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100th anniversary celebrations

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 3:22 am    Post subject: 100th anniversary celebrations Reply with quote

So a great deal has been written about DL's 50th celebrations.

So let's skip forward 50 years...

What do you expect to see at the 100th anniversary celebrations?

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(5/25/05 10:51 am)
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New Post Future of Disneyland
If the management style of Bob Iger changes for the better and helps to undo some of the havoc of the former management, then I believe we'll see a resurgence of creativity in the Disney Company and perhaps Disneyland will even reinvent itself.

As to the future: For those of you who may have flipped through and caught a few early episodes of "Babylon 5" they make reference to vacationing at a place called "LunarDisney", no doubt a take on EuroDisney, and when I consider the possibilities of that, it doesn't seem too far fetched. Of course that presumes commercial and passenger space travel in the near future, but not a bad idea.

Who knows what the future holds for Disneyland or any of us for that matter.

Posts: 37
(5/26/05 11:15 pm)
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New Post RE: 100th Anniversary Fifty years in the future is basically science fiction, so any ideas I come up with as to the specifics will almost certaintly be proven wrong.

That being said, I think the basic question facing theme parks in the future is whether they can stand up to virtual simulations (I won't even try to guise what form they will take). I could see them retaining enough support to stay open out of an interest in history, in much the same way that an original painting is worth more then a duplicate of equal quality. However, I doubt that their will always be the support nessesary to create new brick-and-mortar theme parks (crosses fingers and hopes that he is wrong)

Posts: 12
(5/28/05 4:53 pm)
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New Post Re: RE: 100th Anniversary >>Fifty years in the future is basically science fiction, so >>any ideas I come up with as to the specifics will almost
>>certaintly be proven wrong.

Well yes... Children in the early 80's said we would have hovercars by now and all wear metallic clothing... But it's fun to imagine! Anyhow, I think there's a lot to be gained by being willing to be wrong (if you're not willing to be wrong, you don't have the chance of being right either Wink...).


>> However, I doubt that their will always be the support
>>nessesary to create new brick-and-mortar theme parks
>>(crosses fingers and hopes that he is wrong)

I don't know... I think there will always be a draw to bricks-and-mortar. Maybe it won't be as huge of a draw as it is now, but film is light on a wall as opposed to substance...yet theater is not dead. Animation is virtual reality of a sort, and doesn't look like it'll stamp out traditional film-making... It's merely another medium... Maybe it's just the wishing of a budding Production Designer, but I like to think the tangible and real in theme parks is here to stay just because, as humans, we're built for the real world and not the virtual...


Recently I hob-nobbed with some researchers who were interested in the applications of virtual reality to the Entertainment Industry. They were talking a lot about Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality, which allows you to add CG creatures and props to a real environment or theatrical set via a set of special glasses. Anyhow, it got me thinking on where this technology could go in the future...

I think that when things like Mixed Reality and Sony's "mind-beaming" tech ( come of age, they will be supplemental to the bricks-and-mortar instead of the main attraction. It's likely we'll be able to add CG characters and creatures to a themepark which people will be able to see via some piece of technology given to them... so that rather than abandoning the bricks-and-mortar altogether, you can walk around the themepark and see things you couldn't before... like dragons flying around Cinderella's castle... (as well as "pop-up" information letting you know when you've walked past a really good place to sit down for lunch with no wait).

Artificial intelligence may be able to determine what sorts of adventure would be most appealing to a guest (or family), and create a story arc for their visit (ex. fighting aliens that are invading the park) or extend a single theme outside the realm of an attraction (ex. Buzz Lightyear -- the whole park has a bit of a "Star Command" look, and your day is an adventure in "his world)...

With this technology, I think that at the 100th anniversary, there would not only be the chance to see, but to experience some of the movies from the past 100 years...


And who knows what else? Disney has always been interested in new forms of transportation... and showcasing other new technology (i.e. Lucky the Dinosaur)...and new and bigger parades... So what other things might we have at the 100th?

Posts: 40
(5/29/05 8:36 pm)
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New Post My Prediction With improvements in VR, attractions become increasingly obsolete. Even the best rides in theme parks are only slightly better then what can be found at local VR clubs that have sprung up across the country. Struggeling to adapt, theme parks try to re-focus themselves around the areas between the attractions, and re-write many attractions in order to make the transition between traditional rides, VR, and footpathes as smooth as possible, possibly in such a way that a guests visit forms one interactive story.

Posts: 31
(9/7/05 8:54 pm)
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New Post danger! danger! high voltage! Do you think that DANGER will start to make a comeback?

