Starting new 3D CNC foam shop in BC Canada

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Starting new 3D CNC foam shop in BC Canada

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I'm in the process of doing market research for a business I'll be setting up in August 2005.

A bit about myself.
Trained in Classical animation, I've worked in the film and television industry for nearly 14 years. I've worked on many animated CG television shows, the first being Reboot! back in '94.
My most recent jobs were on Disney's yet-to-be released "The Wild" and ABC's "Muppets Wizard of Oz"

Recently I discovered CNC routers and their capabilities of cutting out anything I built. Having just left the muppets production for a job 3D Foam, I had a request from Disney for a storefront set of the Emerald City doors. They turned out great, if I may say so. I can do this ..this is fun!!

Now on my own, I'm an artist trying to crunch marketing numbers to find the different sections of the theming industry that uses MDF, EPS foam and aluminum, including hard numbers for market worth..or whatever the lingo is. Artists usually don't do these things , so I'm looking for help. This site and forum has been a real eye opener on the possible scope of my new business venture.

Any info or direction would be greatly appreciated.



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New Post Re: Starting new 3D CNC foam shop in BC Canada
Great start in your new venture! As you can see your already attracting big name companies like Disney. I would love to help out, but I lack in the artistic department.

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New Post Other Theming Areas Consider looking to science museums, aquariums, zoos, and other nonprofits for business to begin with. While probably not as high money makers as theme parks they will provide steady work for smaller scale exhibits and and projects. Being small you may want to star with less demanding projects.

I used to work in a public aquarium and we regularly used companies like yours to fabricate exhibit pieces for us. It's great if you can work on thier time schedule and provide great service with a great product.

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