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WALL-E Operation Re-Colonization

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PostPosted: Mon May 17, 2010 5:18 pm    Post subject: WALL-E Operation Re-Colonization Reply with quote

This is the next one for the Theme Park Apprentice project at Theme Park Insider. It took me longer, with a busy work schedule this week. I wish that I could have put even more into it.

WALL-E Operation Re-Colonization

Operation Re-Colonization is a 20 minute 4-D short, sequel to WALL-E. It deals with how the people go about resettling on a “new” Earth, physically and mentally having to adjust to thinking for themselves and not depend on robots doing everything for them anymore.

The pre-show has Dr. Nigel Channing giving a quick re-cap of the original movie events to get the audience back up to speed. After doing a commercial plug for Buy n Large, he invites everyone into the theater to see how things are going. As they enter, the BnL logo fills the screens.

Special glasses allow guests to “see into the future” of planet Earth. The BnL logo again fills the big screen and begins rotating 3 dimensionally, flying around over the audience. Dr. Nigel checks in from his lab – 800 years later, and looking just as good, thanks to good, clean living, and an assortment of products from Buy n Large. On a split screen, we see the communication between the lab and the Axiom space ship. The bridge is empty, as the whole ship seems to be. Switching to outside surveillance cameras, the people can be seen hard at work, although still getting used to actually working for themselves. Captain McCrea is summoned on board for an update. As he enters the bridge, he is much lighter on his feet, skipping around. He bumps his head on Auto, the disabled auto-pilot, and gives the hanging arm a good swing around the room (and out over the audience). It seems that everyone is enjoying all that is takes to learn to work for a living, be using their minds, and losing weight in the process of it all. They have had to become creative in finding ways to use the robots that were on board, since they were made for the hard floors of a space ship and not the dirt of Earth. The only helpful and fully functional one has been WALL-E, which was made for working in dirt, and has been the biggest asset in the necessary clean up. Not to be forgotten, EVE flies through (whooshing with wind through the crowd), as a guard against anything that may come up against them – though they don’t know of any enemies, yet. The captain brings up clips of the robots in action to demonstrate the issues that they have had, and the ways they have overcome them, learning to mostly do the work themselves, and use the robots only as supplements to help out.

Excusing himself to a committee meeting on Advancing the Arts and Communication as Well as Transportation and General Good Health, he again swings Auto’s arm out of his way (ducking down to not get hit). As the Dr. also signs out for now, Auto lands near the console and taps into the boot that carried the original plant specimen back to the ship, pushing the button that re-activates the auto-pilot system. Auto awakens and is very angry. Spokes from the steering control begin pushing buttons, getting fully updated himself on all that has been going on. Not happy about losing control, he starts searching the video feeds around the ship, looking for solutions to his problem. A repeated loop on one screen keeps playing the clip of the BnL CEO/Global President saying, “Go to full auto-pilot”, then multiplies to every screen on the bridge. One screen finds movement in a corner of the ship’s long-unattended kitchen, zooming in to find cockroaches busy at work. Auto finds the button on the console that reads: Disposal. All of the roaches come filing out and begin to spread out across the whole land: hissing, spraying, running under seats…, sending the people into a panic. WALL-E’s own, much smaller “pet” roach is trampled, but simply pops up again after they have passed by. Auto begins controlling all of the robots from inside the ship, causing even more chaos on the outside. EVE tries to come to the rescue by zapping the critters, but can’t do it all alone. As WALL-E starts cleaning up the carcasses, people start to figure out ways to get their imaginations going to make the robots work for them, putting them into manual mode, finding special skills in each robot, as well as their own individual skills, to eradicate the pests for good. Much smashing and splashing occur, with some machines blowing them away (more wind), some vacuuming, some sweeping.

The problem of the roaches is almost taken care of when the Axiom seems to be glowing brighter, then pulsing with lights and an alarm, followed by a self-destruct warning. The Captain tries to enter, but is locked out. He needs to disable the auto-pilot permanently, and keeps reminding himself that he “doesn’t want to survive, he wants to live!” Looking for other ways to board, or disable he sees something at the end of the dock, wondering if the solution could be so simple. He runs with all he’s got and at the countdown of 4, 3, 2… unplugs the power going to the ship. It is silenced. After a moment, to be sure that it has worked, the people go crazy with applause and excitement. They will survive and truly live, on their new planet, with their new-found creative imaginations and supplemental robot assistants.
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