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both suffering from severe

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:04 am    Post subject: both suffering from severe Reply with quote

Chen Chang Ren said,[url=]karen millen[/url], had agreed to apply for subsistence allowances Hebing Liang et al, because they really have difficulty family was sick, such as when He Bingliang has not been incorporated guaranteeing that when the village director,[url=]moncler[/url], director Li Huanrong old father is sick,[url=]karen millen dress[/url], open Clinic operators Zhongda his sickness, he cousin Nong Chan is two sick kids, how old secretary Zhuang Kun mainly on account of his decades when the village cadres, step down did not get anything for him to take care of guaranteeing be regarded as a bar. Now that their condition has improved a lot.
Brothers filed for disability guaranteeing unsuccessful
In this regard, the White Horse elderly in the relevant responsible person said, do check every year, but it is difficult to achieve eleven households verification, mainly by village cadres checks.
Villagers without guaranteeing seriously ill children
Water in the old ditch next to the village before the three low tile-roofed house,[url=]hogan[/url], the villagers Zeng Zhiqing and parents as well as brothers and sisters a five homes, home with a decent furniture at all. Zeng Zhiqing, 46 years old, but because of hunchback, he was like a 60-year-old man, his brother Zeng Zhihua also humpback, humpback plus home because of poverty, the brothers who are forty and up, has not been married to his wife on .
Guoji Lennon a no subsistence allowances, but some low household village family situation is far better than the Kuo and once home. Such as guaranteeing that families are party secretary Chen Nong Chan mayors cousin, Li Huanrong a former village director, Fu Zhong opened up their own clinics,[url=]hogan outlet[/url], He Bingliang is incumbent village head (with its three women in the name of his wife Chen apply), HE Kun was previously strong old village party branch secretary. Which Nong Chan et al subsistence allowances from 2006 to handle it.
According to the relevant regulations, the rural minimum living security NHI objects identified with nine procedures, which require publicity alone three, however, the village in the old, entirely by a village party branch secretary of the final say. If the application process, as long as serious according to the procedure to go, especially strict implementation of public programs, so that people supervision, there are so many who do not meet the conditions of enrollment do?
Brother Zeng Zhimin said that they are three brothers hump, but unlike his two brothers so camel back, so he is quite lucky to marry a wife. Because the family was poor, he and his brother opened tricycle living, but Big Brother is basically lost the ability, although in 1995, brother and brother have run disabled card, but did not get anything in life to take care of.
Party secretary argued that:
Villagers said the old way,[url=]louboutin[/url], in this case, the village party secretary and village director Chen Chang Ren He Bingliang greatest responsibility, they not only failed to perform their duties seriously, and abuse of power, guaranteeing to their relatives do, just give notice of criticism, punishment is too light difficult to achieve warning. Interests of the masses is no small matter, abuse of power for these cadres, we must severely punished, otherwise long times past, the ultimate victims are the governments credibility.
Received complaints from villagers, white Jingzhen very seriously, set up by the mayor Huang Hongguang for the head of the discipline inspection, civil affairs and other related departments working group composed of the heads of the old village has been satisfied to guarantee the 28 villagers, investigation and verification.
Although the villagers received the report, the White Horse elderly in the government to act immediately to abolish the old village 7 does not meet the conditions guaranteeing that families, and old party branch secretary of the village mayor and village committee director Chen He Bingliang for criticism, but in As can be seen, the countrys farmer-friendly policy seems to have become some of the cadres of the home policy, implementation of the policy of national regulatory Huimin long way to go. ■ reporter Lin Shuxi photo coverage
In this regard, the villagers talking about the old place, said Chen Shuji brothers family good condition, have a child graduating from college participated in the work, and like Zeng Zhiqing brothers family was not so difficult, unfair. Chen Nong home three red brick house, the decoration is pretty good, appliances readily available. Chen Nong said they were a nine individuals through the village cadres apply the minimal.
The key is ...... one by one, we just give them a report after the event, they immediately have a minimal. Chen mayor said.
Secretary brother into the list of applications
Why not give Zeng Zhiqing and Guoji Lennon apply for subsistence allowances such hardship it,[url=]hollister france[/url]? Chen Chang Ren said that because of the above indicators given limited,[url=]moncler outlet[/url].
Why do you give your brother this year, Chen Nong application, and his family than Zeng Zhiqing and Guoji Lennon also difficult for you? Reporter asked.
Danzhou Old White Horse elderly in the village two village cadres were criticized,[url=]air jordan[/url], 7 low household is disqualified,[url=]herve leger dress[/url], party secretary brother a nine guaranteeing application shall not be approved
For the villagers to reflect the situation Chen Chen mayor insisted no such thing, Chen is indeed changed for the better economic conditions before cancellation minimal qualifications.
Guaranteeing that families who had really very difficult
In mid-April this year, the town government held the White Horse elderly in the village (neighborhood) committees cadres to participate in the General Assembly,[url=]christian louboutin[/url], the village party branch secretary of the old mayor and village committee director Chen He Bingliang informed criticism. The town cadres Zhong Mouyan and Zoumou rock in a media interview does not treat the media, has also been criticized.
For the villagers of the village land requisition and other collective income accounts is unclear, due to an unknown destination and other issues, Chen village mayor said these are the things he did not know, the villagers refused to accept may apply to the Commission for Discipline Inspection departments to report reflected.
