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moncler donne lungo piumini white

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:04 am    Post subject: moncler donne lungo piumini white Reply with quote

The twelfthWorld Winter City Conference of mayors in the long opening ,participants dressed in a red costume photo right eight as governor of Jilin province Wang Min ,right nine to Changchun City Mayor Zhu Yejing reporter Guo Liang was governor Wang Min said we are very pleased ,I on behalf of Jilin province to will that the mayor ,a warm welcome ,and wish this session a complete success .
The Jilin province is located in Northeast China ,population 27000000 ,area of nearly 190000 square kilometers .The eastern part of Jilin province is a mountainous area of Changbai Mountain middle forest -- ,big barn of Southeast China -- also the black land ,West prairie .
Changchun City is the capital of Jilin Province ,is our most important city ,Changchun City Economic Indicators accounted for almost 1/2 of the province .We are in the central government to revitalize the Northeast such a policy, and other city of China ,is to accelerate the construction pace ,reform and open .
Hope that the mayor will research results, to the Jilin province to provide very good reference . The Greetings Of Wangmin Im on behalf of Jilin Province to welcome every mayor heretoattend this conference ,and wish WWCAM successful.
Jilin Province is located in the middle of the Northeast ofChinawith a population of 27000000 and an area nearly 190000squarekilometres. The east of Jilin is Changbai Mountain region ,thecenter is the black soil ,and the west is the largegrassland.
Changchun is the capital and also the most important cityof JilinProvince. Jilin is developing very fast under the policy ofArosethe Northeast. Hope the 12th WWCAM can bring usgoodreference.
conference of mayors to let the world remember Changchun twelfth World Winter City Mayor of the meeting yesterday opened the newspaper news ( reporter Yang Yi Liu Dan ) yesterday, attracts worldwide attention in 2006 twelfth world conference of mayors in Changchun City in winter the opening ,from 13 countries of 30 representative dressed in traditional city debut .
The theme of the summit is in the winter of development .According to the winter city conference of mayors of exemple of principle ,take the World Winter City Mayor of the meeting , World Winter City Forum , World Winter City Products Expo three .
a form of organized .Yesterday three conferences in different locations ,different time Cuoluo orderly opening .9, the twelfth World Winter City Forum in Beijing Shangri-la Hotel Wuhan opening ,the opening speech research mayor ,deputy mayor Cui Jie chair .
Fourteen forty ,China Changchun 2006 World Winter City Products Expo in Changchun Eurasian store opening ,research the mayor cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony .18, the twelfth winter city mayor conference and Changchun City Hall reception was held at Shangri-la Hotel Wuhan .
Governor Wang Min attends ,mayor of speech research .The three rendezvous a winter city mayor of the meeting will be the World Winter City exchanges ,cooperation and lay a solid foundation for development .
During the opening ceremony ,governor Wang Min ,mayor of the city of Changchun research met with the Chinese and foreign visitors .Highlights: uniform red Tangzhuang attract your eyeball at seventeen thirty yesterday ,Shangri-la Hotel Wuhan 3 floor conference room ,dressed in a red suit of an exotic face attracted many people .
We are very pleased ,I on behalf of Jilin province to attend a meeting to the mayor ,to extend our warm welcome ,and I wish the conference a complete success . Wang Min first speech . Changchun City is the capital of Jilin Province ,is our most important city ,Changchun City Economic Indicators accounted for almost 1/2 of the province .
In order to recommend the host city Changchun City ,let everybody to Changchun city located in Jilin province has a visual impression ,Wang Min governor to Popularization in Jilin province of .
Wish :results for our province to provide good reference to the Jilin province is located in Northeast China ,population 27000000 ,area of nearly 190000 square kilometers .The eastern part of Jilin province is a mountainous area of Changbai Mountain middle forest -- ,big barn of Southeast China -- also the black land ,West prairie .
We are in the central government to revitalize the Northeast such a policy, and other city of China ,is to accelerate the construction pace ,reform and open .The association is discussed in the world winter city development problems ,and we are very concerned about the problem .
Wang Min ,[url=]louis vuitton sable epi eugenie portefeuilles Moncler V Knit Gloves Winter must-[/url].At the same time ,Wang Min governor said ,hoping that the mayor will research results, to the Jilin province to provide very good reference . I once again on behalf of the provincial government and the people of the province to the conference hold express enthusiastic congratulation ,and at the same time I wish the meeting a complete success .
