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Deanne Fernandez from Miami, Florida

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2007 5:28 pm    Post subject: Deanne Fernandez from Miami, Florida Reply with quote

Deanne Fernandez from Miami, Florida Hello there! My name is Deanne Fernandez, and I am from Miami, Florida. I see I am the youngest one here, as I am only 13 years old (but growing older quickly :p ). Anyways, as I am still young I have always had thoughts about future careers, but usually those thoughts don't last so long. However theme park design had been the only thought that had always been there from the beginning. Seems as though recently I woke up one morning with the dream of theme park designing. That thought didn't stop bugging me, so finally I searched all over the Disney website for career pages. When I opened the job listings page finally, I found that I had a major deja'vu, one that I felt could have been years ago. I realized theme park design was a major dream of mine. No one is to say this will last, but deep down I think it has great possibilities too, because it is the only thought of the future that has been there and stayed there. Next year I'll be going to high school and all, and I've been looking for technical high schools to get started on an earlier level. I'm on a gifted level, so it's harder to get started earlier then I already am. Anyways I plan to stop slacking and focus more on school for my New Year's resolution. :p Well I've researched all around because I'm thinking about what major I would go for and what classes I would take, etc. I found almost nothing. The only good source of anything theme park was this website, and an amazing website it is! This website has helped me out already in understanding and what-not. So I decided to check out the boards, and you all seem like very intellegent, kind people. I hope you all don't mind my presence here, because I feel that with all of your help and incouragement I will have great potential.

P.S. I'll make sure to visit all of your theme parks when possible. Very Happy


Oh, and by the way, I'm not too focused into the whole Disney thing. I'd rather Universal. I'm a speed demon, and I love roller coasters. Basically, with Disney there won't be that great of one. (In Magic Kingdom there are no loops, and the track never flips, so there is never a point while upside down, and it's Disney so I understand why. Razz I was never a Disney person anyways.)

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