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it will not be considered.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:54 am    Post subject: it will not be considered. Reply with quote

Cao Ju feel very frustrated. Freshman at the beginning, she underprivileged part-time outside the school: the schools work-study jobs, unskilled laborer bakery, supermarket Purchasing Guide ...... entire college three years of living, thanks to her own earned, not to home to a penny, tuition is relying on student credit student loans. Despite being extremely busy variety of part-time, Cao Ju in learning have never relaxed. 50 people in the class, her grades are always among the top 10.
Marked above men, we only recruit men.
During the same period, Cheng Chor then 500 companies to China sent a letter to the CEO, called on companies to publish equality and employment policy, and to address concerns of women when recruiting university graduates unjust requirements and limitations.
We want to support Cao Ju own actions, and arouse the concern for equal employment. Lee Orange said.
Recently, she login again Zhaopin website, found the giant Education Group newly released recruitment information, administrative assistant post has no male only requirements.
Cao Ju Difficult job only exposed the tip of the iceberg sexism, this long-standing problem. In 2003 the Ministry of Labour and Social Security had 62 sentinel urban labor markets in supply and demand conditions were investigated, the results showed that 67% of employers raised gender restrictions.
China Womens Federation Ministry of Women Development, equity and other agencies in the investigation on the basis of the formation of the Blue Book 2009 ~ 2010: Chinese women living condition report shows that the average female students interviewed cast nine copies of your resume it may get a chance to interview or written test 56.7% of the interviewed female students in the job search process was fewer opportunities for girls 91.9% of the respondents feel that the employer female students there is gender bias; four percent of the respondents believe that female students girls than boys difficult to find a job, female students Employment became unavoidable social problems.
I did not see the men only, that all aspects of their ability to hang right. If you see a men only, I will not cast a resume. Cao Ju said.
According to event promoter Lee orange introduction, 10 girls, from Guangxi, Guangdong, Henan and other places, because Cao Ju prosecution Giants gathered Beijing Education Group sex discrimination, these girls youngest 19 years old, maximum 27 years old, many of them in the middle of their relatives or friends who have encountered gender discrimination.
Waiting for reply Giants Education Group process, CAO Ju log in again Zhaopin website. Suddenly, she found recruitment requirements with the words male only this one.
To protest employment discrimination against women in March this year, Beijing Yi Ren Ping Center Human Resources and Social Department and other departments to send recommendation letters,[url=]doudoune moncler[/url], calls on the civil service exam to cancel or modify the physical examination is not directly related with the performance of their duties gynecological examination items.
Only you ability a little better, to this society you can have a market, especially in Beijing so much pressure. Ago I feel so hard to get a good result.
Cao Jus father been in poor health, the mother became ill because of overwork out. In order to prop up the family, my brother dropped out of school at age 16 to work. It was particularly low wages, my brother used to earn six dollars a day for my junior high school, high school and now my brother soon 25 years old, and in our rural areas, male 25 years old are not easy to find an object. Cao Ju said he wanted to quickly find a job after graduation to help his brother.
To confirm the male only whether the mandatory requirement, June 25, Cao Ju Giants Education Group dialed telephone consultation, she wanted to fight for a job interview. Inform the other party, if the position above marked man, we only recruit men, even candidates who meet all the conditions, it will not be considered.
Female students suffered serious gender discrimination in employment issues
Reporters in the search bar Zhaopin website posts on Beijing area enter male and other words, the search results show that there are more than 11,000 jobs have made a recruitment male requirements. In a similar search for other job sites, job says male only but also tens of thousands.
Even filing, and it is also difficult to fight the lawsuit, the Army said: In the anti-discrimination litigation among our nations law also flawed in some other countries, the employing unit to produce proof that he did not discriminate against workers; But in China, the worker should the onus of proof of employer discrimination does exist.