You can have all the VR in the world, but what about the ACTUAL feeling of racing around a coaster track?

As much as I have enjoyed some simulators (star tours, back to the future), they didn't compare to a california screamin' or jurassic park ride. In the back of my mind, i'm still thinking "it's just a box..."

If anything, I guess the rides in danger of being replaced by VR would have to be dark rides such as Peter Pan or Winnie the Pooh, the slower, more "emotionally-responsive" rides.

Including, unfortunately, the Haunted Mansion.

In terms of coasters, I would expect in the future that there would be a lot more interactivity, a lot more random elements and super-charged thrills.

Oh, and hovercars... lots of hovercars...


Posts: 50
(9/8/05 6:49 pm)
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New Post RE: Danger You raise an interesting point, Chad. If you could create a simulator that perfectly imitated every sensation of a rollercoaster, would it still be less effective then a real one? Is their any way to know until someone actually develops a simulator that powerful?

Additionally, it seems concievable that you could create a more "emotionally resposive" VR ride. With todays tech, it would proably just come off as cheesy, but with better technology...

Actually, come to think of it, Fly'n could argaualby fall under the "emotionally responsive" catagory, at least to those with very little fear of heights.

Posts: 32
(9/9/05 2:25 am)
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New Post Re: RE: Danger what's Fly'n?

Is that like Soarin'?

I guess it would depend a lot on the story to convince people that they were in peril when it came to a simulated coaster ride. eg: a simulator themed to something faux-magical is then abducted by something really magical.

here's the thing: due to lawsuits and safety concerns, could we have kids in twenty years time who had never ridden a real roller coaster?

Posts: 51
(9/9/05 5:24 pm)
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New Post Fly'n Sorry, I meant Soarin'. Bad combination of theme parks and Firefly/Serenity (where they use the term "fly'n" a lot)

I imagine that if lawsuites ever become so common as to completely prevent rollercoasters, the would also prevent, say, crosswalks on private property. I am not very worried about it. I do think that fear of law suits could eventually reign in some of the more thrilling coasters, as well as some revolutionary simulator technology (see what has happened to Mission:Space)

Posts: 29
(9/14/05 12:13 pm)
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New Post Nostalgia Okay how does everyone thing the "nostalgic" rides will hold up. Will Pirates be there? The Haunted Mansion? Will they be the same?

Posts: 4
(9/14/05 12:57 pm)
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New Post Re: Nostalgia SenoritaVelasco:

I think Disney's rides and buildings will hold up pretty well for another 50 years. Quality was one of Disney's biggest concerns when he built Disneyland in 1955.

Posts: 30
(9/14/05 8:51 pm)
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New Post Re: Nostalgia
Oh gosh that would be terrible, I hope they PHYSICALLY hold up!

I was thinking more along the lines of the people perception. Will they leave them as is? Will people still love them as the technology becomes more and more outdated?

Posts: 53
(9/15/05 5:39 pm)
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New Post RE:Nonastalgia I dobt Disney will completely give up the classic rides; nonastalgia is to essential to the Disney brand. What might happen, however, is that they get rehabed so many times they are not recognizable.

Posts: 16
(9/27/05 12:08 pm)
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New Post Re: RE:Nonastalgia I hope that they would keep those rides... even beyond nostalgia, technology can't replace a good story. Some of these new rides make much of their technology and thrill factor, but are thin on story... as far as longevity, I think story will always be King when you're talking themed attractions (vs. rides built for thrill).

However, that being said, story will probably have to be updated in form and content so that it is relevant to that generation. When film began, stories were extremely linear and everthing that happened was shown on-screen. Now we tell things in a non-linear way, cutting anything that is mundane or can be assumed to have happened.

Hopefully, while some of the best attractions may stay... the stories and how we tell them may change...

Sidenote: I read a good book recently about the history of amusement parks. There were some really neat dark rides long before Disney ever entered the picture.

When film was still in its infancy (early part of the 1900's), people harnessed it to create simulator rides (or a very rudimentary sort). Some of the best of these rides were in the old Coney island area (ex. Dreamland) and burned to the ground in accidents, never to be rebuilt.

While they were great rides for their day, the stories may not be so relevant: one ride ("Hell's Gate") involved a minecar ride through a "hell" area (ironically, this is the location where one of the most devastating fires started...during a rehab), another ride took the passengers on an airship voyage to the moon to meet the Man on the moon and his maidens (ref. "A Trip to the Moon" . How would these stories be "re-hashed" for modern people? Which of our stories do you think would need to be "re-hashed" for the future generations?
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