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TV Dinner - Live

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 20, 2010 2:23 am    Post subject: TV Dinner - Live Reply with quote

I posted this project over at Theme Park Insider for a game of Apprentice - TPI edition. I'd like to get opinions from everyone here also. It is a short version (although probably too long still). I'm thinking about following up on completely fleshing it out with a script. The first project/assignment was to come up with a themed restaurant idea. There will be a poll posted, then the person heading it up will decide on which one to "kick off" each week. Let me know what you think:

TV Dinner - Live

Located on stage in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot section of Disney’s California Adventure and also appearing at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, guests will find a nostalgic dining experience at TV Dinner - Live. On this working television sound stage, parties are seated in Living Room “Sets” with comfortable seating that includes fold-out TV trays. After all have been seated, the maitre d’ becomes the stage manager, calling for quiet, as the show begins – in 3, 2, 1 (cue).

A corner of the stage lights up with the TV Dinner Live talk show set. The host will introduce the different segments of the evening, while interviewing the guests from the shows that will be seen throughout the evening (as we go to the clip). The proscenium has the look of a 50’s type television set. The live band plays for the talk show and enhances the feel of each show format as it plays out. The same actors will take on the roles of each scene, as they also rotate through the talk show, introducing their scenes. The one being interviewed at the time will go through the make-up and wardrobe process in front of the audience (being kept family friendly, of course). This will also give the talk show host more material to riff on.

Servers are dressed as production assistants in 50’s TV style clothing. The menu is an electronic TV Guide touch screen that will also allow each group to select what they want to watch – live program cut, each camera as they select, or multi-view of all cameras simultaneously (as well as seeing it live on stage in front of them). Commercials air on a screen to introduce some of the food choices that will be available in each course.

The first course/scene is an old Western, with appetizers. Choices include:
Bonanza Blossom Onion
Bat Masterson Hot Wings
Wild Wild West Nachos

The Dragnet Bread Basket is served as a crime drama plays out.

Things get dramatic in everyone’s favorite Soap style for the soup and salad. Diners may enjoy:
Split Pea Soap
All My Chili’n
The Young and the Lettuce

During the main course, things lighten up as everyone’s favorite family entertains in classic sit-com style. Laugh track is included – just don’t choke on your food, as the hilarity ensues. Gather around the tube for some:
Father Knows Breast of Chicken
Three’s Company Casserole
Happy Days Burger and Fries
Gilligan’s Fish and Chips
Brady Bunch Beef
M*A*S*H*E*D Potatoes
Green Acres Fresh Vegetables Dahling

Dessert rounds out the evening during the circus-type kid’s show, complete with clowns and balloons for the kids. A sampling of treats might be:
Bozo’s Clown Sundae
Captain Kangaroo’s Cobbler
Hobo Kelly’s Cream Pie

The show that has just played out may be downloaded by e-mail to their homes (for a small fee), or DVD’s are available for purchase in the All Things TV Gift Shop on the way out. The DVD contains the full show, with all viewing angles available, behind the scenes footage of the Making Of for this production, and other extras.

No reservations are needed in the day time, as the stage becomes the more affordable and simple: TV Din er (with the missing “n” flashing). Instead of the live show, diners choose what they would like to watch in their individual living room sets, through a video juke box. They may select from their favorite shows from the past, or view the show from the night before, as the crew was actually working to record the whole performance. Return the next day to see if you made it into the final cut.

It is already helping me get back on track to working on what I really want to do. I'm still working on fleshing things out more, and also coming up with shorter first pitch versions of projects, too. I know that my "short game" still needs work, to be able to even start to sell someone on an idea. This particular project came together in about an hour, with a couple of changes that came to me overnight.
What do you think?
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