Finally, the governor said Wang min .Consensus :winter since resource is the wealth of Wang Min after the intro ,the world winter city mayor ,mayor of Sapporo ,Ueda Fumio began to speak of mayor of city representatives .
First of all ,to governor Wang Min in his busy schedule to meet us at the meeting of the representatives of city express our heartfelt thanks to you for . Ueda Fumio said ,the World Winter City Mayor by climate and local customs and practices ,and to create a more comfortable life in winter as the goal of the city group ,the winter is both resources ,is the wealth ,so everyone goal is to share the wisdom ,experience and coexistence .
Present situation :I save two city has become a member of the conference of mayors ,including members and non-members city city a total of 15 countries with more than 30 city to participate in the host city ,it is city of Changchun Changchun Research mayor and city hall the result of joint efforts .
The Changchun City for the current session held efforts ,Ueda Fumio said that ,while in Jilin province has become a winter city mayor member city two ,Changchun City and Jilin City, Jilin Province ,in addition to other city also join ,suggesting that Jilin is a city in winter construction cares very much, very much in the province .
Take the opportunity, he also told Jilin province other city representatives expressed heartfelt thanks .WWCAMMakes The World Remr Changchun The 12th WWCAM of 2006 Opened yesterday. 31 cityrepresentativesfrom 15 countries attended this conference in TangJackets.
Themain theme of the 12th WWCAM is Growth in Winterwhich is dividedinto Mayors Conference ,Winter Cities Forum andWinter Expothree parts. At 9:00 AM yesterday ,the 12th WWCAM opened in Shangri-LaHotel.
Zhu Yejing ,the mayor of Changhun sent his greeting ;At 2:40PM ,Winter Expo opened in Ouya Mall ;At 6:00 PM ,the receptionwasheld in Shangri-La Hotel. The 12th WWCAM will build astrongfoundation of communion ,cooperation and development betweenwintercities.
Foreigners in red Tang Jackets attracted many people inthemeeting room of Shangri-La Hotel at 5:30 PM yeaterday.NomarchWangmin sent his greeting at first. He said ,Im on behalfofJilin Province to welcome every mayor here to attend thismeeting ,and wish WWCAM successful.
Changchun is the capital andalso themost important city of Jilin Province. Then he began tointroduceJilin Prov Ince ,Jilin Province is located in theNortheast ofChina with a population of 27000000 and an area of190000 squarekilometres.
The east of Jilin is Changbai Mountainregion ,thecenter is the black soil ,and the west is the largegrassland.Jilin is developing very fast under the policy of ArosetheNortheast.
Growth in Winter is the main theme forthisconference and also our attention. President of WWCAM ,the mayor of Sapporo VEDA Fumio also gaveaspeech on behalf of every mayor attending this conference.
Hesaid ,Its due to the effort of Zhu Yejing ,the mayor ofChangchunand Changchun government to hold this conference. Herevealed thatChangchun city and Jilin city have become the WWCAM mrcity.
governor Wang Min (right two ) and mayor of the city of Changchun to industry precision ( right) kind see the city on behalf of reporter Kan rotary oxygen conference of mayors ,meets with Serbia and Montenegro Maja of Novi Sad City Mayor Mayor invited to participate in the agricultural fair newspaper news ( reporter Liu Dansun Miao) yesterday, Changchun City Mayor Zhu Yejing met them in Novi Sad City Mayor Maja said in the future ,Changchun enthusiasm ,the students will have more friends ,[url=]monogram empreinte classic[/url].
Your city and Changchun City in the late 80 the friendship city ,Changchun City several delegations to your city to get a warm reception ,your city and Changchun City friendship we are very rare .
I have two years in office, in the hope that I can visit your city office . Both sides took a seat, research the mayor expressed keen interest in .Maja first came to China ,to Changchun ,treasure the memories with the best method ,is our friends become your friends ,your friends become our friend .
Finally, in the country in May will be held at the agricultural fair ,Maga to wish mayor issued a letter of invitation .However ,most happy about is the mayor ,two students . Changchun City now has 26 University, welcome your city school students arriving to strengthen learning ,two Municipal People communication .
