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PostPosted: Fri Aug 02, 2013 10:31 am    Post subject: 洪荒意传_704 Reply with quote

Chen Listen, are satisfied in the heart, and looked around seemed very bleak, but not far from a mountain, though not great, but still Yishanbangshui,[url=]doudoune moncler[/url], good environment, natural is the best choice. Chen then say: Well, did you confess,[url=]moncler outlet[/url], so much the better, and now on the penalty and adults to pick it. Yirous heart would break up, but still only unsteadily follow up, What seems to be on the same cruel punishments, so terrible so dreaded.
Airou is to listen very clearly,[url=]hogan[/url], but the mind is not the same as adults libel Tao, or not because of their powerful, and less than intentions only, which, like ours xiǎo character, but also always pay attention to their own safety. But Airou still saying: Yes, adults, the dough know, certainly not in Huth luàn think, will pay attention to safety, please rest assured adults. Chen seems to have long thought of as satisfactory nodded, but looked back and said: Oh, you can not libel adults.
This night is Airou of catastrophe, Chens refreshing day Yeah, it is clear that the two are in sharp contrast with, but in the end, they are extremely happy, Airou more needless to say, direct down in Chen Ronghuai out in no effort, although the source of that yù look inside her,[url=]abercrombie et fitch[/url], but she had no strength to go deal with this intolerable itching physiological yù looked.
Tie him the meaning of Chapter 63
In fact, the performance of such a Airou just like it, but it seems to fit the mentality of Chen, adults particularly like this look, Airou heart but often slander, but Chen obviously not read minds is not used to comply with this spell Once Chen want and they will play, look Airou is not slander him, so,[url=]doudoune moncler[/url], naturally would make a good punishment, but let Yirou pains and hate it, but no way, finally can only make do adapt to, this is simply a metamorphosis.
This could be the scene of Chen did not know it,[url=]louboutin[/url], but the fact has been reached, what kind of result is not important, this is the battlefield changes, this is the variable appears. Among Chen after they came away from the battlefield, on the front Airou said: This is the variable, and this variable is us, we appeared in which party, which partys chances of winning the big number, or is waiting for death,[url=]moncler[/url], knowing do not let yourself always Huth luàn thought among the war but not otherwise unsparing.
But now do not die, but let two countryman are very depressed, these two strong appear here in the end what is meant you, not attack them, and not much to stay there was cut, and does not fight back, Such strong temper is really strange, is that those who do such strong reasons to sell it,[url=]karen millen[/url], is not there a tendency to abuse it. But these people did not dare Hu luàn conjecture, and if so which two strong know, they got a good fate, then the last is Babing home.
These are Chen wants, can not miss, a link Less, or else have to start all over again, and you can not have missed. This allows Yirou feel a little cumbersome, but since adult wants,[url=]herve leger dress[/url], she is naturally hard to do, and not let adults disappointment on it.
Airou did not expect or himself out, whether or not Chen lying, but it is a fact, and told he is grown, he was just adults nv Yirou people do, or to rely on adults. Airou it is silent, but still have to make a choice now, and no doubt this punishment,[url=]moncler[/url], or to choose some of the high degree of difficulty, or not let adults satisfied. So Airou teeth and said: Your honor,[url=]hogan sparpe[/url], the dough ready, fully listen to adults, the dough a little protest are not, ask an adult punishment good.
PS: I have started uploading new book nothingness Xiezun I ask you soon, evil overbearing like on Come on! ! ! !
Chen said about it, he is a perverted it, but no one is stronger than him only, then no one will come to pick up this metamorphosis, this is not too bad. But unfortunately there is no way,[url=]moncler[/url], who had strong for him, Airou only accept their fate. When the destination was soon reached, Chen cloth around in a stream under a prohibition, no one to disturb them. And Airou watching Chens eyes look to understand, adults are trying to do,[url=]doudoune moncler[/url], is a sè wolves.
Airou one, is to tumble almost fell to the ground, is complaining Airou immediately said: The adults do not read minds obviously say good for you,[url=]doudoune moncler[/url], adults do and do not forget so soon? Chen looked very Yirou Resentment eyes, as if he really committed the unforgivable sin what wildly. Chen immediately said: As long as you do not mind a ghost, fear of what adults read minds Yeah, really original dough in the hearts of defamation adults die by adults Yijingyizha on the whole trick,[url=]moncler outlet[/url], you say how to punish it, yourself to say.
But just know adults are sè wolf,[url=]hogan sparpe[/url], Airou can only obediently paternity wolf. Yirou very natural in the stream will own everything off, not a little obscure, but also hop dance to Chen watch, occasionally seduce Chen will take the initiative to allow Chen to meet their own yù the adults look , then Airou often do, is already a beaten track of relatives. And Chen naturally be seduced passed, then that is the two hanging out together from. But now have to make extremely difficult before Airou posture.


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