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porta agenda in pelle lv,louis vuitton sac

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 4:42 pm    Post subject: porta agenda in pelle lv,louis vuitton sac Reply with quote

Style= font-size:14px ; > Wang Chongyang ( 1112 ~ 1170) Chinese Jin Dynasty Taoist priest .The founder of Quanzhen daoism .Wang Chongyang advocate Confucianism ,Buddhism ,Taoism and equality, the unity of the three ,put forward three had a wind fusion theory .
The Taoist to moral , book of filial piety , Prajna paramita Sutra is a required classic ,that monasticism is to fix the heart ,in addition to affection to go to keep thinking ,static ,a quiet is the shortcut to practice it ,[url=]pas cher louis vuitton[/url].
Mr. Jin Yong is a part of the legend of the Condor Heroes because of its namesake ,adapted for film and television works of classical and stewed fried population ,of which Changchun sub Qiu Chuji but also for the vast number of Condor fans are familiar with .
But when it comes to the true history of real seven ,know not much .Mention real seven ,is also the first from their master Wang Chongyang . Legend to portray the world martial arts Wang Chongyang first ,in Huashan mountain in pressure ,capture nine real overcast classics .
After the death of Wang Chongyang ,the master of its human resource configurations . contention, is throughout the book main line .So the history is Wang Chongyang himself ,he really martial arts secrets ?Wang Chongyang history person ,he is the founder of Quanzhen Taoism important factions ,born in Song zheng-and two years ( AD 1112) .
Because he loves Tao Yuanming ,he changed the name to know .With Tao Yuanming like chrysanthemum ,chrysanthemum and Chung Yeung Festival in the open ,they give themselves a howling deutron .
Wang Chongyang was born in a wealthy family business rich .His life coincided with the Northern Song Dynasty ,Jin invasion ,national disaster-ridden time .Youth ,he the motherland and nationality of the pain ,the vibration ,in Tianchun years should Wen ,Wu try ,have Chinese ,Wu dual Juren ,[url=]porta agenda in pelle lv[/url],interested in saving the national crisis .
But as a result of the Southern Song Dynasty regime orifices ,abandon the majority of northern people disregard ,struggling and Wang Chongyang ,ideal is not to play .After the failure of Jin ,Wang Chongyang dig cave ,called living dead tomb ,[url=]louis vuitton sac[/url], to party card hanging on the book :King ,cloud and crazy ( mad king claimed honors ) .
After seven years out of the tomb of Wang Chongyang ,living dead ,started another way to realize their ideals ,[url=]louis vuitton sac[/url].Jin Shizong Dading seven years ( 1167) ,Wang Chongyang East Far Eastern Shandong missionary .
In Ninghai (now the Shandong Muping) a sermon ,he was Song Huizong the monk Lin Lingsu was made unwelcome Taoism was reformed ,founded the Quanzhen sect .In the national crisis , south light emperor in the background, Wang Chongyang Quanzhen flag raised ,in order to retain the Chinese traditional culture ,the traditional culture preservation in the religious society ,civil society .
This is upset .Wang Chongyang missionary in Shandong in the process of incorporating many disciples, which again Ma Yu ( Ni Youko ) ,Qiu Chuji ( Changchun sub ) ,Tan Chuduan ( Naga Mako ) ,a king (Okyo Ko ) ,Hao Datong ( Pacific subsidiary ) ,Liu Chuxuan ( longevity promoter) ,and horse Yuzhi wife sun Buer ( quiet as seven human leaders ) ,called North seven ,[url=]louis vuitton[/url],namely what we say normally entire seven real son .
Qiu Chuji ( AD 1148-1227 ) ,the word through dense ,Changchun number ,is the founder of dragon school .In the Condor ,Qiu Chuji Wugong flatly, but historically ,Qiu Chuji is quite big .
This is not because the powers ,[url=]sac louis vuitton[/url],but because he passed himself on the Mongolian rulers influence, saving countless Chinese people .In the song ,yuan ,alternating periods ,poetry ,[url=]toile monogram[/url],medicine ,three patients and gained a world reputation of Qiu Chuji ,parties to object .
In gold ,has rejected the Song Emperor recruited after ,in 1220 he went to the western regions ,make light of travelling a thousand li ,Kundousi (now in Afghanistan) ,audience Genghis Gen Gi Khan .
Qiu reality trip purpose where? And have a look before his departure to a friend of a poem -- ten years was about one or two people ,leaving millions of .Last year fortunately on CI Chao ,today spring to be cold swim run .
Not to leave North Village ,still miss Shandong two hundred state .Poor emergency drain to live in ,in early life may eliminate the worries . Clearly, Qiu Daochang to make light of travelling a thousand li ,or Chinese people from Tuchuo .
Amarcord is high to Gen Gi Han Qiu Chuji asked Methuselah operation ,Qiu Chuji not usually that urged Gen Gi Khan to seek immortal Taoist alchemy ,but frankly , a health way without longevity medicine .
Generation is a generation Tianjiao ,although infinite disappointed ,but Gen Gi Khan did not blame the Qiu Chuji ,but for his frankness enormously .During his stay in Qiu ,Gen Gi Khan offers him a very good living conditions .
In military affairs in her spare time, Gen Gi Khan also frequently to Qiu Chuji seek a way of keeping good health .Beside Gen Gi Khan spent a year later, Qiu Chuji from North India to return to china ,[url=]louis vuitton sac[/url].
Although at the time of continuous fighting ,Gen Gi Khan sent five thousand cavalry, to escort .In order to express to Qiu Chuji respect, Gen Gi Khan gives the Qiu Chuji Hufu Xi book (in Imperial habits, which is equal to the king Fenghou ) ,number of gods ,a great master ,let him in charge of all the monks .
In the legend of the Condor Heroes in the martial arts world ,Qiu Chuji although difficult ,but in the past, he has used his wisdom ,[url=]sac louis vuitton neverfull gm[/url],the conquest of the world of Gen Gi Khan .Mongolia Army Central Plains ,Qiu Chuji to Yanjing monasticism, today the the Imperial Palace palace in Changchun ,reportedly was his religious place, and now Beijing and the country temples -- one of the White Cloud Temple ,which he personally created .
With Hufu Xi book ,Qiu Chuji disciples save a large number of people in Central Plains , by people is the slave ,recovery is good .And dying and more living ,do not worry twenty thousand or thirty thousand .
Zhongzhou has praised the (from to Yuan history ) .Kublai unified China when, following the Qiu Chuji wields the Quanzhen disciples of Yin Zhiping ,but also by virtue of Qiu Chuji left Hufu seal books ,a lot of people shelter .
When the national calamity ,a new Taoist sects to step forward bravely ,assumed the existence of cultural work ,and do everything we can to protect the people ,this contribution ,can only be used to describe the kindness knows no bounds .
In addition ,some people think ,Qiu Chuji disciples Li Zhichang wrote Changchun real pilgrimage to the west one book, and later for Wu Chengen journey to the west to provide material .
After the death of Wang Chongyang Quanzhen ,seven in the north of traditional Taoism widely ,and each vertical tribes ,[url=]louis vuitton sac[/url],namely :Ma Yu fairy sent ,Qiu Chuji long door-to-door ,Tan Chuduan namo pie ,Liu Chuxuan with mountain school ,Huashan school ,Wang Hao Avenue is a real pie ,sun Buer quiet school .
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