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Eddie teaching a class

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2007 4:46 pm    Post subject: Eddie teaching a class Reply with quote

retired [guest] from Imagination Portal
Eddie teaching a class Posted 8-28-2003 01:21

I was recently approached by a new and prominent architecture
school in the west los angeles area to consider teaching a class on
environmental experience design and entertainment architecture.
I would probably throw in media sculpting as well.

Does this sound interesting to any of you out there? I think the
semester is about 3k. I'm not signed up to do it, but wanted to
bounce it off of the old group or whomever still looks at this
board. If there is something that was not covered in the topic that
you would like to nkow about or would be of value, let me know.

Thanks for your attention, and i will let you know what happens.

Loric from Imagination Portal
hi Posted 8-28-2003 05:39

We still look, we jsut dont post much anymore.

If i was properly located and had the money, I think i'd go.

I just happen to be on the wrong coast and poor.

Wow, this sorta bums me out. Reminds me i haven't written anything in a year, pretty much given up the dream to design much of anything, and settled into a mediocre life and job i'm really not happy with. Bleck.

A few additions to the class.. perhaps..

Enviromental ambiance, reconsiliation of sound/light with physical presence in design.

Reality versus designed envioments, dealing with flocks of seagulls, protecting the masses from thunderstorms, using durable materials, designing emergency exits and accessability into structures.

Contingency planning. Assuring a quality show when things go wrong.. The progression from Energy's full blown e-stop and evac with a hour long "Re-start" process that infuriates guests and shutters the ride for extended periods to Body Wars effective "Mission Control" shutdown/malfunction speils, independant vehicle functions, and such that maintain the show even in the event of a problem.


ewc from Imagination Portal
The dog ate my homework, I swear! Posted 8-28-2003 08:11


Professor Sotto; has a certain ring to it.

The class content sounds interesting. I would sign up for it if I were in the LA area assuming I had the prereqs. One concern I would have would be that the class might be too broad, only giving a big picture overview of the topics listed above and not getting into the nitty gritty.

As far as content I second Rob's suggestion of reality vs. design and user friendly design for both guest, operators. How guest will use it and abuse it to how to make it easy for the operators to trouble shoot and repair any malfunctions.

About that class structure, personally I would find the class a lot more beneficial if it was project oriented (either a personal project or a small group project but not a project that you walk the entire class through as part of the lectures).

When I was in college, one of my best classes I took forced us to present (slide show presentation) our homework assignment results.

If there are projects for your class it might be cool if the students have to "pitch" their designs to the class followed by a questions and answers and a critique from the class and you. Far too often, people graduate from college not knowing how to give presentations or sell their approach/ideas.

Just as design, the most interesting and fun classes are interactive ones!


retired [guest] from Imagination Portal
thanks Posted 9-4-2003 01:38

wow..thanks for your input.. i still havent decided what to do yet,
but like the suggestions you gave me. Just because the boards
arent humming, doesn't mean you should stop writing.


Alex from Imagination Portal
sounds so good Posted 9-4-2003 02:55

hey eddie, i would love to take that class!! it's like what i'v really been looking for all the time.
do any other universities already have classes like this or would it be a first of a kind?

Greetings from Boston,

aaron from Imagination Portal
whys? Posted 9-15-2003 21:37

if this were still my main point of interest
i would love to hear some of the philosophies
behind themed design

some of the deeper discussions we've touched
on on this board such as

why we do what we do
why people need what we do

that may be more of a philosophy course but
i think it would be interesting for future
architects to not only focus on the beauty
of a building but on the effect their buildings
or environments have on their guest.

ghostriderwes from Imagination Portal
Cool! Posted 10-4-2003 04:26

Hey Eddie,
I'd be interested in taking the class. I'm in the right location and
all. Keep us informed!
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