New Christmas Attraction for 2008

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New Christmas Attraction for 2008

Post by icandrawem2 » Thu Jan 24, 2008 2:20 am

I do some part time work for a seasonal business in NC and we currently run a few attractions, specifically a corn maze, haunted attraction, gem panning, and a few other small things. For 2008 we are adding an all new Christmas event and I have been given the challenging task of sorta putting it all together. I just wanted to throw this out there to all you fellow designers to get input and ideas. I havent really nailed what we are doing down to one main "high concept" yet but I will list some of the different events. The main draw for this is a ride aboard a tram system that is pulled by a tractor. This seats 100 at a time and it is a nice ride through the woods with multiple large light displays. This is mostly being outsourced to a company that deals in christmas light displays, and all of you have probably been to one of these where you drive a carload of people thru...anyways...this is the scenario:

After guests purchase their tickets, they will enter a central area which is temporarily named "Christmas village"...In this area they will have the opportunity to get food, hot cocoa, purchase marshmallows to roast by firepits, and we are even thinking about opening the gem panning attraction with heated water. We will also have a gift shop, a small stage with live acts that change every so say a comedy show, then maybe a local choir of singers, etc. There is also a barn that we will be converting into one of santas "gift storage facilities" that will primarily be used for santa photo ops for the kids. (I have written about this in more detail) Also in this area will be the "depot" where they will be picked up to go on the 15 minute tram ride through the light show. This area will also be covered in thousands of lights which will be synchronized to a different music selection every 10-15 minutes or so. One final attraction is another animated light show, only this one is shown every hour and will contain more than just synchronized lights, but will tell a story through use of music, lighting, video projection, and maybe fire effects. The reason i mention those particular things is because its what we are capable of doing. They wont be incorporated into the show if they dont need to be there (ie no special effects for special effects sake) But that is the experience in a few sentences...Like I said, we have just begun to start putting this together and I have just recently started on some concept sketches for some different things. This could still go in a hundred different directions with story, theming, or what have you....One thing in particular that I feel certain we will do with the tram ride is a "where's rudolph" game for the kids to play in which they have to count the number of times they see rudolph appear during the ride. They then turn in their card and if they have counted right, they get a prize. We definitely want this to be family oriented and to provide an unforgettable experience that people will take and start a yearly tradition.

So any thoughts, feel free to respond. I figured this is what this forum is for so i put it out there. Thanks to you all!

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Post by MartinJ » Wed Feb 06, 2008 5:44 pm

You've got some good ideas there. I'm not familiar with the area. How cold does it get where you're at? Is it cold enough to get a good ground cover of snow?

For an indoor attraction, you could consider a "Santa's Workshop" atmosphere. Maybe, let the kids play with over sized toys.

We have this store up here called Bronner's ( It has a lot of vignettes above the display cases. I don't know if you can make them out in their pictures or not. If not, I'm able to get some for you. They have this 360 degree tour ( ... sLnPg1.htm). You might be able to get some design inspiration from it.

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