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Wizard's Academy

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 3:41 am    Post subject: Wizard's Academy Reply with quote

Wizard's Academy (Theme Parks and Urban Gaming offshoot) Using the ideas from the Theme Parks and Urban gaming thread, I came up with the fallowing idea for the attraction. The exact details of the plot are still pretty vague, and I haven't thought about exactly how to acomplish some of the technical feats, though they most would use the technology of urban gaming.

The Wizards Academy
Guests take the role of apprentices at a wizarding academy. During the pre-show, a spell goes terribly wrong while the master wizard is not present, ALA the Sorcerors Aprentice. The effects of the spell cause dozens of items throughout the school to break. Each guest is then assigned some problem to fix before the Master returns and learns of their mistakes. They must go to the site of the problem, figure out what spells they will need to fix it, and find said spells. To aid them, each guest is given a intellegent, talking staff, which is, from a technological standpoint, a GPS unit with a audio-amniotronic face and voice recognition. To learn a spell, a guest must open a book while in a certain room. The computer in the staff recognizes the coordinates of the room and recieves the signal from the staff, and the spell is added to the staves memory. A command word must be spoken to activate the spell; to aid in remembering the command word, pens and paper will be available. Short, more traditional rides will be incuded to aid in certain plot elements.

To aid in re-rideablility, dozens of possible problems to fix are available. So that each expierence is unique, some areas may be open to some guests but not others. As many people can work toghether as wanted, so famialies can stay together.

A guest (Sara) is assigned to dry up an area affected by an overly powerful Water Creation Spell. Sara goes to the affected area, which has become a small indoor lake, and sees that what she needs is a Drying Spell. She looks through the academy, trying to find the classroom where she can learn the spell. Eventually, she figures out that the spell can be learned in the "Household Enchantments" classroom, however, when she goes to it, she finds the door locked. She finds a Opening Charm, but it fails to work; as her staff tells her is a sarcastic, humerfull manner, the door has been magically sealed by the accident. She'll have to go throug the window. When she leaves the house and walks through a gate to the appropriate side, she finds that water from the Water Creation charm has expanded a nearby pond into a small lake, cutting her off from the window. She goes to the boathouse, but the boat is missing. Her staff hints that a spell could summon a new boat. She returns to the castle, learns ths spell, then creates the boat in the boathouse (actually merely revealing an exixting boat). She goes to the classroom, learns the spell, and then goes to fix the problem. An effect shows the water emptying, and her staff then congragulates her but locks her acess to all rooms: a signal that the ride is over.

This storyline would not be locked; Sara could, instead of trying to go through the window, attempt to break into the Master's private library to learn a spell powerful enough to break the magical ward on the door of the classroom. Meanwhile, another guest might need to repair a broken lamp, and to find a repair spell, be forced to explore the duengions under the castle. Many people might share part of a challenge; for example, the guest exploring the Duengion might need a boat to travel through the network of pipes, and thus work with Sara on that part of her mission.

So, what does everyone think? Does it sound entertainsing? Could anyone help me fleshing out the details?

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(11/15/05 7:33 pm)
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New Post Re: Wizard's Academy (Theme Parks and Urban Gaming offshoot)
I was calculating the numbers on this last night, and realized that it would be difficult to get a THRC (theoretical hourly ride capactiy) of more than three hundred, and even that is pushing it. Is it reasonably posible to make a sucessful attraction with that low of a THRC?

If necesary, the budget of the attraction could be decreased from my original design by removing exterior spaces and some of the fancier special effects.

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(11/15/05 11:23 pm)
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New Post Re: Wizard's Academy (Theme Parks and Urban Gaming offshoot) Wonder what the THRC for Discover Cove is... I'm sure it cost a pretty penny to build... depending upong the THRC, it may or may not be a similar entertainment model...

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(11/16/05 12:46 am)
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New Post Re: Wizard's Academy (Theme Parks and Urban Gaming offshoot) I'm pretty sure they're, though I doubt you could charge as much per person as discovery cove does.

Its also difficult to compare, a Discovery Cove is not just one attraction.

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(11/26/05 9:02 pm)
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New Post Re: Wizard's Academy (Theme Parks and Urban Gaming offshoot) I have just a few questions just to see if I'm understanding this right. Is it a pre-show/instructions and then basically a walk through? How do you calculate the THRC of a walkthough?
One last question, is it possible that people wouldn't figure out the spells and become so frustrated that they don't have a good time?

I've never been to discovery cove, so I don't really understand any comparisons

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(11/26/05 11:07 pm)
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New Post THRC I haven't been to Discovery Cove either, but as I understand it, it is low-capacity and has a limited number of "attractions" (ex. dolphin pool, beach area) where guests spend longish periods of time wandering. Sometimes they'll have "appointments" at certain attractions (ex. to swim with the dolphins), but mostly it's a free-flow of guests. It's the closest thing I could think of at the time to what he was saying, where you have a smaller number of guests and a few major settings in which they can spend time. However, they limit the # of guests per day (from what I hear)...

I don't think you could calculate a proper THRC...unless the experience goes for a specific amount of time (the system makes high-tension situations happen at specific times, and the guests have to try to recover normalcy) and once all the plot points have taken place, the guests leave. Here's a location with that model:
Since it was designed by an entertainment company, the storyline is very dramatic and well-thought-out. From the animatics, it seems like a cool experience.

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(11/27/05 12:19 am)
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New Post Re: THRC I was thinking that the expierence would last a set amount of time before the next group moves in (note the "before the master wizard returns" clause)

I was thinking that the staff could give increasingly obvious hints as time went on, wich would limit frustration.

I actually think it would be most comparable to laser tag and similar vinues.

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(11/27/05 12:21 pm)
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New Post levels Another idea for promoting re-riding: Do you think it would be possible to award people with different levels? Every time you would return you would be a novice, a student, a wizard an so on and so forth. As you progressed the problems became more difficult.

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(11/27/05 1:16 pm)
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New Post Re: levels Interesting idea. I think it would be unpractical to create entire rooms intended for expierenced guests, but you could make the quest longer (in terms of rooms, forcing the guest to move quickly) or give the guest fewer clues.
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