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PostPosted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 3:23 pm    Post subject: 民办学校大 Reply with quote

In 2005, the Ministry of Education issued a normal college student management regulations, provides seven kinds of situations conform expulsion sanctions:
Many also believe that the legal profession, in addition to student behavior school break, first denied the right to education of students. Binhai College expulsion decision is beyond the scope of the Ministry of Education rules and regulations,[url=]christian louboutin[/url], are allowed to establish the rights of such ultra vires acts outside the law, in the administration of the complaint shall be invalid behavior. While in school brochures expressly provided, but this convention because beyond ministries unilateral regulations should also be invalid.
Ocean University of China experts believe that the old ordinary college student management regulations prohibit college students get married, and now the new Marriage Law, although liberalized restrictions married college students, but college students love nothing about the problem, This is also for the university to ban Students love to leave enough space.
Newspaper reporter Zhang Qingshen
2007, for the media questioned, Qingdao Binhai College teacher has said that strict school is the schools consistent practice, every year expulsion happened. The school clearly written into the relevant provisions of brochures, either expelled or demerit is strictly in accordance with the provisions of the school is so strict management, because the part of the students behavior is indeed too much, it will affect more Students, if you punish a student can exchange the normal order of the school, then the school must do this.
According to Chens father said his son three years ago to enter Qingdao Binhai University study, started going to school in school, later as squad leader, student government implicated in learning, self-esteem starts up. Later, due to all causes absenteeism.
Qingdao Binhai College students and a school break because in addition to being in love!
Coincidentally,[url=]moncler[/url], the domestic private colleges to ban Students intimacy occurs. May 2004 8 oclock in the evening of 9, a university student in Chengdu Liu Liwei (a pseudonym) and his girlfriend Loreena (a pseudonym) in the classroom because of kissing, hugging, the school staff found the control room and use monitoring equipment recorded down. 20, 2011,[url=]hogan[/url], the school with university student disciplinary action provides that the provisions of the incident of unlawful sexual intercourse were given expulsion impose penalties, two men were ordered to leave.
We are not allowed to fall in love, but in public places appear immoral behavior, we have to deterrent. Qingdao Binhai University Office Su told reporters, Gongbantaixue reason why college students more liberal on lies Gongbantaixue students admission is high, high personal qualities,[url=]hogan[/url], and our private students, admission admission is very low,[url=]hogan outlet[/url], the quality of students deviation, if not forced them to implement the militarization of management,[url=]abercrombie[/url], and that the school does not already messed up.
It is learned that Qingdao, Qingdao Binhai College is the only one undergraduate colleges and universities, the militarization of the school management is well known, especially for students exchanges between boys and girls are especially strict definition, many of the students have joked: The school is known as Qingdao Second Prison , love can be, but to be a secret, do not kiss in public,[url=]nike air jordan[/url], handle, a bowl and take their food, otherwise, the consequences are not warning is dismissed.
De Heng Law Group, Wang Chunyu lawyers that conflict with state law is invalid mandatory regulations, but ordinary college student management regulations are not mandatory, it does not involve the issue of conflict with the law. Ordinary college student management regulations very general, specific implementation details need to develop their own individual schools, students now handled with the school admission procedures, it signed a contract with the school as if, of course, the student violates school discipline school rules should be punished by the school .
It is understood that it is not unusual in the Binhai College, back in 2007, it investigated 11 cases of school boys and girls exchanges uncivilized behavior, because these students were in the playground cuddle, cuddle in front of apartment in the long Gallery snuggle with each other, in the administrative front sit very close, boys and girls sitting in the legs and other body contact problem to be punished, the college this also made the seven people expelled eight people probation and six demerit punishment decision. The school said the teacher, students are punished in the previous school year, male and female students in communicative behavior too.
However, more people to be accused of Binhai College practice.
7, repeated violations of school regulations subject to disciplinary action, after education reform.
Reporter survey found that although national laws and regulations have been liberalized for college students marriage restrictions, but especially for college students would be able to fall in love private colleges did not mention the issue, but no rules at all, which led to a lot of colleges and universities, especially private Universities frequently Breaking Love, and the law is difficult to shout stop.
Students Legal expulsion love is hard to say no.
This kind of thing in Qingdao Binhai College is not the first time, in 2007, the college students of both sexes because of the excessive intimacy,[url=]karen millen dress[/url], has made seven people expelled eight people probation and six demerit decision.
In this regard, Chen filed an administrative reconsideration helpless father, and later filed a lawsuit.
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But there are also the legal profession that acts just Binhai College excesses,[url=]hogan[/url], and does not conflict with existing laws and regulations.
A violation of the Constitution, against the four cardinal principles, undermine stability and unity, disturbs social order;
The parents believe that students can certainly fall in love, you can get married,[url=]herve leger[/url], but since going to colleges and universities graduate,[url=]hogan scarpe[/url], the first thing you should be the first priority in order to learn the face of enormous pressure on employment today, should just concentrate discharge where, as students who should know the pros and cons, if you simply want to fall in love,[url=]hogan outlet[/url], simply want to embrace modern love, some places do not tarnish the campus piece of pure land. several enthusiastic cuddle like that students who are, or keep them away from the campus is good!
And others Gongbantaixue students ratio, based on some of the students of private schools is poor, weak economic foundation. Want Gongbantaixue students after graduation to grab food to eat, you have to pay from now than they were more hard work and effort. One private college students Parents very supportive of the schools approach.
The new marriage law college students can get married, then normal before the marriage must fall in love, to fall in love they should have intimacy, we can not over love, intimacy stage directly get married, a lot of people on this question.
4, by others instead of exams, for others to take the exam, organized cheating, the use of communications equipment and other cheating cheating seriously;
5, plagiarizing research, serious;
Qingdao University, a professor of sociology that premarital sex and other related nature phenomenon exactly to what extent, which in turn would university teaching order and campus atmosphere which caused adverse effects,[url=]karen millen[/url], so far no one can The statistics give a clear and defined. In traditional Chinese culture, one of the important features of culture, is extremely clear and strong sense of shame and guilt. It is also in this context that many teachers will be students of the intimacy conduct is defined as uncivilized, it becomes a matter of course.
As the largest private universities in Qingdao,[url=]hollister[/url], one after another expelled students fall in love, not just locally, but also in the national news. For a time, especially in private colleges college students during the school could fall in love what the master scale, love should dismiss issues such as social, media, network important topic of debate.
As a netizen said, recently, Chen because students were expelled from Binhai College where his father a paper petition the school to court.
Private Colleges Why so stingy love
3, violation of public security management regulations punished, harsh nature;
Afternoon of September 11 last year, the school department officers call away in Henan Chen parent, said the school has been officially dismissed Chens enrollment, because Chen exchanges girl is uncivilized behavior.
6, in violation of school rules, seriously affecting school teaching order, order of life and management of places of public order, against other individuals,[url=]doudoune moncler[/url], organizations legitimate rights and interests, causing serious consequences;
2, violated state law, constitutes a criminal offense;
But, progressive ideas and safety education must be based on facts and reason, based on the reckless behavior of clarifying the direct harm and potential adverse effects, so that in a healthy and joyful at the same time to enjoy the beautiful love can rational, scientifically avoid its negative effects, while the kind of expulsion,[url=]abercrombie et fitch[/url], probation, demerit way so burdened with guilt stigma practice, it is not only difficult to play a positive role, but also with the era of human development trend does not match. the same as the private colleges Whampoa Qingdao Vocational and Technical College dean tube Hongbin said.

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