot on the other bar and readied myself to stand up brazenly, legs spread, like a cowboy in a showdown, to make the jump into the hot-tub-size pit of soft foam rubber.

If the truth be known, I never had completely balanced myself on the bar. Before I could stand completely up I fell, six feet straight down, and my entire body weight landed on my elbow. The result was a shattered right arm, a "compound greenstick fracture". My arm broke in three places. I was rushed to the emergency room that night. To make matters worse, my parents were on vacation over 3000 miles away. For a while the doctors thought they would have to amputate my arm, but after hours of surgery I was expected to recover nearly fully. It took about six months, but eventually my arm regained full strength and range of motion.

I tell you this story because, while I've completely healed from that accident 21 years ago, my arm still bears an eight inch scar. You can still see where the nearly 70 stitches were. I've often asked myself why God chose to leave scars on our bodies after we are hurt. I think there are answers, and I want to share them with you today:

Some things for you to think about today

  • God leaves scars on our bodies as a sign to remind us of his love and his promises. You see, when God wiped out the earth in the flood, he left a reminder in the sky. his rainbow. as a sign of the promise that he would never again destroy the earth. In the same way, when we get hurt God leaves a visible scar on us as a reminder that he healed us of an injury. When you have a scar on your body, it is not an ugly thing like you might think.. It is actually God's signature. God's kiss of healing on your body. It is a reminder that God is working in your life to bring about healing.

  • While we all have physical scars on our bodies, many of us also have scars on our hearts. Today you might be going through a painful time in your life. Your may even be getting beat up inwardly on a daily basis. Is this you? There is good news for you as well. There is healing and true joy in a life lived for Christ Jesus.

  • But sometimes people aren't healed, right? What about them? Why do some people have to live with pain or injury all their life? The answer is that sometimes God makes us wait for healing, but he always heals those who trust in him. For those who trust in Him, there is this promise, waiting for you when he takes you to heaven at the end of the age.

" He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away." - Revelation 21:4

Friends - if you have yet to experience true healing in your life. I would ask you to consider the healing relationship that only comes through Jesus Christ. He is truly able to heal you from all your hurts, but more than just that. you can truly experience what it means to live with joy in your life. We may all live with scars, but even those are insignificant compared with the Love we can experience through a relationship with the living God.

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