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sac louis vuitton,pas cher louis vuitton

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:06 pm    Post subject: sac louis vuitton,pas cher louis vuitton Reply with quote

Style= font-size:14px ; > is the ability of manipulation skill ,including insight ,[url=]louis vuitton[/url],thinking ,decision making ,organizational power ,influence ,executive force .Ability cultivation and promotion of relatively ,it is easier to .
Root to the leader is more important ,also more difficult for high .Leaders need to have 7 root :root :steady performance of a leader :cool ,calm ,calm training methods: 1 ,do not show your emotions in 2 ,not everyone about your difficulties with 3 ,in consultation with others opinions before thinking ,make yourself ,but don talk ,don 4 a nag your dissatisfaction 5 ,important decisions or dispose of as far as possible with the others at least every night and consultations ,release 6 ,walk and talk don panic Alert :30 ,40 ,5030 years ago is a learning experience before the age of 40 after the age of 50 to wrestler Chen Wugang in the network spider the fabric good not to capture prey ,weaving is first ,after the weft ,and once the network frame ,there is no movement ,it can react quickly .
relationresultDoremember three don &nbsp ,[url=]pas cher louis vuitton[/url];&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;tension don , relationresultDowndon , relationresultFree todo not , relationresultLeadersof two root :careful performance :careful ,meticulous ,professional ,perfect training methods: 1 ,what is happening around them ,often think their causal relationship 2 ,to do the implementation issues ,to explore their basic crux to be accustomed to 3 ,ways of doing things ,there must be improvement or optimization suggestions 4 ,do anything to have everything in good order and well arranged and habits of 5 ,often in order to find some others do not see problems or drawbacks of 6 ,[url=]sac louis vuitton[/url],own whenever and wherever possible to insufficient local fill remind :talent is not cultivated not expansionary decisions about what not to do ,is to be in charge of the most difficult decisions about exception management :the routine ,the process of work permits ,to subordinate to do their own ,and focused on the treatment of exceptions .
What others cannot do, jump !relationresultLeaderroot three :courage , relationresultPerformance: astrong ,decisive ,adventure training methods: 1 ,lack of self-confidence do not commonly used words ,don go back to 2 ,the matter has been decided easily overthrow ,in 3 of all arguments ,don idea 4 ,in case of injustice ,not positive ,heartless ,evil things ,do not blindly silence 5 ,face very high on cadres or staff ,attention should be paid to their Passover or foul action ,but also to stick to your principles 6 ,don is in charge of ,people do not feel shy ,on 7 penalties have to escape attempt ,can encourage their adventure .
Remind :risk refers to the prepared adventure .Opportunities are not always there, so don miss opportunities accipitral renascence :the eagle is the life on the world the longest bird ,and it lives up to the age of 70 .
relationresultTo live such a long life expectancy,at 40 years of age when it must make a hard decision .At this time, it has become long and curved beak ,almost touching chest ;its claws start aging ,unable to effectively capture prey ;its thick feathers ,wings became very heavy ,make it difficult to fly .
At this time the eagle has two options :either wait for death ,either through a painful process of change -- 150 days long metamorphosis .It must be very hard to fly to the top of the hill ,nesting on the cliffs ,and stay there, not fly .
Eagle first struck rocks with its beak ,until it off completely ,and then quietly waiting for new beak .The eagle will grow new beak to paw on aging nails pulled out a one ,drops of blood falling .
When the new toenail out long after ,[url=]etui iphone 4 louis vuitton pas cher[/url],with the new toenail eagle feathers on pulled out a one .relationresult5 months later,the new chief of the feathers out ,eagle to fly again ,again over 30 years !This story tells us :in the lifecycle of the enterprise ,sometimes we must make a difficult decision ,to start a new journey .
We must put the old ,[url=]louis vuitton pochette ordinateur[/url],bad habits and traditions abandoned completely ,may have to give up some of the past support of our success today has become our difficulties and stuff ,we can fly again .
This change is painful ,[url=]sac louis vuitton[/url],to the enterprise ,the staff ,are all the same .But to the survival of enterprises, in order to achieve our goals ,we must through this experience !Like a hawk transformation ,to open our new enterprise life cycle ,to realize our vision of the process, to regain our confidence ,dignity and honor !relationresultDoing businessas long as two conditions :a sacrifice money and an adventurous daring enterprise from net profit retained 3-5% as risk fund ,to prepare for bankruptcy severance of employees by .
relationresultLeader:positive root four , relationresultPerformance:insist ,investment ,careful training methods: 1 ,do one thing every day .2 ,find the one or two pieces in any case should adhere to the principle of things ( bedtime reading 10 pages / writing 2 page Diary ) ,form the habit of .
In 3 ,plans started ,always want to have further .In 4 ,the entire department or company morale was low when ,[url=]sac xl cuir gris[/url],you must be very sunny ,very optimistic .5 ,do anything ,have shown very hard look ,because someone is watching you .
In 6 ,when no smoothly ,to breathe ,drink a cup of coffee ( tea ) ,to find a way .Is end ( give up ) ,also be smooth and clean .Remind :people can be trivial, not mediocre person is the instinct of sympathy ,love and appreciate a and unrelated to their people is cultivation Lu Guanqiu active living initiative : do the thing ,per month to do a new thing ,every year to do a great thing ,a lifetime to do a meaningful thing .
Every day is a show .Plan implementation should pay attention to quantify .relationresultLeaderroot five: generosity , relationresultPerformance:tolerance ,patience ,humility ,generous ,sharing culture method :1 ,do not deliberately put people into the opponent may be partners .
2 ,to other people ,small errors do not square accounts in every detail .In 3 ,the Dharma of three measures ( Choi Shi ,fasch ,fearlessness ) can be used as learning model .4 ,do not have the arrogance of power and knowledge of prejudice .
5 ,any results or accomplishments ,including the company should share with the person .6 ,there must be a human sacrifice or devotion of time ,he should go in front .relationresultRootsix :honest leader :integrity ,moral ,practical training methods: 1 ,do not say things ,regardless of who .
Say ,you try to do .2 ,empty catchword not often hung on the wall or hanging on his lips .In 3 ,the customer to the company against the bad faith ,with improved method .4 ,stop all immoral means .
5 , playing smart is from faith to faith transition .6 ,in addition to the model worker ,we should choose credit model .7 ,calculate the product or service cost is the cost of integrity ,a brand .
Remind :the most common problems :1 ,2 ,CEO concentration is not enough ;eager for quick success and survival dilemma: business ethics bottom line focus on customer complaints ,its a sorted out ,affixed to the wall ,one by one team together to solve .
relationresultSeven:play leader root , relationresultPerformance:responsible ,lively ,straightforward training methods: 1 ,review any negligence when, first from himself or herself to us .
In 2 ,things or project after the case ,to review the fault ,and international credit .In 3 ,he started from the superior ,would start from subordinates .4 ,to make a plan ,[url=]sac louis vuitton[/url],the powers and responsibilities defined clearly and reasonably .
5 ,the shrinking person or organization to say that .6 ,because the responsibility caused by the loss ,companies should bear .Remind :woman of three independent :emotional independence ,independent personality ,[url=]louis vuitton sac[/url],independent of man requirements: promising ,responsible ,ethical family law: Mr.
and Mrs. together against the mother ,is a tragedy ;and mother together with wife ,is a tragedy ;too and mother together with Sir ,is a comedy .During the meeting ,[url=]sac louis vuitton[/url],not just unpleasant ;not only praise and criticism ;don blame others say yourself ;don talk about grades do not talk about a problem .
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