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Web site escapisim

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 3:36 am    Post subject: Web site escapisim Reply with quote

I have been a little depresed lately. We normaly take a family trip to Disney World the first week of November, unfortunetly I will not be able to take any kind of vacation period. This has led me to visiting Disney world web sites and escaping into another reality.

Noting the growing popularity of these web sites, I would guess that Disney could bring a more imersive internet experience to adults on their lunch break.

Not everyone is into porn, but alot of people use the internet for recreational use. I believe that it could be profitable to bring an imersive experience to adults through the web.

I have seen the virtual kingdom, and that is a far cry from what I had in mind, besides, its for kids, and it's free.

Posts: 37
(11/2/05 5:25 pm)
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New Post
...what are you suggesting?

I haven't looked at VMK, simply because I only have dial-up at home, so I don't think the speed would be there, but the feeling I get from those who do play it is yes it is for kids.

So what are you looking for in an immersive/interactive Disney experience online for adults?

Let's see what we can nut out huh?


Posts: 67
(11/2/05 6:47 pm)
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New Post Re: That sounds an awful lot like a MMORPG to me.

Posts: 14
(11/4/05 1:09 pm)
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New Post Re: I think it would be interesting to blend theme ideas and pricipals to create a web destination for people to escape reality for a little while.

We could add secret places ( links to other pages) back ground atmosperic music, subtle magical things. It could be fun to explore this idea a little with the wonderful people that come to this site.

I think we should throw out some themes and see where it goes.

I have always enjoyed a southern (huck fin) theme

What do you think?

Posts: 69
(11/4/05 1:50 pm)
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New Post Re: I still don't understand how this differs from a MMORPG.

Posts: 15
(11/4/05 4:56 pm)
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New Post Re: I am sorry I realy can not place MMORPG. Maybe my idea is exactly like something else, and I just did not know it.

Even if my concept was like MMORPG, I couldn't posibly see why that would deter the creative process and open discusions about this idea. It's like someone telling Ford not to build a truck because Chevy had built one. The important thing is to build a difrent and better truck. I'm interested to find out what MMORPG is, I didn't imagine that this was a completly fresh un heard of idea, but something we here at this forum could participate with and spring ideas. I think that theme designers have a much difrent look on things and I would love to see how much of the world we can impress our Crazy ideas upon.

Posts: 16
(11/4/05 5:06 pm)
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New Post Re: I just had to post again.

I just had this image of a pop machine designed by themers:rollin :rollin

I am sorry you can't see me rolling on the floor laughing.

Posts: 73
(11/4/05 5:07 pm)
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New Post Re: MMORPG: Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, ALA Everquest. See

Obviously, theirs nothing wrong with a theme park design firm making a MMORPG, (though it may be getting to far from their area of expertise). However, I do not see anything about your idea that makes it unique.

Thoug a MMORPG based on the Magic Kingdom could be interesting...

And what about this soda machine is so funny?

Edited by: Meloncov at: 11/4/05 5:14 pm
Posts: 17
(11/4/05 5:34 pm)
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New Post Re: For the first thing: the estimated price for the pop machine would be about 1.5 mill, 7 months would be spent creating just the right sound effect for each button and the animitronic can delivery system would work at least 60% of the time. But all the wouldn't matter because its awesome!
Very Happy

I have a talent for making everything to generalized. I seem to allways put out maybe just enough to get a bite.

I think a good book can be imersive and transport someone.

I have been to a few realy good web sites (Non Disney) that pulled me in with artwork and story telling and imagination. These web sites were store fronts nad not anything I would like to point to and say "this is what I am talking about". I would like to see what everyone else could come up with or at least talk about Web sites that drew them in and yes maybe add some "magic" to there lives.

Lets just have fun with it.

Posts: 39
(11/10/05 5:38 pm)
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New Post Re: This is going off on a tangent of sorts, but this could be a start, leading towards creating a virtual park of sorts...

Well, if there is anyone out there with a little programming skill, here's an idea that you could use (I pass it on, knowing I myself don't have the skill in programming, or the time to learn):

A flash movie of a ride, emcompassing several segments, using imagery and sound clips from a members database to create themed experiences.

Three modules:


Flash movie


The database allows for members to log in and upload their pictures and sound files to a secure server (members can upload and edit their own media, while guests can only watch the completed films).

The flash movie brings together all the different criteria specified by the member and presents a ride-through using the member's images, sounds etc.

The website acts as a front-end for the whole thing, allowing members to log in and guests to view completed rides.

For example: A member who likes haunted houses can choose a series of six scenes:



Hidden Passage




Then, for each scene, the members has a series of elements they can include:

Entryway description

The camera moves forward, pans left in front of EL01, then pans right in front of EL02, before proceeding forward again and into the next segment.

The member can upload media for:




EL01 (the first element the camera looks at)

EL02 (the second element the camera looks at)

Sound effects

Background music

Therefore, the walls can have wallpaper, the floors tiles, the ceiling wood. In the background is creepy organ music. The camera first looks at a suit of armour (clanking sound effect), and then a stuffed bear (roaring effect), before moving into the Library.

