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PostPosted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 4:29 pm    Post subject: 80后妻子欲&#3116 Reply with quote



[url=]房地产公司员工虚构低价房诈骗260万获刑 虚构 诈骗_新[/url]


July 14, Zhang Man helpless once again into the court, to the judge truthfully about the nude wedding disc issue, and ask the judge to help her recover the disc.
Personalized hot do not give
Cohabitation beginning, Wang Qing Zhang Man in front of the performance was very considerate. Can over time, this tenderness gradually subsided. He take her to work less and less, sometimes accompanied with Zhang Man wanted him to Internet cafes, he always excuses did not empty, so she went out, he was invited to chat with a few friends to go drinking.
23-year-old Zhang Man born in Haining, Zhejiang. The summer of 2005, after graduating from college, she recruited to a large supermarket when cosmetics salesperson. Fair skin, slim figure, combined with gentle personality, so Zhang Mancheng goal for many boys.
The next morning, Zhang Man crying back to her family.
Zhang Man heard surprised: This is the most worried about her recently. Although terrified,[url=]nike air jordan[/url], her mouth said: If I give you a compromise, continue to live with you, maybe someday you will be beaten to death! That fame is important, or lives important? Set up from this marriage!
By the end of February, one night,[url=]doudoune moncler[/url], Wang Qing see his wife came home after another has been texting was so petulant, he teased: Hello Manga! Zhang Man cover and said: No, ah, a high school female students to I have learned a little something.
One day, theyre shopping to buy wedding supplies. Zhang Mans phone Didi tick continuation rang, Wang Qing estimate is her male friends sent a text message, suddenly jealous: We are preparing to marriage, you still have contact with those male friends so tight ! Zhang Man did not matter, said: Just texting chat, what is it! Wang Qing suddenly fire: Since you and the relationship between male friends is so good, why marry me! Then he stormed ground turned out of the mall. Now, turn to Zhang Man anxious, she quickly chased out shopping feminine, said: I will less and chat with friends, not on line yet?
Fashion marriage must operate
Zhang Man shocked. Small to large, parents regarded her as the apple, she never moved a finger. Today, they suffered a newlywed husbands play, this mouth foul smells, where she swallow it! She is like an angry lioness,[url=]hogan outlet[/url], desperate toward the Wang Qing, and his struggling together ......
May 27, Zhang Man filed divorce proceedings to the local state, officially filed for divorce. June 25, the court summary procedure open court session. After mediation by the court, Zhang Man, Wang Qing voluntarily reached a divorce agreement. Court, because both sides did not mention that there are nude wedding burn a disc, therefore, the Court did not determine its ownership.
At that moment, Zhang Man out of the bathroom. See her husband looking at her cell phone angrily scolded: You peek at how my phone! Wang Qing retorted: If you do things aboveboard, afraid people can not see? You who actually wife ah? Zhang Man quickly explained: That was a joke users send text messages. Is there anything ah! Then she turned and went to sleep alone. Think newlywed, Wang Qing utmost to restrain anger felt ......
See Soft No, Wang Qing out killer. He threatened over the phone: If you really and I divorced, I will disc is reproduced in the nude wedding to go online, so that the worlds Internet users have come to appreciate your naked ......
Wife does not admit, but this fooling, Wang Qing suddenly rushed forward, straining slapped her a slap in the face. Zhang Man caught off guard dodge,[url=]hogan scarpe[/url], just think of Venus fly eyes, burning pain in his face, his mouth and smell of blood ......
Bumps in two years time fleeting. October 2008, the two began talk of marriage. The consent of both parents consent,[url=]christian louboutin[/url], in November they officially registered marriage and agreed on 2009 New Years Day wedding.
One day at noon, he and several co-workers eat together. Everyone concerned about his marriage how well organized, but also asked them to make a good wedding no. Wang Qing smiled and said: Over a few days to shoot. One worker said with a smile: I heard now Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities Mile nude wedding fashion shoot, and you shoot a bar!
