Theme Park Attraction Review - Be the first to review a new (or classic) theme park ride

Write a review. Our goal is to have a review for every theme park attraction out there, old and new.
<br>New Rules! In addition to your comments about the attraction, you should also score each. Each attraction should be reviewed using the following criteria. Rate each one of these attractions in the following catergories from 1-5, five being the best.<br><br>

1. Theming - How well did the theming transport you to another place and time? (1-5)<br>
2. Repeatability - How well can you experience this attraction repeatedly without getting bored? (1-5)
<br>3. Show Writing - Were you moved by the story? Could you tell if there was a story? (1-5) (N/A if no story)
<br>4. Demographic - Can every age experience the attraction? (1-5)
<br>5. Thrill Factor - Was it fun to experience this attraction? (1-5)
<br>6. Cycle time - How long did the attraction last? (1-5)
7. History - How well will this attraction stand the test of time? (1-5) <br><br>
Add your totals up, and give each attraction a score from 1-35 for a total attraction score.

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