As a friendly city ,Changchun City is willing to help your city in Changchun City of friendly exchanges . Research says .News of the total 2 pages ,the current in the first page of 1 Slovakia Zilina deputy mayor of the city of Mali to Changchun AC auto industry newspaper news ( reporter Liu Xin ) last night, Changchun City Mayor research met Slovakia Zilina deputy mayor of the city of mali .
Research says ,two city in the last century 80 friendship city ,but these years both sides contact less, Mali vice mayor came to Changchun Changchun ,also at a convenient time ,sent a delegation to visit zilina .
Research said , Chinese people to the people of Slovakia have a traditional friendship ,close attention to the development of Slovakia in recent years ,especially last year, Premier Wen Jiabao visited your country ,closer to the people of the two countries to enhance mutual understanding ,strengthen the distance ,the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries .
We hope that through this visit ,further close two city exchanges, strengthen bilateral economic and trade cooperation . Mali said ,as Slovakia city Zilina City ,Changchun Economic and trade cooperation can be traced back to a long time ago, this relationship is stable .
Mary said that ,over the past 5 years, the rapid development of Zilina , I am glad to tell you ,two years ago, Kia has in Zilina investment builds a plant ,which is a large automobile manufacturers .
Mali think ,Changchun is Chinese car city ,Zilina city car industry in Slovakia is also very famous, the automobile industry can make two city together ,this cooperation should continue to strengthen .
Zilina beautiful scenery ,I on behalf of our city mayor and Zilina city hall and people, invited the mayor to research delegation identity to Zilina on development and cooperation matters to visit .
Hear the Mali invitation ,research readily replied , well ,we must arrange the time to . Both sides also exchanged gifts and cards ,Mali alongside Zilina City Crystal symbol ,also bring research three bottles of wine , this is not the official gifts ,this is my city mayor Sirota Mr.
specially asked me to give you . Research is presented in Zilina painted a Changchun seasons album and Chinese hand embroidery .Mayor of the meeting and Exhibition Winter Products Expo opening the newspaper news ( reporter Yang Yi ) yesterday, the 2006 World Winter City Products Expo in Changchun Changchun opening ,mayor Zhu Yejing and Sapporo mayor Ueda Fumio to the opening to the message .
Research to say ,this exposition is the twelfth World Winter City Mayor of the meeting is an important part in China ,the traditional Spring Festival is coming, hope exhibitors from all over the world through rich and colorful exhibits ,from the experience of the splendid culture through which contains ;Changchun image display, we can enhance the understanding of Changchun ,but also to enjoy the unique Northern Style and simplicity of folk customs .
In the most traditional Chinese Spring Festival is coming, and sincerely hope that through this fair to everyone to understand each other ,learn from each other ,strengthen cooperation ,and seek common development .
The twelfth World Winter City mayor association ,Sapporo mayor Ueda Fumio said ,over the years the fair through the show and the winter and Xuemiqie related equipment and products ,as well as with winter of life related technological exchanges and cooperation between ,for the winter city economic and technological exchanges make important contribution .
This year Winter Fair in the rapid economic development of China Changchun Changchun held very far-reaching meaning ,because not far in the future ,will be the product of a large consumer market for winter .
I hope to participate in business circles personage especially overseas exhibitors ,must take the opportunity to get a feel for the city of Changchun economic development status ,to develop and promote and Changchun City economic exchanges and cooperation .
Conference of mayors forum how snow winter city how to draw on the advantages and avoid disadvantages into wealth ,to test variable gift ?Yesterday, the twelfth World Winter City Forum kicked off .
From the United States ,Canada ,Japan ,South Korea ,Russia ,Norway ,Sweden ,Denmark and other countries and regions in China and the domestic part of the city mayor and experts and scholars to a gathering of many people ,sharing the snow into wealth .
Reportedly ,the world winter city forum is the world winter city mayor of the meeting is an important part ,the theme of in the winter ,a total of 5 forum group ,continued until 17 days morning end .
From various countries and regions in different areas of the 30 experts invited to the winter development suggestions .Yesterday is the first ,two ,12 from Sweden ,Japan ,Norway ,the United States and the domestic experts and scholars ,not only shows the local snow ,also put forward the perplexity ,discuss jointly with everybody .