Beijing Yi Ren Ping Center executive director of the Army, said: In the field of anti-discrimination, anti-discrimination public awareness is very low and only increased public awareness, and will have more anti-discrimination advisory and prosecution. He cited the road, this year in February There are mens room occupied by female students planned activities. In March, two of the country there are some NPC deputies and CPPCC members put forward relevant proposals, as there are already several provinces expressly to raise the proportion of the ladies room.
However, the prosecution did not imagine so much easier. Cao Ju one to know is how the judicial process; secondly afraid of exposure, fear of employer views on their own produce; There is concern not afford a lawyer.
Currently, Cao Ju temporarily living in a student home and found a copy internship job. Haidian District Court has not yet filed against her prosecution whether to reply.
July 11, in collecting evidence, Cao Ju Education Group, complained to the Giants, Haidian District, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, but also to the Haidian District Peoples Court,[url=]herve leger[/url], filed a lawsuit requesting the court sentenced the defendant to the plaintiff apology, and compensation for moral damages solatium of $ 50,000.
Have legal protection, Cao Jumeng made to the court of the idea.
In their side, as well as together with them to the people held up with Giant Dwarf Jieneng Jian Feng Gong, Male Female Yields can scroll reads as equal employment couplet.
June 20, the girl was born in 1991 from Beijing, a college graduate with a college diploma. And most of the graduates are different, she does not indulge in too much sentimentality in school, but we hope to leave the school, find a job, because it can help to loved ones back home in Shanxi.
Center staff clearly told Cao Ju,[url=]hogan[/url], the employer refused to record their reasons for sex acts in a sex discrimination in violation of the Employment Promotion Law, Womens Rights and Interests Protection Law and other relevant laws and regulations.
In fact, after resume, Cao Ju has been in understanding the relevant information Giants Education Group and look forward to the other party to inform the interview call their own, they can behave a bit better. But she was disappointed. I am a woman, it is born. Was woman, not my fault. Cao Ju improve voice.
If the limits indicated above men, we only recruit men. In the past month, not tall,[url=]hogan[/url], long with a round face and laughed two then bent into a beautiful crescent-shaped Cao Ju been angry for this sentence . June, Cao Ju Education Group to the Giants, administrative assistant a post posted a resume, was the other to the male only refuse to hire job requirements.
However, not every encounter discrimination in employment who will stand up. China University of Political Science Institute of the Constitutional survey shows that in the event of employment discrimination,[url=]hogan[/url], the 67.03% of the students choice but to accept the respondents, 12.59% of the respondents were college students simply do not know what to do.
RULE told the China Youth Daily reporter, these data adequately reflect the students employment in the universality of sex discrimination.
But he believes that interest is by fighting to get. He believes that students face gender discrimination in employment,[url=]hogan[/url], should also be encouraged through the public interest litigation approach to resolve.
Liu Xiaonan said that in China, the dominant employment discrimination is relatively common, and these sound national law is not the case, as in the United States, if they can not justify the need for the post, according to the occupational classification is a typical sex sex discrimination, there is no doubt that this will lead to litigation, legal penalties for employers is also very serious.
For Cao Ju prosecution to performance art to be supported Cheng Chor however said that this is progress on the legal level,[url=]louboutin[/url], is to open the womens cross-age discrimination in employment advancement, she eagerly look forward to some progress in the case.
They solidarity Cao Ju, in the previous July 11, the Giants Education Group complained to the Haidian District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, while the Equal employment rights have been infringed, the grounds to the Haidian District Court proceedings on the grounds This position is indicated on the unit only recruit male.
For concerns, Cao Ju also specifically looking for a university with a good relationship with her teachers to discuss whether or not to prosecute. The teacher told her that since there are laws to protect you, lawsuits do not need to spend any money to sue Well, at least let the Giants Education Group apology.
Accepted the case of public interest lawyers in Beijing Ruifeng Law Firm Miss Huang Yizhi. She told the China Youth Daily reporter: I think this case there is public,[url=]karen millen[/url], it makes sense, so I am willing to help her.
