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Application and Transfer

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 4:59 am    Post subject: Application and Transfer Reply with quote

Since I'm part way through my junior year, I'm starting to look at colleges. How easy is it to transfer from one engineering program to another in a different state? I'm looking at Virginia and Florida.

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(3/1/07 11:27 am)
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New Post Transfer
I've known several people who have transferred schools over the course of college. The ones transferring to UCF didn't get credits for some of the classes they had taken and had to re-take... So it can be a question of if the move is worthwhile enough for you that you are willing to overcome any potential set-backs. I have heard the same thing about other schools... It's not always a bad thing... (like maybe if you are transferring to a better school)... If you decide to go to grad school, keep in mind that a transfer in grad school usually means starting over... but in undergrad, transfer is very common.

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(3/19/07 6:54 am)
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New Post Application I want to leave home for my first year of college, but my parents don't want me to do that 'cause I'll be 17;) . I need to figure out how much it would cost to live in Jacksonville, Tampa, or Orlando. Does anyone go to UNF, USF, or UCF?

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(3/19/07 9:25 am)
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New Post UCF I went to UCF for undergrad, and I'm going now for grad as well...

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(3/20/07 5:02 am)
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New Post Money Matters Approximately how much money would I need as a freshman at UCF? My mom wants me to get my ducks in a row now.

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(3/20/07 8:03 am)
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New Post Expenses It depends on your living situation (ex. on-campus or off, car or public transportation, how much you like to go out or rent movies or eat pizza)...

Your biggest expenses will probably be rent and tuition. For an idea of off-campus rental rates, look here:
You can get an idea of tuition and fees from the UCF site (also a rough estimate of cost of books).

If you take the UCF shuttle to campus (which is free, but you have to wait for it), you can save significant money on gas/car maintainence (which is another major expense...especially insurance and gas...also keep tolls in mind... $2.50 round-trip to go downtown or anywhere East of that) on 408.

I tend to break it down into categories like the following and estimate things by the week, month or semester (depending on the type of thing... ex. food is weekly, tuition is per semester):

School Expenses (Tuition, Fees, Books)
Room and Board (including possible costs for cable, phone, utilities, etc.)
Transportation (gas, tolls, fares, insurance, upkeep, campus parking permits, etc.)
Food (eating in, eating out, and ordering food in)
Entertainment (may include club membership dues, hobbies, concert fees, park/club admissions, etc... make a rough estimate of what you might do in an average month)
Medical, Personal Care Items, Clothing

Also, add a bit of money to your budget for "cushion" -- things break, sometimes you will get unexpectedly sick, you may need computer software, want to go on a trip, get a new chair, etc. Microsoft Money, if you have it, can help you with making a budget estimate (it does the math for you).

I wish I could give you a blanket number you could use... but the expenses beyond tuition and room/board can be a significant... and very different for each person. As a freshman, I had scholarships/pre-pay that took care of tuition and partial rent... I ate badly but was healthy, and walked, rode a bike or took the shuttle to campus every day... I almost never ate out or went shopping. My expenses were extremely modest... Most of my roommates' had to get parental assistance or loans to cover living expenses... I would say that is the case for most people who go to college (especially those from middle-class families). If you have specific questions, I will try to help... For the most part, estimating expenses is a game of thinking about what you spend money on, and then projecting what you will spend in the future as your circumstances change...

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(3/21/07 1:15 am)
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New Post Re: Expenses If you do plan to transfer, most schools have lists available that can help. I ended up needing to take a lot of general ed classes over again, even. Some things that fit into one category at one school was seen differently at another. I changed my major, too, from an "art" to a "science" which made the requirements very different. If you know what you want to do, this shouldn't be a problem. It can help to go to a community college first, to get some of the general ed out of the way for a LOT cheaper, and still get some of your core classes started, too. Web sites for the schools should be able to give a good idea of expenses, or just contact admissions. Most of them understand, deal with these questions a lot, and will be very helpful. Also look into scholarships, internships (that can turn into paid positions as well as credits), and other related jobs for practical experience.
Then consider the different living situations - on campus can have great advantages, especially when you are starting out, or home if it is close enough can save money in many ways, or finding room-mates in the same field that can help with networking. There also may be rooms for rent available with a family or elderly couple...

Posts: 147
(3/22/07 3:45 pm)
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New Post Scholarships A quick note about scholarships... I applied to several schools that didn't offer me any scholarships. When I went to visit UCF, my best friend's mom made several appointments to visit the Dean of Admissions, Dean of Honors, etc. I had my academic records, SATs, etc. on hand, and by talking to them about my schooling and financial situation, I was offered some scholarships on the spot that I probably wouldn't have been offered otherwise. If you know what you want to go to school for, you may be able to visit the department as well and see if they have any "hand-outs" to help you on your way Smile Person-to-person interaction can open doors that a mailed application can't. Good luck!

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(3/27/07 6:08 am)
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New Post Re: Scholarships I'll be in Florida in August, and I was planning on visiting some colleges while I'm there. What is the best time to meet the important people? Next year is my senior year, and I'm taking the SAT June 2nd, so I should have my scores by then.

Posts: 151
(3/28/07 6:33 am)
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New Post Re: Scholarships Umm... I'm not sure what you mean by "best time"... As far as dates, classes start August 20th, which means that will be a busy week for everyone. As far as time of day, it's probably a matter of contacting people a few weeks prior and seeing if they have time to meet and answer any questions, etc. Their schedule will determine times... I think we had some downtime when we toured UCF, but we used that time to tour our top picks for places to live... Good luck on your SAT!
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