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louis vuitton,Louis Vuitton Rouge Grenadine Vernis

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2013 12:47 pm    Post subject: louis vuitton,Louis Vuitton Rouge Grenadine Vernis Reply with quote

Style= font-size:14px ; > TD ,the worst of the independent innovation ( turn since the Dragon ) &nbsp ;&nbsp ;2010 December, when 65 year old minister of MIIT Li Yi will be given authority to later time, remember in 2008 June, he make TD launched the tragic ?The administration secretary to Raleigh * ,closing small coal mine known as righteousness ,.
For superior to share ,to be managers without hesitation ,perhaps,[url=]louis vuitton sac[/url]. Example this several characters ,in his body is not excessive .But his efforts but always in vain .For example ,put forward to close small coal mine after mine now ,still frequently, those involved are all kinds of state-owned coal mine ,and unabated .
Li Yizhong minister of MIIT beginning, to quickly da0 the Gordian knot technique of 3G licences ,the information industry ten years of unsolved knot easily broken, if not he ,3G licensing maybe has not yet been released ,it can be regarded as one of his greatest achievements .
But his other policies are also filled with controversy: he wanted to close small coal mines against the copycat machine ,the results ,in his approaching retirement ,the Ministry has internal voice tone sandhi: on December 1st, the ministry undersecretary Yang Xueshan said to encourage copycat product innovation ,at this moment.
We have understand copycat isn ,but the inevitable trend of economic development stage ,Japan ,Korea ,Taiwan all cannot avoid ,completely wiped out and shutting down copycat product was the eradication of innovation impetus .
Li Yizhong attempts to close small website moves with copycat products run in the same groove ,encountered a strong rebound ,is considered not to understand the Internet industry to act rashly and blindly .
Just is a small website can quickly grow out of giant ,destroyed the small website live environment ,also will destroy the breeding success of enterprise soil ,[url=]sac louis vuitton[/url].But these measures but as the feeling ,especially the copycat products ,[url=]louis vuitton sac[/url],along with the economic level gradually in the past, but also with the Department of Public Works letter recognition of copycat product status ,director of original words almost without leaving any traces .
But another of his decision-making influence can never eliminate ,and will be our innovative historians forever as negative materials, that is TD ,or called :the worst of independent innovation .
2010 December, Vice Premier Wang Qishan said during a visit to the United States ,to the era of the 4G,[url=]pas cher louis vuitton[/url], the operator can choose their own standards ,in fact negate the original ministry to distribute the standard behavior, also basically declared 3G times TD defeat .
In Wang Qishan position, move already give up 3G and TD ,to 4G R & D ,attempting to bypass the TD rotten persimmon .Just over two years ,TD farce has ended .Let us look back at two years prior to 2008 June, the new Li Yizhong as laymen met with TD eight ,in their lobbying ,the original has been a gradual decline of the TD standard force to move ,thus their name in the game .
In the licence before, along with the TD chip companies commit failures ,people have recognized that ,TD industry already was yesterday chrysanthemum ,will break down sooner or later .But in the Ministry moving again into hundreds of billions of dollars to support the doomed not successful technical standards .
Taxpayers on such a decision on a piece of paper before, was wasted .When we ask this technology to good use when, should ask, why a lame technique can actually ten years consistently in the administrative encouragement interference in the market ,and what is the profit .
The diners if anyone wants to say TD down ,will be the Three Musketeers batch head broken and bleeding .The Three Musketeers, refers to Li Jinliang ,Ding Shouqian and Li Shihe three people .
Life is short ,life is like a seed like gone with the wind, if being blown onto the grass ,must in the grass root ,if be blown onto the rocks ,they can only use the crevice is a little soil, and the seeds are blown into the ocean ,pens ,a foot .
For a seed ,the most painful thing was always to the old ,only to find their own location but is a pigsty .Due to location error ,leading to life without meaning .So this seed will be how to do ?It thundered piggery is the most important place in the world ,and resolutely guard sty rights .
Li Shihe is such a tragedy makers .Li Shihe as the father of the TD went on the stage, assumed the initial TD standard processing ,in the stage of beginning with the pathos of idealism .
