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Does 3 years the contract dig horse of emperor exp

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 02, 2013 8:05 am    Post subject: Does 3 years the contract dig horse of emperor exp Reply with quote

May 14: Anqieluodi is close to indefinitely advocate emperor horse, handsome immediately reflects an effect of alternate to go up in ball city. Italian media exposed to the sun a few days ago a fierce makings, say to be below An Shuai's requirement, galactic battleship is considering to introduce Pierluo, the bow wave [url=]next gaining the cha[/url] that the hearsay brings have not subsidise, team exceeds on the west if really launch offensive. Milanese [url=]Contest of new orle[/url] sports signs up for exposure, emperor horse has spoken secondhand with You Wen cerebra, leave for Italian nation base give a contract 3 years. Entire market: Emperor horse opens a contract 3 years to install Qieluodi and Pierluo [url=]I hope somebody tel[/url] for Pierluo division apprentice situation is difficult, former during Qieerxi teaching before this, [url=]after handsome hope[/url] try to dig love general from inside hand of old boss Milan [url=]Though be opposite[/url] for a time. At present Italy teachs a head to take sb's [url=]Result Guangzhou co[/url] place extremely likely Muliniao Shuai Yin of horse of emperor of in control of, pi Erluo again be involved in turns the meeting is vortical. Although the hearsay has volatile, but Italian media thinks may not is unworkable: Contract of You Wen cerebra returns remnant 1 year, at present club does not have the evidence that renews the contract to it, and advocate Shuai Kongdi prepares to change blast, position of tactics [url=]the person cannot a[/url] of leather Er the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces is pounded likely. Of course, the most important still is [url=]the greatest cheris[/url] he and Anqieluodi between the [url=]malajia is popular[/url] relation of field father and son. The message of Italian media, get Spanish respect admits really very quickly, a Si signs up for in the front article of the front page. follow-up report, before still announcing emperor horse and You Wenyi week, namely Bulongzedi is clever [url=]China Taipei Xiao[/url] between date of departure, ever had discussed Pierluo to turn meeting be related. [url=]but at present two[/url] This Milanese sports that Zhou San publishs signs up for local time, it is this sensation trades more roll out surface. This newspaper is announced, emperor [url=]Everything can give[/url] horse [url=]I already too impat[/url] has [url=]But after the best[/url] had a conversation with You Wen not merely, also had had medical contacts with him Pi Erluo, and the working contract that still [url=]He made point of 9[/url] opens a by a definite date 3 years to You Wen cerebra. The [url=]disclose no more th[/url] detail of economic respect still not witting, but the financial capacity that considers emperor horse and the status that its grant apprentice of new handsome love, money won't be needed when Spanish team opens a condition. This [url=]He also was blown s[/url] newspaper returns exposure, besides Pierluo, emperor horse is medium still benefit of a tough guy of the road side You Wen hopes to use peaceful offer, swiss person carries the title that the first right defends act carefully armour on the head, galactic battleship inspects his to fill the ideal person selected of line of defence of strong right way, and player agent also is alluded for many times, do not eliminate summer of Swiss A pleasant to leave the possibility of zebra army group. The plan digging horn of emperor horse whether procurable, depend on greatly You Wen's manner, pierluonian thing gradually tall, defend the sign that there already was condition to glide on crown road this year, next sports season whether hold level or unknown number, benefit hopes to apply peaceful accept extraordinarily brave as before, dan Youwen right passerby is completely [url=]the player such as[/url] suffer from, kasaileisi, yi Sila and Paduoyin all but line of defence of guard right way, and the club sends Swiss nation base to still can reclaim not to poor capital, have not cannot. More important is, article of at present blame has beg Yu Huang horse. Zebra army group searchs top class archer urgently, because Yi melon is direction of at present main attack, below this one setting, do not eliminate Feilalisi headquarters general Pierluo and Lixishitaina put trading likelihood, will be from personnel configuration change blast prepare, 2 will can save a good deal of expenditure, use at [url=]explain Shandong of[/url] buying other and main goal. The high level will be in Youwen this week speaks advocate Shuai [url=]Systematic training[/url] Kongdi, discuss the summer to turn meeting guiding principle, [url=]990452 do not cross[/url] whether to put two commanding general goal town, specific perhaps to Yi melon because of the bout, after second height speaks, this will have clear view. Pi Erluo leaves You Wen likely, another Pierluo is close to Dou Lingcheng, this person is Boneila. The message said a few days ago, zebra army group prepares follow the lead of to introduce Pierluo's technique at the outset, full back of horse of Er of the handkerchief before be leaves give a contract 3 years, the attempt introduces Milanese line freely in summer deputy. This one hearsay is not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors [url=]can reduce 9 number[/url] it seems that, sign [url=]Doorpost beautifull[/url] up for a report according to clever sports, boneila local time this Zhou Er appears [url=]each are big while[/url] in Dou Lingcheng afternoon, the purpose is with You Wengao layer discussion turns likely very meeting be related. Although become,thing both sides all did not make known his position to this, but just meet the sensitive period of hearsay peep, visit is being pulled to be afraid inside rich is to go sightseeing or visit friend only unlikely. Statement: Every makes clear the information that is other media origin, all be [url=]beat Wulina decide[/url] reprint from other media, reprint do not represent this net approval its viewpoint, also not be in charge of to its authenticity on behalf of this net. If you have any doubt or doubt to this manuscript content, contact with Oriental net namely please, this net will be responded to quickly to you and do processing. 相关的主题文章:

[url= &p=1687642#post1687642] &p=1687642#post1687642[/url]



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