Sound Design.. "Foley" Sound and related?

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Sound Design.. "Foley" Sound and related?

Post by Sfan00 » Mon Sep 10, 2018 7:37 am

Any thoughts from the experts here?

I'm not a professional in the attraction industry, but I would imagine it's not unlike doing sound for other media (such as radio drama).

Technology wise for my own attempts at sound design. I used various 'free' tools ( much as something like a DAW is probably used professionally), the tools being LMMS, Audactiy and a rather powerful synthesiser called ZynAddSubFX. By massivle de-pitching a certain sample I was able to get a 'chittering' insect sound without the need to try and find actual recordings

I would assume that for a large number of sounds, pre-recorded sample libraries are used. (I can well envisage a large organisation like Disney or Universal having vast FX libraries of purely spot FX.).

However, when you don't have existing sounds ( I mean no one's been able to record the sound of an extra-terrestrial jellyfish, sucking current from a power line, for example..), some form of creative synthesis would be used? I am thinking musiqe concrete techniques play a part, although on modern computers, such effects a re far easier to do than having to work with tape loops 8)

A very brief sketch of sound ideas for a ride inspired by an old computer game called Forbidden Forest follows:
Boarding ares: Would have the sounds of woodland clearing, birds , possibly a wood cutter off set, a generic European folk tune.
Ride Scene 1 - Spiders, There's a low 'chitter' , The folk tune changed key and possibly chord progression in subsequent scenes..
Ride Scene 2 - Bees, The chitter developes into a whine and then a buzz, as a giant guardian bee swoops in, and echos through a hive the riders pass through.
Ride Scene 3 - Frogs - Leaving the hive, the ride moves into a swampy area, and the distorted "ribbet" of giant frogs surrounds the rider..
Ride Scene 4 -Dragon- The ribbets fade out as riders here a low roar coming in overheard. There are rumblings and ocassionaly bursts of noise as the dragon pounces..
Ride Scene 5 - Liches - The dragons roar subsisdes, but it replaced by a distored (reverse tape effect?) moan of despair as liches rise...
Ride Scene 6 - Skeletons - Still a redueced moan, but the clank of armour and the rattle of bones, signfies the advance of an army awoken..
Ride Scene 7 - Snakes - A shift into a more "Eastern" tone, and the periodic burst of pitched noise and rattles, as snakes a plenty rear their heads.
Ride Scene 8 - Demigorgon - The rattles fade out as a 'low pitched and distorted' laughter, interespered with mystical minor dis-chords, this continues until the Demigorgon is defeated when, the folk tune proudly returns as major chords, as the riders return to the woodland clearing...

Okay so this only a very basic sketch... In the design process, the sounds for each particular area would be developed further, perhaps the folk tune idea is used as leitmotif(?) for the whole ride, shifting it's chord progression or phrasing for each ride scene?

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