Norway occasional Roma cable underground reservoir a rubbish dump in the city to see a garbage can ,see garbage truck ,really big dump was in underground .When you put garbage classification ,into the red ,white ,yellow ,green ,purple garbage bag ,thrown into a similar mailbox the size of the pipe ,it is hard to imagine ,these rubbish was hurricane like power suction entered the throughout the city huge garbage pipeline ,pipeline system the inner can automatically identify the garbage bag colors ,and different types of garbage to 70~80 km / h speed toward its partner ,the final pool to the underground rubbish dump accept treatment .
This is yesterday at the forum, from the Norway riding of Roma Paso Mr Bode Johnson introduces underground automatic garbage collection network system .According to understanding ,support the Roma Paso population centers ,located in northern Norway ,snowfall ,so the garbage collection is facing many challenges .
Since the underground garbage processing network ,resident house does not have big dustbin ,garbage trucks have entered the community ,no bad smell ,the environment has been improved ;winter is no longer required delivery garbage in the difficult journey ,life more convenient and comfortable .
More importantly ,the new automatic garbage collection system classified by color ,reduce cost ,make garbage disposal and management more effective .Japanese term send Cho wood particles will replace the oil from the Swedish card horse city hall ten wins in Hokkaido region of the Nakajima Masahiro two experts ,coincidentally shared this paper introduces a new type of fuel -- wood particles fuel .
Japan Hokkaido foot ,the city sent with Changchun alike, cold and snowy winter .In 120 years of history ,heating fuel from wood ,charcoal gradually transition to coal .In recent 40 years ,and become oil .
But at present and in the future, will gradually by a wood particle fuel substitute . Mr. Nakajima Masahiro introduced .What is the wood particle fuel ?It mainly from timber cutting and planing large powder particles ,curing wood containing moisture heat dissolved ,then abandon incidentals ,not using any additives to shape it ,make it become a very stable condensate .
The foot is the use of this new type of fuel by CHO ,has its special reason ,where 80% is forest ,a population of only 8000 people .With an annual output of nearly 120000 cubic meters of wood ,of which about 20000 cubic meters of wood waste rotted .
If the 20000 cubic meters of waste wood into wood particle fuel ,can reach 10000 tons .So treasure, is expected to replace fuel oil .But this new fuel also has its disadvantages, for example, must want to have very rich in forest resources ,market prospects how is uncertain .
In addition ,if the fuel to gain popularity ,its raw material supply can be guaranteed or unknown ,is in Japan at present foot send Cho this place ,only those like fire and environmental protection consciousness is very strong person ,will choose this kind of fuel .
Aomori city snow disaster rescue team and Aomori city is located in north latitude 40 degrees 40 minutes ,population 320000 ,in the same city ,it is the world largest city .Especially in the past 20 years ,the accumulated snowfall in winter is over 10 meters in total of 5 times ,has reached the level of disaster .
In the winter of 2004 ,Aomori city under a record snowstorm, the deepest snow up to 178 cm ,accumulated snowfall of over 10 meters, the city function and dweller life caused serious effect .
Aomori City Hall snow management manager Mr. Kudo Masashi let everyone see a group of photos: as a residential area, the summer road is very wide ,two car train is absolutely no problem ,winter snow fall ,only a car by .
If your car just as in the garbage truck, must from time to time, parking ,the garbage truck to collect garbage ,can advance ;pedestrian passageway was covered with snow ,if the two person meet on on a narrow path ,one must wait for the other side to side by .
So, how to ensure the smooth road and residents daily life ?Aomori City snow experience: working at night ,the snow transported to designated locations .In addition ,in order to cope with the heavy snowstorm, Aomori city established snow rescue team ,not only help the public to clean the roof and road surface snow ,is also responsible for the lump over 65 years of age and people who have difficulty .
Lessons learned this winter last year ,the city of Aomori and introduced new measures ,such as using GPS ( Global Positioning System ) to the snow-removing vehicle positioning ,easy to grasp the situation, at any time to increase patrols ,in order to help residents remove snow .
In addition ,the private enterprise is absorbed into the Snow ,according to their snow removal equipment capacity ,scribing contract .The United States of America Anke Leitch city 80% electricity from gas Anke Leitch is the United States of America .
California city ,with 278000 people ,the city power source was completely out of coal ,and 80% from natural gas ,20% from water .The forum, the United States of America anchorage Municipal Electric Power Bureau Director Jim Paz introduced this city by .
