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Top Five Posted 10-14-2002 00:36

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2007 4:09 pm    Post subject: Top Five Posted 10-14-2002 00:36 Reply with quote

Chad [guest] from Imagination Portal
Top Five Posted 10-14-2002 00:36

Open question to anyone with a clue.

All of us here like to think of ourselves as pretty creative, inventive, forward thinking...

Tell me...

What five advances will push the envelope in terms of new designs in theming and rides?

They can be specific (wrist indicators attuned for personalised adventure) or as broad (the state of world politics) as you like, but I want to know why you think they will advance the themed experience.


Alex from Imagination Portal
back to the roots Posted 10-16-2002 21:39

What about the good stories?
Is that a conservative opinion?
Anyway, do the experiences have to become more and more technical with overwhelming and personalized special effects or do the people rather long for something where they are told a good story?
Telling it in the "old" ways could be possible or based on technology in new ways.
Maybe things can be pushed forward in their way of telling something, but that would be only a support for the stories that have to improve.

And are branding and marketing more important than the product itself?

Just my weird two cents, late at night.

ewc from Imagination Portal
My top 5 Posted 10-17-2002 20:18


Technological advances are kind of funny in themed design. The trick is to make the technology invisible while using it to deliver the story in a compelling and groundbreaking way. Of course there are excpetions to this rule but lets not focus on those.

It's important that you come off of Star Tours saying "Wow what a ride!" Only later marveling over the fact that it was a simulator you rode. If you come off that ride saying "What a great Simulator ride" I think the attraction is a failure.

Okay, enough said about that. The five advances that will push designing in themeing and rides are:

1. The internet. Not much has been done with the Internet, some online games have had huge success but there is still much to be tapped into. Also new ways of displaying the Internet, instead of a flat 17" screen, will be important in incorporating the internet into design.

2. Holograms. Animatronics are expensive to build and maintain. If it's possible to "project" life like figures, that do not appear to be translucent, based only on programming (i.e. no mechanical parts) so many barriers could be broken.

3. Free roaming animatronics. Yes I realize that number 2 suggest doing away with aa's, but hey why limit ourselves. In certain situations free roaming aa's will be much better than a projected image and at times it won't be necessary to have it be free roaming.

4. Bio-sensors. What I mean by this are sensors that can detect how people are reacting to their environment and make appropriate changes as necessary. We are seeing these used in arcades on games like Police 911 and such.

5. Last but not least, weapon detection. In these times safety is on everybody's mind. It's not going to be enough to do bag searches and even make everybody walk through a metal detector. If theme parks plan on surviving in the long run they will need to implement detectors that can be more or less invisible yet detect any objects that may provide a threat to other guest.

As with anything only time will tell, I might be completely off. It's usually those little things that no one really predicts that ends up pushing designs and experiences to new levels.


[ This message was edited by: ewc on: 10-17-2002 00:54 ]

mish from Imagination Portal
Look to Siggraph Posted 10-22-2002 18:45

A great resource for much of the technological advances we will see in the next five years are presented at Siggraph.

Some of my big hits:
1. Interactive glass.
It will combine the interactivity of a touch screen with the unlimited design possibilities of glass.

2. Interactive sound.
We have sound that cues to motion, we need sound that has AI capability and can program itself into it's own random decision trees for voice overs and dialog as well as sound effects.

3. AI.
Right now the AI industry is being mostly forgotten. The technology has been put under the foot of the government since inception. Available AI right now is not complex enough to develop it's own decision and dialog trees to be useful on a much grander scale. Some of the most recent developments in the AI industry points to engineers pulling away from the government labs and starting their own private businesses in the movie, video game and theme park industries. This will revolutionize the way parks work.

4. Art for the masses.
New and inventive technologies are now bringing more traditional art forms more easily to the masses. And the masses are interested. Large scale developments between museums, preformance art, the internet and the theme and video game industry will change how everyday people interact with art. Creativity will explode in the younger generations.

5. Movies.
One of the greatest driving forces in the theme business is Hollywood. Every new advance in technology that is created for the screen is then designed for the parks. This is a major driving technological force for the industry and will remain so. I always wonder what George or Steven will come up with next that will create a technological craze in the entertainment industry. Can anyone say "Matrix dark ride" in the next year or two.

dzign from Imagination Portal
a different focus Posted 11-11-2002 19:56

What do you think about spiritually themed rides--rides that tell spiritual stories and invoke inner conviction and reflection? The rides could either represent specific religious beliefs or general spiritual truths. However, it's quite difficult to accomodate the majority when moving into a spiritual focus (and the rides may not be very popular, depending on guests' spiritual beliefs), but for those who would ride them, I wonder how effective this style of ride would be. I think it would push the current envelope of ride concepts. Are there any spiritually themed rides out there now? I think there is a spiritual theme park called Holy Land Experience in the Ozarks, but I don't think it has rides.
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