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Astrid Diehl


Post by Astrid Diehl » Sat Sep 01, 2007 5:50 am

Attached and down bellow is our press release for our water features on display at MOMA/PS1 until Oct.21, 2007.
More hi-resolution images are available upon request. Here is a sample:

August 30, 2007
Long Island City, NY

Last Weekend for Warm-Up at MoMA's PS1, but Liquid Sky will stay up!

The popular Liquid Sky, the new Young Architect's Program (YAP) installation at MOMA /PS1 features water effects designed and installed by FOUNTAINHEAD WATER SYSTEMS. Although the weekend dance parties are almost over, the colorful and kinetic installation in the PS1 courtyard may stay up through the end of October. Ben Ball and Gaston Nogues, the winning YAP team, invited Fountainhead to design integrated public water effects to dazzle and cool off the crowds visiting this unique outdoor installation over the summer. Inspired by the design of the canopies and the carnavalesque atmosphere, Fountainhead created two different effects in response to the different design strategies at work in Liquid Sky.

In the main outdoor room, several 30 foot tall tripods of telephone poles support colorful peaks created out of red and orange tinted Mylar. Fountainhead mounted agricultural- grade irrigation nozzles that spray in controlled arcs from the top of each of the tripods and are programmed to perform in preset sequences over the tent-like canopies. The effect creates a cooling light rain that runs in rivulets over the surface of the mylar and splashes onto over-heated visitors below. These sprays of water are controllable by the DJ at the popular ''Warm Up'' dance parties hosted at PS1 each weekend of the summer to rain down on visitors on command.

The second effect for Liquid Sky is located in the side room - in an area known as ''the Beach''. In this room, there are two telephone pole tripods on opposing sides of the Beach that support a looser, ruffly canopy of Mylar cutouts spanning fifty feet between the tripods. These tripods each support a steel tip tank that fills slowly until it reaches its tipping point and suddenly flips over, dumping 200 gallons of fresh water on those waiting below on the splash-zone deck. The tank then resets on its own due to the careful balancing of the fulcrum of the tank on an axle.

'' The clients, Ball-Nogues, were clear that what they were designing went beyond environmental design into event design,'' said Jenna Didier, principal of Fountainhead, ''We were involved from the beginning of the competition watching Fellini movies for inspiration and developing concepts for the competition model. Fountainhead even generated full color 3D renderings and animations for the final presentation at MOMA to the judges. Ultimately, our goal was to create an envigorating experience for visitors that allows them to get as wet as they like without the expense of recirculating and treating the water or the maintenance headache of draining and cleaning pools or fountains. After entertainment value, our priority was installing easy to use, low maintenance, and inexpensive elements".

Astrid Diehl
1619 Silver Lake Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
t: 323.913.0915

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