Universal Creative at Universal Studios in Orlando 3/29/06

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Universal Creative at Universal Studios in Orlando 3/29/06

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I am a current college student majoring in Digital Arts and Design in Orlando, FL. After I graduate I would really like to gain employment in the theme park design industry here in Orlando. There are many amazing companies here that create rides/attraction designs for theme parks, in particular I am extremely interested in Universal Studios. Universal Studios has their own in house design studio which I'm sure most of you know about called Universal Creative. It's set up in very much the same way that Disney is in the way that Disney has Imagineering.

My question is, how would I go about applying for an entry level position or internship at Universal Creative? Does Universal Creative even hire entry level designers or offer internships?

I have been on the main Universal Studios website searching for jobs/internships but I have not been able to find a specific web page or website dedicated just to Universal Creative. I know that Universal Studios, Hollywood relocated it's creative division to Orlando a few years ago so I'm assuming that Universal Creative is still located here. I'm just not sure how to go about getting my foot in the door there. I know they hire a decent amount of designers every year for Halloween Horror nights and other themed events throughout the course of the year.

Who do I need to contact to get my portfolio in the right hands?

Thank you to anyone who can provide any information at all.

It is greatly appreciated.


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New Post 3 things going on there
You're actually talking about 3 different divisions there at Universal Orlando-
Universal Creative Orlando- which is responsible for maintaining and upkeeping smaller projects for just the resort in Orlando.
Universal Creative- rightly stated moved from CA, they are responsible for big developments all over the world.
and finally-
Universal Orlando Entertainment- which is responsible for HHH
among other entertainment venues...

Best way to get contact with people is check out the TEA website and start getting in touch with people. (themeit.com)
Look it; in order for anyone to make connections you need to think like you are already in the industry. Don't just ask people who should I get in touch with. Go the extra mile and do your homework.....research be creative and have a portfolio ready to share with anyone on a moment's notice.
Good luck to you.

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