The CDMA2000 and WCDMA were put into the tens of thousands of human and billions ,but TD started out, only a few Qiang .Two party comparison, a many-storied buildings ,on the other hand is just a little shack .
When the US for their idealism and applauded when, but should see, at any time, a lack of technology ,lack of ability to prove ,a chain based are not things doomed is commercially very successful possibility .
I don deny the idealistic motivation ,but doing something ,but must consider the cost of doing so :why a success impossible things into the billions of dollars ,if you count because of delay and lost the use of the 3G time ,then the losses in the hundreds of billions !But TD early advocates is that administrative volition can resolve all : a feasibility analysis is insufficient, can only rely on .
Will to decide ;industry chain are missing ,but we have the emotion of nationalism .This is actually a succession of ,how much production the spirit of the project .Li Shihe will be his life into account ,for him, negative TD is to deny him the value of life ,he will work with any opposition to fight .
But his tough price takes the whole nation to bear .Li Jinliang and Ding Shouqian are known as the TD Iron Man and TD bodyguard ,two people like Li Shihe, is also in the early TD took his own life honorary betting on TD .
The three musketeers of the sense of smell is most acute ,once found on the TD adverse events ,immediately jump out noisy a .Don say that they put forward is alleged prohibition of GSM mobile phone and other weird reproduction ,[url=]louis vuitton sac[/url],to name only a few more secretive .
The second half of 12008 ,mobile was forced to do TD greatly distressed ,began to play small action ,internal consultative take repairing the sucker approach ,[url=]louis vuitton sac de maquillage[/url],surface to accept the TD ,at the same time as soon as 4G standard TD-LTE ,called TD-LTE, although the crown of the TD name ,but in fact the core technology is LTE ,retaining only the few TD thing ,that is to say ,in moving to 4G would TD round ,return to the mainstream standard .
This trick is let in mobile way ,and because the name TD words, meet the nationalist vanity ,is really a good move ,for ordinary people simply do not see them .But the Three Musketeers could easily see through .
So they jumped out to shout ,please move don play tricks ,don 3G ,will develop 3G .Why must the development of 3G ?Because of their reputation can not be broken ,around is equal to their life fail .
In 22010 December, Wang Qishan said operators in 4G can choose the standard ,three old men feel uneasy ,among them, Ding Shouqian ,in TD network is far from perfect conditions, TD-LTE trial network layout should not be excessive effort ,it also can only be used as a reserve of knowledge ,the key still in 3G construction .
The meaning is clear ,hold 4G research and licensing ,the industry continued to tied 3G .At the same time ,painful moved already crazy ,it only when the fixed telephone ,mobile phone is still using its 3G 2G network ,TD would never mature .
.. ... In addition to ,also called old eight and so on the view, in short ,is not the lack of TD diners .These people under the banner of nationalism ,the independent innovation brand, stress the whole communication industry with their design direction ,and they represent the industry chain to make enough money .
Industry chain industry chain plot TD also let us first learned of a group of interest is how the formation of .From the beginning, TD is only a few people engage in ,without any of the industrial chain ,and later in Datang Mobile Support began to make company ,industry chain also began to form .
If we remember when 1990 time end of anxiety, as the understanding of the official need the so-called independent innovation .In the independent innovation under the guise of ,various rely on Mother ,but never learn to labor enterprise has appeared .
These companies include :homebred office software vendors ,homebred chip manufacturers etc. .And peak is TD .In a group of power TD can continue to develop ,appeared then use TD earner .
Tang in the industrial chain in the first place ,Li Shihe was born in Tang Dynasty ,the initial standard also from datang .In the Tang has a noble who has his net worth is tied up in the TD, he is the former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Technology Secretary Zhou Huan ,weeks later became chairman and President of datang .
It is this man decided to Tang fate :if TD succeeds ,then the Datang may beyond Huawei and ZTE, into the domestic market the largest equipment manufacturers ,if failed ,Datang will go down together .
Now the Datang has been reduced ,but it learned a new hand :a gigolo ,so no money .Every year the Tang can through the so-called science and technology innovation to get funding ,but also through TD equipment procurement funds .