Anke Leitch MLP to supply power to the 20 square mile area around 30000 users ,service area covers the main business district and the port of Anke Leitch ,and the two military bases , we stand a severe test in power system ,such as earthquake and volcano .
In 1964 March 9.2 earthquake occurred ,in this case the city reserve system can continue to generate electricity ,several hours we will restore all power transmission . In the United States many including Anke Leitch the city looking for extracting energy from waste , such as waste gas ,Anke Leitch from the trash extraction power output, can increase the annual 1800 households using electricity .
In addition ,wind power is also very good development direction . Reporter Wang Jin Liu Xin USA in Anchorage, Jim Paz in the twelfth winter city forum reporter Guo Liang absorbs conference of mayors ,making folk skills stay foreigner at ten thirty yesterday ,is the World Winter City Conference of mayors forum first tea break ,located at the Shangri-La Hotel 2 floor outside the venue of the three layer ,three layer gathered a lot of foreigners .
Originally, should congress organizing committee invites ,Changchun ,a famous folk artist Su Chunling and Yan Zhen live performances ,guest paper-cutting cartoons, they are wearing a Tang suit, his skills to feed one foreign friends .
Magpie blessing ,may there be surpluses every year , world peace ,small scissors hands and dancing, symbol of peace ,auspicious beautiful window sticker will appear in front of foreign friends ,stay, keep ,praise ,with a window sticker with on the spot ,some also offer to buy .
Su Chunling beckoned with the hand ,smiling send ,let them be overjoyed to be jubilant ,holding ,repeatedly said Thankyou !Yan in the earthquake and please draw in a continuous line ,one morning he never had time to rest .
Each for painting all devout pose ,be strict in one .Only Yan Zhen pen a few gogo mama, less than five minutes, true to life likeness comic created ,first saw his caricatures ,many foreigner God ,then can be overcome by one to laughing ,they are happy to use their own way to the Yan Zhen thank ,or deep bow ,or is clasped hands, there a foreign flavor ,the happy all written on my face .
Reporter Wang Jin Jilin food with uncle Sam USA Anke Leitch City Hall Secretary David Lamusuo very humorous,[url=]louis vuitton noir monogram insolite portefeuilles[/url], his research mayor said, did not make me feel tired ,but dinner rich Chinese food to attract me to run round in circles ! He asked the mayor and citizens of Changchun research offered featuring Anke Leitch wood bowl ,and said the United States members ,although most first time in Changchun City Mayor ,but feel winter meeting held in Changchun is again appropriate .
Research on the representation ,participants of the city ,winter cold degree perhaps only Anke Leitch and Changchun is most similar, he suggested that the two city in future exchanges ,cooperation .
Reporter Hu Zhanshan Sendai to tour the movie Japan and Sendai in Changchun was for many years a friendly city ,the Sendai city planning bureau director Misaki Sato Nobuo to Changchun but is not easy, because the weather influence ,would have taken more than 3 hours away ,Misaki Sato Nobuo did for nearly 30 hours before ,flounder the changchun .
Misaki Sato Nobuo and Changchun Municipal Foreign Affairs Office Director Wang Yu signed the Changchun City and Sendai city in 2006 exchange program ,Misaki Sato Nobuo said the two city to promote exchanges between the increase of Sino-Japanese friendship healthy development is very good .
He said ,the people of Sendai Changchun movie career development is very interested in ,this year plans to set up film delegation to visit changchun .Reporter Hu Zhanshan business card exchange mayor as a salesperson Hello, this is my business card ,welcome to our city to visit ! On the night of the reception ,dressed in a red suit Mayors for the whole Party and be bursting with happiness .
From all over the world mayors though different languages, but the small card in the communication between Chinese would be a big help ,[url=]moncler donne lungo piumini[/url].No matter from which country ,what language is spoken in the cocktail party ,listed ministers will be respective card play and exchanging ,side to side with the exchange ,introduce their respective mother tongue , sell their city .
Despite the language barrier ,but the meaning of the expression is welcome to my hometown to visit, such as tourism and investment , and the mayor to the hands of small cards bearing is not only the mayor the communication between ,it is the ID card of the city ,is the world each city to establish cooperation between ,link exchanges .
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