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If you have a themed entertainment project, post the requirements of your project here. For entrepeneurs and family entertainment center and themed venue owners, this is a great place to solicit help and advice. If you're a designer, this is a great place to network your skills.

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New Here...

Post by Smiffy » Fri Aug 06, 2010 6:35 am

Hi Guys:

I thought i would swing by and say hello, as i'm new to the forum here. My name is Paul Smith, although most people just call me Smiffy, and i'm a lighting designer and programmer.

I am based in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and in the UK, and currently i'm involved in programming the lights on a new Theme Park here in the Sand Pit. In the process of working with some great Rides, Lighting Designers, and Park Designers, i've been reminded that my skills are essential within any themed environment, and so i am looking to branch out from my core work of Theatre, Television, and Concert Touring, and move into Themed Environment too.

If truth be told, i'm a frustrated imagineer, and have been since my first visit to Disney World in Florida when I was about 10. Since then, the career took over, and i've been moving further away from Theme Parks, however the experience i have gained has been immense. So it's time to start putting things right on that front

My website is [url][/url] which contains a few examples of some of my work, and contact details if you would wish to get in touch.


Paul Smith
Lighting Designer
Paul Smith Lighting Design -

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Post by Holly » Wed Aug 18, 2010 6:17 pm

Hi Paul,

Thanks for dropping by. You have a nice website, and working in the UAE sounds so interesting. It seems like a lot of theme parks have live shows, so that might be a way to transition into the business. I've noticed that Pleasure Beach Blackpool puts on a lot of shows, and maybe your other parks there in the UK do as well... I don't know much about lighting, but it is really valuable to have designers who can do it well... Thanks for sharing about yourself :-)

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Post by marry1 » Tue Oct 09, 2012 11:07 pm

Welcome to this forum, and have fun here.
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