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ray ban aviator http://ray-ban-wayfarer2140.webnod

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 7:03 pm    Post subject: ray ban aviator http://ray-ban-wayfarer2140.webnod Reply with quote

Have you looked everywhere for a potential mate? Did you resort to a matchmaking website,[url=]ray ban aviator[/url]? Or perhaps you have switched professions, moved cross country, enrolled in graduate school; and your goal still seems elusive,[url=]burberry soldes[/url]? Maybe you need to look no further than the mirror. How so? Nope,[url=]burberry moins cher[/url], not to advocate for narcissism but increased self knowledge and self awareness should do the trick. For instance,[url=]occhiali ray ban[/url], researchers,[url=]lunettes carrera[/url],[url=]burberry pas cher[/url], Buston and Enlen (2003) have found that there is a strong correlation between our own self perception and the qualities we prefer from our potential long term mates,[url=]Occhiali Ray Ban[/url].
Successful mate selection (pairings) for the long-term result from the following:
Typically, we don't make decisions in a vacuum,[url=]burberry sacs en soldes[/url]. With mate selection,[url=]Occhiali Ray Ban outlet[/url], it is no different. For instance,[url=]sacs a main burberry pas cher[/url], women will lower their self assessment when they are exposed to profiles of other female competitors they evaluated as more physically attractive than they. Likewise,[url=]burberry femme[/url], men will lower their self assessment when exposed to profiles of males who they perceive to be more socially dominating than themselves,[url=]burberry pas cher[/url]. This decision-making theory continues after pairing also. As an example,[url=]burberry pas cher[/url], men's feelings about their current partner were negatively impacted when they were exposed to profiles of physically attractive women. Similarly,[url=]sacs a main burberry[/url], women's feelings about their current partner deteriorated when they were exposed to profiles of socially dominate men,[url=]burberry pas cher[/url].
Open market mate selection versus Self Perception decision making process for mate selection
Stereotypically,[url=]sac burberry[/url],(and several studies validate these claims) women are drawn toward men of high status, wealth and family commitment and men are attracted to women with better than average physical appearance and sexual fidelity. (Berceckei 1997; Feingold, 1992,[url=]lunette oakley[/url]; Waynforth, 1995),[url=]burberry enfant[/url]. This is called an open-ended mate selection process (to secure the highest quality mate available) regardless of one's own attributes. It presents, however, at least two negative implications worthy of noting.
First,[url=]Ray Ban Wayfarer[/url], in an open marriage decision process,[url=]oakley lunettes[/url], single individuals will wait until potential mates they have personally ranked as highest on the attractiveness (or wealthiest,[url=]Occhiali Ray Ban online[/url], status, socially dominance) scale to pair before they settle on the most attractive (or other trait assessed) partner who finally becomes available.
Second,[url=]burberry outlet[/url], for the individuals who selected not to wait (or had low self perception), they were more prone to form partnerships with potentials of a very different quality than they,[url=]occhiali da sole ray ban[/url]. Theoretically,[url=]sacs burberry pas cher[/url], these partnerships are less stable because the higher quality mate 'will be presented with many opportunities for trading up in partner quality,[url=]ray ban wayfarer[/url].' So what is a single person to do,[url=]Occhiali Ray Ban Jackie Ohh[/url]?
Buston and Emlen would say that while singles are drawn toward these standard bearers, the degree and strength of the pull can fluctuate significantly according to self perception,[url=]oakley pas cher[/url].
Accurate self knowledge and perception of self the missing link to bring your new long term mate closer to reality
Buston and Emlen support the link between self perception and selectivity of mate preference. What they have concluded is that whomever a single person chooses as a potential mate,[url=]sacs a main burberry[/url]; their selection was or will be largely determined by their perception of themselves. The accuracy with which they self assesss and then in turn locate and select a partner who is similar to their own perceptions of self, will determine, in the end, marriage quality, marital stability and possibly reproductive success.
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