Zhang Man gentle enough to see the way, Wang Qing hearts of anger disappeared half. However, he points to his own fears many days: We have three days a noisy, two days a trouble, you still love me? Zhang Man rebuke: I do not love you, and you also get married ah? Wang Qing said: Youre friends so much, Im afraid you will become the heart. Zhang Man said impatiently: I have, and you are registered to get married, you want me how to prove that! After a few days, Wang Qing has been are thinking: how to Zhang Man further proof of my love for it?
Wang Qing more convinced that this is a good idea, but worried about Zhang Man refused to shoot. Slowly he was ready to do her thinking. One day, Zhang Man on Wang Qing said: You see, these days we are busy faint head, there is one important thing is not to do it! Our day wedding shoot ah? Wang Qing took the opportunity to propose a toast: We not only To shoot a beautiful wedding, but also shoot a trendy, avant-garde nude wedding!
One night in March, Zhang Man is just ready to go home from work, suddenly received a text message sent to male friends, invited her to supper. Zhang Man they phoned Wang Qing, lied unit night shift, to later time to go home. Wang Qing not say anything, just told her to come back early.
Trendy couple demonstrate love
Returned to her family after Zhang Man heart uneasy, worried that her ex-husband impulsively those nude wedding is reproduced to go online. Therefore, she phoned Wang Qing, a pleading tone begged him to give her the disc. Wang Qing gloat and said: Now you know ask me? When I beg you not to divorce, differing only kneel to you, and how you are to me?
Wang Qing did not say anything, such as Zhang Man to take a bath, he was picked up her cell phone on the nightstand, look at her text messages. I watched,[url=]moncler outlet[/url], he could not help but burst into anger, as much as a few intimate friends, said Zhang Man as wife!
Zhang Man came to the convention of restaurants, along with male friends for supper. They ate and talked, the more they talk the more speculative. In the meantime, she received three messages sent to Wang Qing,[url=]hogan[/url], she replied still working overtime, immediately go home. However,[url=]hollister france[/url], talk Xing is strong she did not leave. Unconsciously, went to zero. Zhang Man That got up to leave, stay strong inconvenience male friends, they stopped a taxi and took her home.
Witness of love into a bomb
Zhang Man one, thought Wang Qing was joking, was surprised to find he was still gravely agitation and said: You do not want to prove my love for you? Then shoot a nude wedding now! One week, after not Lives Wang Qing repeated grinding hard soft foam, Zhang Man finally nod ......
Go home, Zhang Man but there is no trace of her husband. Are wondering the occasion,[url=]hollister[/url], but saw the door open, sounded an angry Wang Qing came. Zhang Man curious to ask: You came home so late? Wang Qing Yuan Deng angry: You have actually interrogated since I come! Your honest account, you really do go at night? See the look of her husband, Zhang Man he felt bad, but to continue lied: Did not I tell you? I work overtime ah! Wang Qing sneer: You lied to Heck! I saw a man with a taxi and sent back to you the!
In the workers burst of laughter, Wang Qing embarrassed face like a red cloth. He waved their hands, said: We do not shine, we do not shine! But afterwards, workers joke let Wang Qing generate inspiration: shoot nude wedding Zhang Man can not only prove my love, and she told me to prevent change of heart. If she later change of heart, and I will use this to intimidate her!
Zhang Man back home after Wang Qing and their family members aware of the seriousness of the problem. They want her to go back again and again to call my husband, Zhang Man has insisted to get a divorce. Wang Qing Zhang Man call out a few of the good sisters took turns to persuade her, but also repeatedly mention the gift to Yuemu Jia apology, to ensure henceforth no longer beat her, Zhang Man This barely forgive her husband, and with him back to new homes.
After this naughty, Wang Qing was attentive to his wife, adding, Zhang Man has gradually forgive her husband. However, after a lapse of more than a month, see his wife and friends still frequent texting, Wang Qing began her cynical, oblique accusations.
