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Haunted Mansion Rehab

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 5:06 am    Post subject: Haunted Mansion Rehab Reply with quote

The Haunted Mansion will be rehabed this summer. I'm fine with that, but has anyone else heard about this Black Widow Bride? She will talk and wield an axe! :eek That does not to seem to fit in with the ride's over feel. Apparently, she has an official back-story too.

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(3/24/07 6:56 pm)
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New Post Disneyland's Mansion

***Spoiler Alert***
Have you seen the videos from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion? She doesn't weild an axe I don't think, but it is very strongly implied that she had a succession of husbands whose heads she has removed. From the video, it doesn't look as mish-mash as your would think, though she definitely stands out... It looks like they used the same tech for her face that they use for the Buzz animatronic at the Spaceranger Spin... Personally, I liked it back when you couldn't really see the bride's face at WDW -- it used to creep me out more than what they have now... I'm okay with the addition, even though I liked the more tragically romantic stories fans created for the mansion. The more they flesh out the mansion, the less one's imagination can create...

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(3/26/07 3:56 am)
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New Post Re: Disneyland's Mansion There was quite a bit added during the last major rehab at DLR. There are pictures of her with each of the husbands, with the men's heads appearing, then disappearing. Just before going "outside", she is standing there, and the flowers in her hands turn into an axe. Leota's head floats now, too.
Some of the changes down there may be the same as out here, and even more will probably be added, as new technologies keep coming along.

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(3/26/07 6:18 am)
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New Post Re: Disneyland's Mansion The floating Leota head sounds cool, but the bride is taking it a bit to far. I guess they figure little kids don't get scared as easily anymore. I couldn't go through ride with my eyes open the whole time until I was 12!:lol so I've only seen the bride once.

Phantom Manor stresses a story, and gets pretty confusing if you don't already know what's going on. Oh, and their bride isn't a murderess!!:eek

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(7/9/07 1:57 am)
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New Post leota Yes, from what I heard of the story... the bride fell out of that window on her wedding night. You'll see the window as you leave the attic and your doom-buggy turns around backwards. Once you go down the "graveyard slope" if you look to the right, you'll see the broken window where someone **may** have fallen out.

So the story goes, the groom was so upset that he hanged himself on that night. You see the hanging groom in the stretch room at the beginning of the ride when the lights go out.

Of course, that could be a little bit of revisionist storytelling, but hey... I used to work at the Haunted Mansion so I suppose it's as good a guess as any. Interesting trivia, nonetheless.


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(7/10/07 8:24 pm)
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New Post Re: leota I like the fan fiction surrounding the Haunted Mansion. I am actually sad that they are defining the story so clearly. It leaves less to my imagination after I leave the park and think about the experience later...

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(7/14/07 3:08 pm)
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New Post backstories I love all the stories written for the Haunted Mansion! has a great compilation, explaining every ghost in the mansion. They talked to cast members to put it together. They have an interview with one of the guys who was in the knight suit! It's a great site.

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(7/15/07 3:06 pm)
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New Post knight suit That guy in the knight suit scared the heck out of me when I was 10. Ironically, they told us we weren't supposed to try to scare anyone when I worked there. However, that didn't keep us from doing starring contests with the guests. They pretty much expected it.


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(7/19/07 6:58 pm)
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New Post Re: knight suit I guess people probably complained about cast members startling them.. and nearly giving them heart attacks! Although those little jumping heads startle most of us anyhow... so... it seems like that was part of the idea of the mansion?

I love how most hosts manage to keep the creepy demeanor. I have also seen some of them try to scare people anyhow. They tend to do the 'ol sneak around the red carpet in the stretching room while the lights are out, stand directly behind someone, and yell as they are turning around to go out the door. I've always seen it end in smiles... but it's probably also dangerous to the cast member if they startle the wrong person! (It's a bad day if you get clocked by a purse...)

I used to wear the Bates bathrobe and chase kids around the Hitchcock store at Universal with my screaming plastic knife... but the interaction was usually initiated by the kid when they saw me carrying the knife around the store with me... (carrying the knife and wearing the bathrobe was a good way to promote the merchandise as well as start conversations)...

I would have enjoyed working at a place like Mansion. But I am enjoying being in an office designing themed... stuff... it's really good gig... even though some days (like today) during the blue sky phase I really struggle to get some good concepts on paper with enough variety to show the director interesting options... I used to get a lot of ideas when walking or doing other things (like laundry!)... Now that I am doing the 9-to-5 every weekday, I need to find new quick ways to generate ideas while sitting quietly at my desk!

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(7/22/07 12:21 pm)
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New Post Re: knight suit Whenever you're doing things where ideas strike, write 'em down and store 'em up! I've come up with ideas, but I'm saving them until I can doing something with them. You're soooo lucky to be working on projects though! What company are you working for?
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