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30 consultations

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 29, 2013 9:31 am    Post subject: 30 consultations Reply with quote

In this regard, the Shenzhen Development party representatives said its employees and retirees in the dissolution of the labor contract agreement has been agreed on, B (employees) in the signing of this agreement and the receipt of such payments, the parties terminate the labor contract has generated controversy comprehensive settlement Party promise not to raise Shenzhen Development Bank to any other requests.
Yesterday afternoon, the Shenzhen IESS Shenzhen Development organized representatives of employees and retirees is not the case for full social insurance mediation. Meeting is scheduled for 2:30 consultations,[url=]karen millen[/url], but IESS responsible person that came to the retired employees too, both sides had their differences until 16:00 or so, IESS Shenzhen Development Bank was organized and retired employees who were meeting each of 5 negotiation.
Text / reporter Wang Carolina
Ms Wong told reporters,[url=]herve leger dress[/url], who, after their retirement, and the retired employees compared to other units,[url=]hollister france[/url], pension pathetic, go deeper, only to find that they are in office, is not SDB social insurance for their full due. The very fact that one of them, with her personal example,[url=]karen millen dress[/url], she entered in 1992, Shenzhen Development work, retired in December 2006, in the deep development for nearly 15 years. As of 2006, her personal pension account has 52,[url=]moncler[/url],332.51 yuan, 8977.42 yuan medical accounts there, the very fact that she did not how used medical accounts. If the normal buy social security,[url=]abercrombie et fitch[/url], my personal pension accounts should have 168,372.01 yuan, a difference of 110,[url=]hogan[/url],000 yuan!
I discovered retirement pension problems
Solicitor for staff retirement party Jin Yan revealed that the consultations that they are trying to figure out one major problem is to require less IESS confirm whether SDB paid pension insurance, if it is underpaid, the Shenzhen Development whether to repay this part costs.
Employees complain that the law should be Shenzhen IESS annual or annual inspection routine inspections to detect SDB is not legally obligated to pay pension premiums, however,[url=]moncler[/url], has long IESS negligence, resulting in the development of deep violations continue to occur,[url=]abercrombie et fitch[/url], the plaintiff and other staff complaints circumstances,[url=]air jordan[/url], still refusing to perform their duties seriously damaged the plaintiffs legal rights, the request shall be ordered Shenzhen IESS perform their duties according to law, on the continuing violations of SDB investigation, for the plaintiff pay the evasion, pay less pension premiums.
Sued the IESS administrative omission
Tripartite consultation
Ms. Wong is a veteran of Shenzhen Development Bank,[url=]hogan[/url], after leaving her to pay old-age insurance IESS surprised to find themselves working two decades, the unit is not in full accordance with relevant state regulations to pay for their own pension and medical insurance,[url=]abercrombie[/url], according to the A rough calculation,[url=]moncler outlet[/url], the difference reached more than ten million. The IESS reply yes, complaints aging has been more than two years, according to the law no longer IESS investigation.
Shenzhen Development Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SDB) and the very fact that a retired employee of Ms. Wong told reporters reflect, SDB No 70 retired employees for their full social insurance, causing them to receive a pension after retirement has shrunk dramatically, hardship . Since labor arbitration and the courts do not accept this kind of cases not paid social security,[url=]hogan outlet[/url], so they can not directly sue SDB.
Plaintiff requested the court to sentence revoked Shenzhen IESS made on the right SDBs handling staff complaints decision, according to the judgment Shenzhen IESS re-make specific administrative act; decree Shenzhen IESS fully investigated SDB pension premiums are not paid in full , medical insurance, housing fund and corporate pension violations, ordered by Shenzhen IESS Shenzhen Development to 70 employees pay evasion, underpaid endowment insurance,[url=]abercrombie[/url], medical claims costs, housing fund.
Finally, SDB and retired staff representative did not reach a consensus, leaving everything on the court to debate again.
Shenzhen Development 70 employees refused to accept the decision made by the city IESS, the Shenzhen Municipal Peoples Government to apply for administrative reconsideration, the Shenzhen Municipal Peoples Government made the decision to maintain the city IESS reconsideration decision.
At present, the case has made new progress. Since labor arbitration and the courts do not accept this kind not paid social security cases, these employees can not sue directly deep development, so they eventually decided to Shenzhen IESS court, the case recently in the Futian court filing. Yesterday afternoon, the IESS Shenzhen Development Organization and retired staff representatives on the outstanding social insurance for a full case for mediation, the tripartite consultations in the IESS, but negotiations did not achieve real progress.
In desperation, SDB 70 employees will sue IESS Shenzhen Futian District Court.
Since labor arbitration and the courts do not accept this kind of cases not paid social security, so they can not directly sue the employer Shenzhen Development, but only directly to the IESS complaints. The decision made by IESS is: Complaints aging has been more than two years, according to Labor Security Supervision Regulations on page 20 and Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Employee Pension Insurance Regulations,[url=]abercrombie et fitch[/url], Article 50,[url=]abercrombie et fitch[/url], according to the law no longer IESS investigation.

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