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disney question

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 3:42 am    Post subject: disney question Reply with quote


Is there anyone here who regularly visits a disney park or parks, who likes taking photos?

Just thinking about putting together a booklet of information on things to look at while travelling through the parks.

(I say disney parks, because they seem to be the main ones with thematic gestures throughout the parks, not just on the attractions)

(And I ask because I live in Australia, which makes it hard to visit the disney parks regularly...)



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(11/18/05 12:20 am)
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New Post Re: disney question
Have you seen the Imageneers Field Guide to the Magic Kingdom? It sounds like what your looking for (though I haven't seen it personally, and thus can't vouch for its quality)

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(11/18/05 11:52 am)
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New Post Re: disney question Yeah... "Imagineering Field Guide" appears to be a general overview. If you want to do a general overview, it's probably been done in other books to a fair extent. If you want to do something more specific, it could be really interesting and novel... it could relate directly to something you've studied (ex. color palettes, composition, application and modification of historic design themes). This would give your booklet more depth and novelty than most, and if you pick things you know well and are interested in, it could really deepen your understanding of how those topics extend into themed attractions.

An attraction is made up of many smaller but deliberate decisions. Why the smaller decisions were made could be very informative (for example, if you looked at like the choice and range of color palettes across the whole property (how they are used to evoke mood, sense of place, etc.) we would understand a lot more about color and its role in themed design... trying to look at all of those small decisions at once is probably a bit like eating an elephant... you could end up with just a bunch of general and scattered observations.

I have an annual pass to WDW if you have some specific pictures that you need. Just let me know what you want to see in the pictures, and what resolution (more resolution = less pictures)... and I'll propbably be able to get the photos within a few weeks. However, some rides are absolutely terrifying to me (I hate drops)... So Tower of Terror, Splash Mountain, etc... you might have to get ride photos from someone else...

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(11/21/05 6:20 pm)
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New Post Re: disney question Thanks for the feedback.

Does anyone actually have a copy of the Imagineer's book mentioned above? I had a look on Amazon and it sounds great, although I'll have to wait until after Christmas before I can buy it (tight budget, big family, lots of presents...)

Is possible, could someone show me how the book is laid out? If someone has the book, could they scan a couple of pages and send them to me at

(You can keep the res low, so as not to affect copyright. I just want to see how it's generally set out.)



Posts: 40
(11/23/05 10:24 am)
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New Post Re: disney question Are you able to "Search Inside" from the Amazon website? It allows a look at the "Table of Contents" and "Surprise Me!" shows the layout of various pages and the kind of info that the book has... Sometimes websites show differently in different countries, though...

Posts: 46
(11/23/05 5:32 pm)
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New Post Re: disney question Yeah, I had a look through on the amazon site but it was only showing me generic info pages (what is an imagineer, the different types of imagineers, what they do...), which I assume is just the first chapter.

I didn't see anything specific about a particular location in the parks.

Posts: 42
(11/26/05 11:37 pm)
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New Post Re: disney question Okay...well... "Surprise Me!" just gave me the beginning of Main Street USA, so let's see what's there. The pages are too big, so I can't get them into a screen shot properly.

The first page is mostly an image with some text to set the mood about what Main Street is supposed to be.

The second page has a concept sketch at the top and some general text:

"Main Street, USA, is the perfect way to start a day at the Magic Kingdom. It's a trip back to the place we all "remember", though few of us - especially today - have every actually been there. It is the dawn of the Industrial Revolution...The place is all hustle and bustle...This is representative of Walt's heartfelt patriotism..."

...And so on... Middle of the page is a "Building Elevation" (color). And they go on to say the Main Street at MK is bigger than at Disneyland, is "Eastern seaboard Victorian" architecture of the 1880's - 1890's... lighter and lacier metalwork gives it is fanciful flair...

Third page is called "Reality vs. Memory" and talks about how Mainstreet relects Walt's upbringing in Marceline, MO, and how it is not a direct representation... how most places in the park are hieghtened, exaggerated and idealized versions of the real thing.

I also got a page on Splash Mountain. It says:

"Each scene is carefully planned through storyboards and sketches so that it will work in concert with all the others. The flow of each story is worked out just as it would be for a film, with adjustments made for the timing of a theme-park attraction."

The middle of the page is an illustration of the finale (riverboat scene) and below that, a cutaway of the riverboat ("concept elevation").

The bottom of the page has a banner that says "Quick Takes", and below that are stats such as:

"The height of the drop is 53.5 feet, at a 45 degree angle, which gives you a speed of 40 miles per hour - faster than Space Mountain!"

"The color palette of Splash Mountain's mud banks was shifted from earthy brown that would have been correct for the Deep South setting to a stronger magenta shade that would work better next to the Western rockwork of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad."

"The runoff after the splashdown is carried into the Rivers of America as a kinetic device and as a way of creating a shared Guest experience. This interaction with the area development allows Guests not on the attraction to see and hear the excitment of those who've just survived the big drop. It's fun both to see and to be seen."


Those are kindof cool details... That's it! This one's going on my wishlist!

Anyhow...I know it's not the best help...but hopefully better than none at all...

Posts: 101
(11/27/05 12:23 am)
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New Post Re: disney question Pity, doesn't look like what I was hoping for. What I would have liked to see is a book that provided specific examples to support various design theorys, but it looks like its a book of trivia.

Oh well. Given its low price, theirs proably something in their worth buying.

Do we have anyone on the west coast who could take pictures? I would be willing, but won't be at Disney again until the summer at the earliest.

Posts: 43
(11/27/05 5:36 pm)
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New Post Fieldguide They're probably trying to appeal to the widest possible audience... see if many people buy it. Maybe if they find a good market for these books, they'll print more in-depth books about the design... I think they are looking to do a whole series of these fieldguides and imagineering books.

Posts: 105
(11/27/05 7:08 pm)
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New Post Re: Fieldguide Yeah, I never really had my hopes high that it would be how I wished. While I expect to see more, I would be suprised to see them get much more specefic; from the looks of it, this is supposed to be a mass market item sold at the parks, not something like the Imagineering cofee table book. Even that book lacked the chrunchy information I would have liked, but it was a good source of inspiration.

Posts: 48
(11/27/05 11:06 pm)
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New Post Re: Fieldguide Yeah, unfortunately I don't have access to the surprise me section, so all i'm getting is the first couple of pages.

Oh well, I'll have a think about how to do this, and what I'm looking for, and get back to you.


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