The Spotlight
Steve Teel

"Hey Josh great game!" a fan yells out to you. "Josh, bring that national championship to the Sooners!" another supporter offers. "So Oklahoma is back?" a reporter inquires.

You feel good because you played well making key plays to help your team maintain its march toward a college football national championship. Later the phone in your house will be ringing off the hook with well-wishers and reporters who want to talk about the Heisman trophy. If you pick up the phone, they ask you a strange question: What is Josh Heupel really like? And you, Josh Norman, receiver for the number 1 team in the land, will answer yet another question about the star quarterback who just happens to be your roommate and shares the same first name.

Josh Norman lives in a strange world. He is a key player for the OU Sooners. Yet because Josh Norman's roommate is Heisman candidate Josh Heupel, the questions he is most frequently asked are not about him. The questions point to Josh Heupel. "Is he really that nice a person?" "What's it like to live with a Heisman candidate?" "What was it like before Josh Heupel arrived at Oklahoma?"

I imagine that it just might get a little old being Josh Heupel's teammate and roommate. Josh Norman has said, "People want to talk to me about him. I enjoy talking about him because he's a great guy. I just don't know when they want to talk to me about me."

We can all identify with Josh Norman. It can be hard when someone else receives the lion's share of the spotlight when we are working hard too. Yet consider that the Christian life is ultimately about pointing the spotlight to someone else. The Christian life means talking about another more than it does talking about ourselves. We are to point others to the one we live with, Jesus Christ who has made our heart his home.

It's not about you. It's about Jesus Christ. The forerunner of Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, once responded to his followers who questioned him about Jesus' newfound popularity. They seemed threatened by Jesus' growing ministry. But John replies, "He must become greater; I must become less." (John 3:30).

Jesus is the star. Point to him. Don't share the spotlight. Shine it directly on Jesus Christ. It's all about him.

Christ my Coach,
Steve Teel

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