Liu Xiaonan said, Employment Promotion Law Article 62 provides that the implementation of employment discrimination, the employee filed a lawsuit to the peoples court, but, although there are legal provisions, but the court may not be placed on file. There are many reasons, such cause of action there would be no discrimination in employment this one, the court often requires follow to prosecute violations of the right of personality.
Giant education is really very strange, excellent Cao Ju can only say goodbye What kind of conditions that you expect, why only men can get favor .......
(On request Cao Ju, Li orange as a pseudonym)
Today, in the Haidian South Road on the 30th hospital, Giants education front, the girls had just graduated from Sun Yat-sen and then with the other nine Cheng Chor girl sang adapted the most unusual national wind , while dancing to protest against the Giants performance art education group for reasons of gender refused to open some jobs for girls.
April, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Xian and other cities jointly designed dozens of female college students a lecture entitled Crossing barriers to female job performance art. Wuhan Optical Valley pedestrian street, six girls lying down on the ground, like a pyramid, like a pressing one, next to a filled job requirements of the door: Disables love, is not high enough, beautiful enough.
She said that in some Western countries,[url=]louboutin[/url], job advertisements published in the male readers or if female readers dominated the publications, such as football magazine, fashion magazine, etc., even if no conditions are set forth in the recruitment of gender requirements, and is also likely to face litigation court of gender discrimination.
RULE where China University of Political Science Institute of constitutionalism had released in August 2010 Current Students Employment Discrimination Survey Report report shows that 68.98% of the applicants employer of college students with clear gender requirements. This percentage exceeds the non-disabled, residence area, height and appearance, political affiliation, non-pathogenic to carry, etc., among college graduates types of discrimination faced by the first one. Survey also showed that 43.27 percent of the students met the employer explicitly requested is male.
Hope that more women to stand up
Beijing, July 24 electricity
June 29, Shenzhen City, introduced gender equality Guoneishoubu local regulations - Shenzhen Special Economic Zone to promote gender equality regulations. The Ordinance on the anti-sex discrimination, sexual harassment,[url=]doudoune moncler[/url], domestic violence, gender statistics system, gender and other aspects of the budget system a series of groundbreaking, innovative provisions.
Cao Jus attorney, Miss Huang Yizhi you want more women to stand out,[url=]hogan scarpe[/url], If only Cao Ju one of us, some people may say that companies also have their own interests Yeah,[url=]moncler outlet[/url], you do business well developed and they will accuse Cao Ju , that she was a thing made out of fact, many women will encounter this problem.
CAO Ju on prosecution, the reporter contacted the Giants Education Group Human Resources. HR staff told reporters that the companys many departments to recruit people for which specific sectors this post to recruit people, who is responsible for this,[url=]herve leger[/url], who knows what it knew nothing.
Consider themselves suffered discrimination in employment, access to the courts
The encounter, let Cao Ju talent on social criteria to wonder. I do not know the measure of ability to adapt to a societys ability to work or what is the standard. University, I wanted to feel what line on the standard by which line efforts, such as typing,[url=]moncler[/url], I do not understand not boot , but not the typing not, but how can gender as a criterion it?
China University of Political Science constitutional head of the Institute Professor Liu Xiaonan said that this may be the Employment Promotion Law in 2008 after the commencement of college students seeking jobs in the first case of national gender discrimination in employment.
Education Group at times with the Giants in the case of fruitless negotiations, Cao Ju thought to participate in a summer camp sophomore. The camp by the public institutions Beijing Yi Ren Ping Center held, mainly teaches anti-discrimination legal rights. Try holding the attitude, Cao Ju contacted the center.
Finally,[url=]moncler[/url], help Cao Ju Yi Ren Ping Center hired a pro bono lawyers, replacing her attorneys fees, and, by the delivery of pro bono lawyers to serve her material, running the court, to communicate with the outside world.


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