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New Rides...

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 4:25 am    Post subject: New Rides... Reply with quote

The New Year will see the opening of two new rides at Disney: Monsters, Inc. at DCA and Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom

Both parks have had their problems, and maybe these new rides will help change how people see these two parks:
Orlando Sentinel

Expedition Everest looks promising:
Ride Videos
It looks like a great ride... but like me, there's a lot of people who wouldn't ride it. Disney and many other parks have been adding a lot of big thrill rides (Universal Florida: "The Mummy", Busch Gardens Tampa: "Sheikra"). Is this a good thing?

Another piece of big news is the buyout of Pixar:
Disney Blog
Disney Corp. has had a lot of changes recently... Hopefully it will have a good effect on the creative divisions...

The next few months should be interesting...

With all the changes going around, a question that comes to mind is... If we had the chance to build a completely new theme park and revolutionize the business (like Disney did about 50 years ago), what sort of place would we build? Would we copy other parks, because things are pretty good right now, or is there some different design that fits the modern generation better? (ex. more media content within a park)

Just some stuff off the top of my head... Gotta run... But I always look forward to hearing everyone's opinions... I hope to hear from some of ya'll soon!

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(1/25/06 5:09 pm)
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New Post Re: New Rides...

John Lasseter is now Principal Creative Adviser at WDI.
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(1/26/06 5:40 pm)
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New Post My vague vision I have a feeling theme parks as we know them are dieing bread. Not because the creativity lacks or budget isnít there but because what the people want has changed.

I have ideas on what the next theme park might look like, but in the outlandish dream of starting a company that transforms theme parks as Pixar transformed animation I wonít go into too much detail.

Holly is definitely on the right track of integrating media content. Iíll also add that dark rides will be obsolete, it will be a matter of allowing people to do what they have always wanted to do but have been too afraid to do it in a non-controlled environment (as Eddie Sotto said, Fear Minus Death equals Fun). And no, that doesnít mean a roller coaster park.

At the same time I donít think massive role playing theme parks are going to ever make it off the ground. Itís easy to take on an identity behind a keyboard but itís a completely different thing to take on the identity (keeping in character without the whole thing coming off cheesy) in a public, face to face, environment.

Experiences will be adaptable to be group or individual activates, depending on the type of person you are. At the same time, parks will be much much smaller (about the size of Disney quest). They will no longer be destination resorts, but there will be experiences that could last a couple of days for the right price. Experiences will have a relatively short shelf life in the park, with a new (either completely new or just revamped) one opening and an old or unpopular one closing a couple times a year.

I know that it all sounds vague and dreamy but thatís just the framework in which my mental picture is hanging.


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(2/3/06 9:58 pm)
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New Post Re: My vague vision I will be extremely sad if dark rides ever become obsolete. There's something about being carried through time and space past things that are physical and tangible that I don't think could ever be entirely duplicated by technology. Even if you get things perfect. Your senses and mind, at some level, know that it's fake.

I'm hoping, though, that technology can continue to make the experience of visiting themeparks feel increasingly personal and interactive... so that people don't feel like one of thousands of people... but instead feel a connection with the stories around them and with other people.

You could be right, though. In the world of Experience Marketing, destinations are being created in which people pay to enter places around the size of DisneyQuest and be entertained by experiences that are essentially advertising or forging a connection to a brand name... In fact, DisneyQuest, had it expanded successfully into other cities, would have been one of these locations (letting people experience the Disney brand in their own city). For the most part, these ventures seem to be small locations with high-tech games, gadgets, media, etc. Right now, they are usually connected with huge corporations. They don't yet warrant multi-day visits... but maybe someday. Certainly modern museums have learned the value of cycling in new content on a continuing basis to gain return guests, since they rely on locals. So it's a viable way of doing business.

In some ways, I think the pendulum will swing both ways... As people become saturated with technology, they'll yearn for simplicity, nostalgic places and natural environments... a "paradise" to get away from the "clutter" of life... Who knows? Culture is very complex. Someone recently recommended the book, "The Tipping Point". It's an analysis of fads and trends... and how they happen. If you catch the right idea at the right time, incredible things can happen. I think you have a good idea. It might be the right time. They say that, "The universe conspires to achieve your dreams". So hopefully your "outlandish" dream will come to reality when you least expect.

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(3/15/06 4:02 pm)
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New Post Re: My vague vision I can't imagine a Theme Park without Dark Rides. Fundamentally, these are the rides that give a park it's "family" entertainment, as these are the only rides that Grandma and your 2 year old can all ride together. Everyone can sit back and relax in a well themed Dark Ride.

I very seriously doubt they will ever be phased out, but they certainly need to evolve into something different. Something like PotC where they are ahead of their time and withstand at least a couple of generations. I think Spider-Man is on the right track, but again, there needs to be the ride that an entire family can ride together without a health, height or age requirement. I for one would hate it if I had to "parent swap" at every single attraction. I want to be able to ride with my daughter. And with her having mild palsy, it's going to be a while before she can even sit up on her own.

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(3/15/06 6:28 pm)
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New Post Re: My vague vision I can't think of anything thats really capable of replacing dark rides. Walkthrouhgs apeal to same demographics, but dark rides have a host of advantages, most notably more control over guest expiences. 4-D movies can also apeal to the same group, but I doubt anyone would go to a park solely for that. While it is possible to create a simulator ride that is gentle enough that most people could ride it, simulators mess with some peoples inner ear, meaning that even a gentle one could be disorienting.

Of course, it is possible that the theme park could die off as a form of famialy entertainment, and become something aimed solely at young adults, but until that happens, they'll still be dark rides.

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(9/18/06 12:29 pm)
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New Post Re: My vague vision Not everyone can ride roller coasters, but some people can't take a rough ride right after eating :eek . People need low-level entertainment to give them a chance to sit down in the air conditioning and rest their feet. If there are enough smaller rides, it will help decrease lines as well.
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