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mulberry outlet Market of open articles for use ta

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 3:17 pm    Post subject: mulberry outlet Market of open articles for use ta Reply with quote

The Pure Brightness that just goes is small long holiday, the Li Wen that runs store of distribute of open articles for use in two crossing eats earn pot full earthen bowl is full. He calculated brushstroke Zhang,[url=]mulberry outlet[/url], buy 10 outdoors equipment to pay expenses before New Year 5000 multivariate, cover by every everyday 100 yuan of estimation that hire valence, 3 the world will be answered this 3000 yuan. Calculate those outdoors sprotswear that go up to sell alone, 6000 yuan of fluctuation earned between small long holiday. With traditional dress sale fatigued and weak photograph is compared, go as the ass, drive oneself swim wait for heat of outdoors activity hasten, market of open articles for use maintained faster growth in recent years. Exuberant market demand, draw company of numerous domestic and international clothing to pay close attention to, many clothing companies also brew the our city promoting the market to march anew toward this. Of embellish of fast growth usury lure at the beginning of this month, the person that taste company visit district announces an external use that domestic head home appears on the market forms for reporting statistics says first quarter, profit of this company net profit reachs before 3 months 61 million yuan, rise compared to the same period nearly 50% . 2012 year findings report also shows the market of Chinese open articles for use that near future of Chinese textile Trade Association releases, total volume of retail sales of domestic outdoors brand amounted to 14.5 billion yuan last year,[url=]mulberry bags[/url], grow 34.94% compared to the same period. To it corresponding, how to step, 361 degrees of Li Ning, outdoors dress products that wait for brand of domestic famous dress to roll out his in succession. Foreign dress brand is be eager for doing sth more, adidasi is high-key last year the trademark that announces to open first independence in China is open product shop,[url=]mulberry handbags[/url], young tiger horse alleges prospective market focus will put outdoors motion product. According to statistic, at present home market has the brand outside more than 400 specialist, brand of open articles for use interlinks a retailing shop to be close to 2000; In the meantime, the club moves outside more than 400 specialist of domestic, provided not small client group for dress of open articles for use. Traditional dress sells depression, open market perhaps is new outlet. Vice-chairman of Chinese textile Trade Association thinks south Yu Yue, garment industry is artificial in recent years, the tall look forward to such as raw material, industry competition already performed melt into price war, open up new market already was the thing of extremely urgent. Build power of outdoors dress Chongqing in September 2010, poineering hatch garden is in the enterprise of miniature of Chongqing city outdoors things that invests 8 million yuan 10 thousand cities hang out his shingle. This is built in 10 thousand cities the hatch garden inside school of 3 gorge dress, use an organic whole of school look forward to, labour to learn combinative way, provide technology, equipment, management and order support to entering 100 when be stationed in small look forward to, already offerred acting labour to produce for many domestic clothing companies in recent years. Not come singly but in pairs, be apart from the Yun Yang with 10 thousand not far cities, also build have western garden of industry of first outdoors estate. In April 2011, the China that sponsors in municipal government western on forum of height of development of outdoors estate investment, generation of 5 when come from Shenzhen and other places open articles for use is versed in enterprise and Yun Yang sign an agreement, investment is entered 50 million yuan be stationed in this industry garden. Cloud in relief county enrols trade bureau introduction, this industry garden covers an area of nearly 130 mus, the object that enrol business is the whole world business of production of open articles for use and acting industry business. City classics is believed appoint the introduction, in whole town production of nearly 4000 dress processes a business in, already had the forerunner that outdoors dress produces many sortie at present,[url=]nike air max[/url], paragraph write down, inside the city such as day group enterprise of famous dress brand, also march toward this one domain of purpose. Can foreknow,[url=]nike outlet[/url], on market of outdoors henceforth costume, occurrence Chongqing force. Do acting work or start a brand in recent years, industry of our city garment carries on move of coastal garment industry, become dimensions gradually. Rely on as a result of many raw material and need of form a complete set however from coastal even foreign input, change sends dress profit to be compressed ceaselessly. Change direction right now, manufacture the outdoors clothing with market exuberant demand, can yet be regarded as the road of a feasible transition. Even if changes direction outdoors, clothing company also should have considered to do acting work or start a brand. Chen Guojiang of vice-chairman of Chinese clothing association expresses, although the labour that make generation has small Liketu,[url=]cheap nike shoes[/url], but be not business development long plan, and achieve a brand to need larger investment, and breed more for long. He suggests, chongqing clothing company can introduce advanced manufacturing management, trade to manage from foreland first popularize experience with sale, use the approach such as good electron business affairs, perfect content sheds channel, start from the labour that make generation, walk along brand intensive to change development way gradually. Chongqing day Zhao Mingfeng of general manager of company of 100 million open articles for use thinks, clothing company sortie is outdoors product, best with company of open articles for use together. He expresses, asinine friend is brunt of outdoors product spending, the fixed passenger source that lets more ass friendly group become his is most main. Outdoors motion is to see a day have a meal, be in annual midsummer and cold winter, number of go on a journey decreases considerably, the market demand of open articles for use also can drop. Accordingly, company of outdoors dress production mights as well with company of open articles for use activity of a organization theme maintains a person to enrage, carry development new outdoors a travel circuitry, attract more person to join outdoors product to consume a group of people of same interest. Liu Qiaofan

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