Zeng Zhiqings sister told reporters, because the parents are over seventy, brother nor competent farm, only put cattle, she had to give up the opportunity to work outside the home, go home to take care of parents and two older brothers. Couple of years ago, she heard that poor families can apply for subsistence allowances, for which she also went to see the village application, but for a few times, have not been. But earlier this year, villagers found the village party branch secretary of the mayors brother Chen Chen Nong minimal list of applications to enter her home again unsuccessful.
Provides that either the town or the village a Home Office staff cadres in helping people apply for guaranteeing work irregularities operating conditions, once the masses, were proven,[url=]nike air jordan[/url], the firm dealt with severely.
Town government sent seven villages and low household survey was disqualified
Guaranteeing the State in order to take care of poor families, the implementation of the minimum living security system, only those living in poverty, in line with the conditions of the residents to enjoy. However, in Danzhou Old White Horse elderly in the village,[url=]christian louboutin[/url], the villagers are good economic conditions guaranteeing that families, but the real difficulty of the villagers despite numerous applications, but did not get.
The village party branch secretary Chen old mayor infrequently in the village, where he has a three-storey building Dajian, children usually live with that big basic houses. May 25, in an interview with reporters,[url=]hogan[/url], Chen village mayor explained the situation concerning minimal.
The field verification, the old and three women to the village of Chan, Li Huanrong,[url=]moncler[/url], Fu Zhong Da, Chen Wei Nong Zhuang Ho Kun, Chen Huang Shan,[url=]hogan[/url], LI Xian Zhuang Total 7 31 individuals living conditions have been exceeded. The town decided to start from the second quarter of this year suspended subsistence allowances, subsistence allowances shall be reported to the City Office,[url=]hogan[/url], the withdrawal of the seven low household subsistence allowances qualifications. For Chen Nong one of guaranteeing the application not be approved.
Director of the village has become a household subsistence allowances
Clerk of the villagers questioned only by the handle criticism too light
In the old to the village, home of the most difficult and Guoji Lennon one, his 14-year-old daughter Guo two America six years ago was diagnosed with thalassemia, this paid for, this year in May, due to exacerbations, being read Guo Mei had started two stayed at home recuperating. And unfortunately, last August, 12-year-old son Guo also was diagnosed with thalassemia. Two children, both suffering from severe, this already impoverished families overwhelmed the family house are dangerous, but has no money to repair.
In addition, the town issued White Horse elderly in the work of supervision and management regulations on subsistence, asked the village (community) committees in the audit process must be ten must and 10 are not allowed: 1, must be strictly enforced guaranteeing qualification criteria, not allowed to freely relax the conditions to engage in relationship security, human security 2, must be strictly enforced low-level acceptance statutory time allowed grassroots community (village) committee on qualifying poor (village) China for any reason and an excuse to refuse to register, signed, sealed and even delay the application materials submitted to guaranteeing deadline; 3, must be strictly enforced collective examination and approval system of subsistence allowances, allowed an individual signature (stamp) instead of a collective review and approval ; 4, guaranteeing approval procedures must insist on open, just and fair, the implementation of the sun operation, not permitted to apply for subsistence allowances to engage in secret operations 5, you must insist on guaranteeing declaration called the real truth, not allowed to fabricate false materials taking minimal qualifications; 6, Against regulations must be strictly observed and free for poor villages (neighborhood) people handle matters guaranteeing quality service, are not allowed for any reason Leca and accepting funds and materials and all kinds of securities; 7 must be promptly appropriated and used to finance higher levels and the low level matching funds are not allowed to remain, balances and even interception, misappropriation of guaranteeing funds; 8, must be according to the standard payment of subsistence allowances, Five gold and various relief subsidies, not allowed to freely cut, reducing subsistence allowances, five guarantees payment standard or arbitrary deductions month; 9, must be strictly in accordance with the village (community) Registration Authority accepted, the town a review report, the Civil Administration review approval from the bottom to the statutory procedures handle low qualifications, are not allowed to reverse the legal procedures guaranteeing qualification; 10, must be strictly observed increase in the number of urban and rural low Danzhou change approval requirements of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, are not allowed without prior approval to increase the number of higher level.
Danzhou Old White Horse elderly in the village old village committee 28 low households, there are former party secretary, former and current director of the village, as well as the clinic of the villagers and relatives of incumbent party secretary. The old village of the most difficult to disability brothers, two children are suffering from thalassemia Guoji Lennon repeatedly apply for subsistence allowances and other villagers did not get!
May 24, the reporter saw at Guoji Lennon, whose house there are many cracks in the walls, roofs old dilapidated. In the next three just built a small tile-roofed house, pinned a sign on the wall renovation of dilapidated buildings in rural households. Guoji Lennons wife said it was last year,[url=]herve leger dress[/url], the government gave 10,000 dollars to build, she has a talent new house to live,[url=]air jordan[/url], but not live in the new house, 90-year-old father had to continue to live in dilapidated houses.
The village was low households, Chen told reporters,[url=]hogan outlet[/url], before pick up the money each quarter, the village party secretary Chen mayor called him to give 100 yuan to buy lottery tickets, gave reluctant to give him a few times, so check in at Chan mayor, said his better living conditions, guaranteeing his eligibility canceled.

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