And then the each segment would have it's set camera course around certain elements, the look of which is purely up to the member. Indiana Jones, English Castle, Star Wars or just a moving photo album of a family member.

And to make it profitable, you could say to users that you will show a small version on the website for free, but if they want a larger swf version to keep or upload to their own site, they can pay a nominal fee.

Just something I've been swinging around since last week's question.

If anyone out there knows a bit about programming etc, I'd be happy to talk to them about further on this.



Posts: 77
(11/10/05 7:30 pm)
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New Post Re: What I have trouble seeing is why people would like to pretend to pretend to be in the future/Africa/the past ect. Why would they prefer this over a simuation of the actual area?

Posts: 468
(11/10/05 8:29 pm)
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New Post Emotions
If youíre looking for website escapism why limit yourself to a park like setting, or even a role playing type of experience? Just because it might be done by Disney or some other person doesnít mean it has to try to recreate a theme park experience. I donít think that linear story telling or creating an environment for a sim character will work either, itís been done before why recreate the pass? Sure MMORPG are profitable, but they donít appeal to everybody, nor does everybody have the time to invest to build their character up. Weíre still in the blue sky phase, letís think outside the box.

No matter what concept you try to implement it wonít work unless you make an emotional connection. The first questions you should be asking yourself is what emotion do you want people to feel when they visit the site. Different areas of the website can evoke different emotions; youíre not limited to one and much like a movie youíll want to try to pace the emotions.

A major concern youíre going to have are environmental issues. Computers arenít isolated, you have distractions all around. If the computer is at work you have typical office noise (conversations, phone calls and so on) if itís at home you have a ton of distractions. The content is going to have to be able to override these distractions, even if for a couple of minutes, to get true escapism.

What tools do we have to evoke emotions online? Still pictures, sound, text, flash animation, coloring, interactive elements (buttons, links, website layers), and role playing gamesÖ

Start with the emotion and work from there.


Posts: 18
(11/14/05 1:42 pm)
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New Post complicated I love this forum because the blue sky is normaly 30,000 feet up.

I don't think the web site would have to be teribaly complicated if the emotion and the artwork drew people in. I was thinking the site could be a place that people could visit but not get to involved with. I just believe that a bunch of themers could put together a realy awsome website enviroment, so many skils used in ride and structure themeing could cary over into a realy cool web site. I think it would be cool to discus a story line and a theme for a site and build the structure behind it.

Posts: 86
(11/14/05 6:16 pm)
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New Post Re: complicated It is worth noting that while online roleplaying is dominated by everquest like games, they are not the only forms. Their are many MMORPG's which are not combat based, and do not take large time investments. Effectively, they are like chatrooms with 3-D graphics.

Posts: 22
(11/15/05 3:28 pm)
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New Post Re: Web site escapisim When I started this thread, I just didn't think it would go in this direction. The worst part is having to provide examples of pre-exsisting concepts. I would like to take a web site into a difrent realm of posibilities, but I can't seem to sell the idea. I will try to be a little better prepared in the future especialy when speaking to people that have more knowlege in this area than I have.

I will try to mull it over in my head a while before I propse this idea or any other here. I have prety clear preception, but I can not translate it. Sorry

Posts: 43
(11/15/05 5:31 pm)
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New Post Re: Web site escapisim Rather than say what should be there, try writing your experience of it instead.

It's one thing to say, "There should be this and this and this", and it's another to say "Once I go into the site, it opens up in front of me, providing me with 101 choices...I decide to go hunting through adventureland... I leave a message on the train station noticeboard, and a picture or two of what I saw in the Tomorrowland FutureLab... I didn't like the new design of Alien Encounter, so I redesigned my own version of the ride..." etc.

Write about your experience of your dream site, then we can go back and see what we need to make it so.


Posts: 87
(11/15/05 7:22 pm)
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New Post Re: Web site escapisim The Within, we're all perfectly fine with ideas that you haven't fully thought out support for of yet. We're not a company your trying to sell this to. You put up your ideas for discussion, and we made comments. Neither I nor anyone else intended to shoot down your ideas.

Posts: 23
(11/16/05 1:49 pm)
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New Post Re: Web site escapisim I wasn't trying to be sarcastic. I realy should have developed my idea a little more before I posted it. I realize now that I realy did not and could not describe what I was after. It's my fault. No hard feelings believe me.Wink

Posts: 93
(11/16/05 2:15 pm)
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New Post Web Site Escapism I wouldn't avoid posting unfinished ideas here. By posting an undeveloped idea here, it can expand with the innfluence of multiple people. Generally, this is more useful than taking an idea and defending it to the bitter end.

So, I think that the one of the important aspects of "website escapism" is that the site be diffrent enough from a typical site that it feels unique. Due to that, I would encourage a 3D interface.
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