At this time, TD died, is pronounced Datang soft rice with less of a large .Not only to eat, can not let the foreign enterprises to eat ,also let the ZTE Huawei eat .So ,TD in Datang under the leadership has been stunted ,also do not open .
Just a few powerful enterprise entertain .Up until the move took over ,strongly advocated a strength of the domestic and foreign manufacturers to join ,but already late ,far behind .Or, there has been no success, but in Datang hands more failure .
In addition to Datang such firms, can add industry chain there are various ,[url=]pas cher louis vuitton[/url].,because of too much .Involved in independent innovation frantically, her political career with TD ,so ,even if later they think TD will not succeed, will also have a delaying tactic ,avoid recognition of TD failure .
Then ,to Li Yizhong minister ,the best time to come .Thanks to Li Yizhong for the communications industry lack of understanding ,in eight old cry ,and other cooperation, will have the decline of TD standard to make ,began another adventure .
Finally, to talk about the role of the media .People may question why the media for TD questioning so small .It is because no sound .The media cannot send students into three categories, one is administrative guidance, suggests that the media as possible from the developing point of view to do ,[url=]Pelle Monogram Vernis Coeur Coin Purse[/url].
Two is the mobile took over TD, not one of the media wants to offend in mobile ,he has a lot of advertising ,so only silence .Three it is active when the drummer ,this is mainly the telecom media ,they are relying on Telecom circle dinner ,natural for any large-scale investment call ,and can divide a cup of a thick soup .
The third type of media, can check the Dumbo and Xiang Ligang ,a look at his remarks .We need what kind of independent innovation ?What we really need independent innovation ?Here, by the way Huawei and zte .
At home in TD, Huawei and ZTE was initially taken without the involvement of attitude .As the domestic market regulation and deformity ,[url=]pas cher louis vuitton[/url],Huawei and ZTE began to develop overseas markets ,in a more market-oriented environment involved in competition .
At the same time ,Datang but rely on domestic policy support .In the short term, Huawei and ZTE gave up to the mouth of the fat ,to choose a hard road seems to be a behavior ,but a long time ,but have a hard time, from foreign equipment manufacturers in fought their way ,occupy world first place .
Only then ,Huawei and ZTE had accumulated enough technology to participate in innovation, and formed a certain core competitive power .This is Taiwan walk the same path ,the first market ,innovate again .
If left the market, rely on to pat a head to innovation is always no way out .Once the Huawei and ZTE in overseas market stand firm calcaneal ,when two years ago when TD began to be strong ,they can also be very quickly start to TD equipment ,market and administrative bookend .
At the same time ,used to eat the rice Tang still looking for it a little rice ,lost the opportunity to .The so-called great Chinese ,the dragon has disappeared ,Datang has also can only when a relationship between enterprises, only ZTE Huawei grow into giants .
Not only is the Datang ,kept man enterprises are not long ,it has become a consensus .A fatherly type .Try to rely on administrative guidance, so that enterprises have a more comfortable environment for innovation ,but found none of these enterprises to seduce and deceit ,not only do is cheat customers .
At the same time ,the Ministry was started against most likely to do after the independent innovation of enterprises :the Guangdong small and medium-sized electronic enterprises, these enterprises as the year of Taiwan electronics manufacturers ,the business jungle combat, although there are numerous gray matter ,such as intellectual property ,but full of vigour ,full of vitality, once in eat each other in the environment gradually expand, those with jungle origin enterprises will toward a more advanced development .
Until now ,the ministry began to copycat products speak, maybe too many defeats, they first saw market ,[url=]pas cher louis vuitton[/url].In addition to TD, in IT communication within the industry, and the WAPI alliance ,domestic Office alliance ,together they make domestic consumers away from WiFi many years ,when foreign people have started a free fast wireless Internet traffic ,domestic consumers have had to endure a slow expensive network ,this year WAPI .
Given ,while WAPI was also in independent innovation model .Office domestic league are still running high ,into the nuclear base .These industries acting may tell us ,from the market of independent innovation is useless for independent innovation ,combined with the power of the independent innovation ,the independent innovation is the worst .
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