In early June, Zhang Man and relatives went to her ex-husband back home items. When the air conditioning, treadmills and other items smoothly after the hand, Wang Qing Zhang Man ED also demanded that nude disc. Wang Qing has steadfastly refused to give, and confidently said: Mediation is simply not on the disc award you say! Zhang Man stammered.
See Murder,[url=]abercrombie[/url], Zhang Man had admitted that and went to supper with friends, and has repeatedly stated: I was just with him to eat something,[url=]karen millen dress[/url], chatted for a while. Wang Qing said coldly: Who knows You and the guy did a good thing! see her husband do not trust yourself, Zhang Man angry and said: You say that I am and what he did,[url=]moncler outlet[/url], and that is what did!
Bats wedding collection
Zhang Man ran back to her parents again after Wang Qing and last, not only their own door to apologize, but also asked people to persuade her. But this time, Zhang Man has completely lost confidence in her husband, no matter how he plead, and regardless of how to persuade others, she has only one word: Divorce!
Originally, the night did not go see his wife, Wang Qing he arrived at her flat ride, but one look at her unit, Heidengxiahuo. He Qiaokai Men Wei masters door asking, informed Zhang Man 21:00 more about Ban left. He guessed wife must go and male friends dating almost searched all still open dance halls, restaurants, cafes, there has never been his wifes shadow. He gave Zhang Man texting,[url=]karen millen dress[/url], she said she was still units to work overtime. He did not expose her, ready to face questioning after waiting for her to come home. Can not find his wife, he had to ride home with regret. Approaching the door, he just saw a taxi parked in front of his house, with bright lights, leisurely to see his wife get off the ground and smiling and sitting in the car of a young man waved goodbye ......
Among them, a burly young man so fond Zhang Man. Young man named Wang Qing, and her age, is a solar water heater factory technicians. Wang Qing often gave her flowers, asked her to sing, to accompany her to the Internet cafes,[url=]doudoune moncler[/url], but also to escort her to work on time every day. Soon, the escorts has won the hearts and minds of Zhang Man. October 2006,[url=]louboutin[/url], they formally established a relationship and living together.
As 80 child, Zhang Man, Wang Qing Du pursuit of fashion, awareness bold, but all too self-centered and do not know how to run a marriage. Love when they feel that the other person is the worlds most pro; once emotional breakdown, and immediately became estranged. Once the witness of love, quietly between the handle may be infringing, threatening chips, there may even become a cause of crime time bomb. Hopefully those who seek trendy young lovers who learn a lesson!
(According to the family)
Zhang Man have opinions on Wang Qing, in turn, Wang Qing Zhang Man also discontent on. Originally, Zhang Man made a few male friends, and they are often not only in the online chat was in full swing, but with a cell phone to talk exhilaration. This naturally aroused the jealousy and resentment ...... Wang Qing
Half of marriages come to an end
2009 New Years Day, and Wang Qing Zhang Man chattering in his hometown hosted the wedding. Among honeymoon, they often behind closed doors, will burn a nude wedding disc into your computer, quietly enjoying. Looking at a picture of the art of color photos exposed, Zhang Man red in the face, but feel a lot of fun. May honeymoon is over, the contradictions between the two revealed.
Judge found Wang Qing, asked him: Do you have a special disc hands? Wang Qing one will understand. See can not hide, he had nodded: yes ah. Thought she was going to leave me, sharing a bed with another man, I was not comfortable and I must avenge her! Finally, the judge patiently persuade Wang Qing decided to hand over the disc ......
May mid-day, after work, Zhang Man male friends were invited and a cup of coffee, was Wang Qing found. Wang Qing anger hard by, waiting for her to come home after he told her it sounded kicking ...... Zhang Man tears ran back to her family. This time, she bent: in any case, should a divorce!
Sports Network (Chutianjinbao) as a witness of love,[url=]hollister france[/url], a pair of 80 small husband and wife in marriage photographed a group of nude wedding and burn CDs kept secret. May be only half a year, because of emotional discord, They divorced. In this case, once the witness of love, the man threatened the woman suddenly turned into a bargaining chip. For the removal of this time bomb, the woman had to ask the man goes on a special CD ......
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