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Interactive possibilities

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 4:44 am    Post subject: Interactive possibilities Reply with quote

I read the article about using interactive cell phone technology in Epcot with a Kim Possible theme. Does anyone know how that went? It seems like there would be endless possibilities wiht technology like that. It would cewrtainly add a new dimension to a park like Animal Kingdom, where there is so much to explore. But I could also see this taking off into a whole new theme park concept.

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(11/7/06 11:56 pm)
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New Post Re: Interactive possibilities
As far as I know they are still doing tests. I believe it was an additional fee and it was like a scavenger hunt type experience, running around the park to meet at certain locations to find clues.

Definitely possibilities exist for some type of thing like this but I don't know how popular it would be, at least for American guests. I also think that the Kim Possible test is very age specific, not geared for all ages. They would need to develop something with more wide appeal for it to catch on.

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(11/8/06 1:39 pm)
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New Post Re: Interactive possibilities I know some people who played with the Kimmunicators. There was no extra fee, but you had to know about it or be invited to be able to get in (they limited the numbers of people). I am pretty sure there are no in-park tests at this time... I am sure they are still doing experiments in some capacity, though. The tests involved not only the devices, but actors and interactive props that blended with the general Epcot ambience. My friends who are in their twenties enjoyed the experience. It spanned 3 countries, each with a mini-quest (which I am told were about discovering clues to an evil plot and finding and "destroying" the villian's evil gadgetry)... once they solved the three mini-quests, they went to a finale (I think against Drakken, and I think it was arcade-style). It was designed as a group experience (family), but definitely involves the Kim Possible characters (I don't know how it plays out for anyone not familiar with that world). It's a cool idea... I look forward to how they develop this in the future...

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(11/8/06 9:47 pm)
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New Post Re: Interactive possibilities What really intrigues me is that it adds a whole new dimension to an otherwise plain park. Again, looking at Animal Kingdom, there are many hidden paths to explore, and even some hidden finds, such as the giant catfish or a hidden fountain. But really, except for the exploring type, it doesn't really attract a whole lot of people. But if there was some kind of scavenger hunt involved, perhaps with some kind of small prize at the end, I believe it could encourage guests to spend a lot more time in the park. Even if they have already done all the attractions, it would be a new experience, and potentially one that could change every time. I think it could also be used to encourage people to visit shops and attractions that they otherwise might pass on. Of course, I would also think this would make a great new type of themed attraction - one specifically geared towards exploring.

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(11/9/06 5:10 am)
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New Post Re: Interactive possibilities How long does the scavenger hunt take? Like, is there time for lunch, or shopping? :lol Is it competition for the prize?

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(11/17/06 9:50 am)
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New Post Prizes? I don't think there was any prize, other than participating in the grand finale, which was apparently (according to my friend) an arcade-style adventure in a back-stage set, where you defeated the evil Drakken. According to my friends, it took several hours (I don't remember how many). They stopped for dinner, but then they didn't get to do the adventure in Great Britain... they had to proceed directly to the finale. I think there's still some tweaking to be done as far as if you can stop and do other things... Since the adventure involves live actors, they probably don't want the actors sitting there all day waiting for people, and doing almost nothing (especially in the case of the toy soldier)... yet they don't want to push people too fast through the adventure and not allow them the chance to explore and make mistakes. There's a lot of things like that which they're going to have to iron out as they do the testing... It's still incredibly interesting, though... I hope this is the beginning of a lot of great narrative-enriching technology within the parks...

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(11/19/06 12:19 pm)
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New Post Re: Prizes? How expensive is this activity going to be? Does it vary from day to day, ie different clues?

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(11/20/06 10:55 am)
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New Post Re: Prizes? These are questions that the project team is probably asking themselves right now. My feeling is that the game is a long way from going "live"... lots of things to be worked out... I don't really know the inside info on this... and if I did, I couldn't really talk about it... The exciting thing is that we all get to see what happens down the road... Turtle Talk with Crush started out as tests with a Stitch video-phone... So the Kim Possible game could become something completely different... Maybe even an attraction onto itself with a different theme...!
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