From our 1998 description, still unchanged today:

“Just what is Themed Attraction anyway?

It’s a magazine! Well, sort of. is a place where you can explore the world of theme park and attraction design. Inside are articles from the design gurus of the attraction design industry as well as the personal insights and editorials from the founder, Nate Naversen. But Themed is much more than that… is also a hub! is a meeting place for those interested in making industry contacts and learning more about the theme park and attractions industry. It serves as a point of contact for those looking to contract design services, or for those who are simply curious about how attractions are designed. As well, it’s a place for those with interests in theme park design to meet each other.

But most importantly, is the definitive source for theme park and attractions design on the web. How can we make this claim? Well most importantly, because Nate Naversen actually designs these attractions for a living. It’s an inside source, “Imagineered” by designers, but it is devoid of the fluffy normally found on a corporate page. has real facts and useful information that we hope you will find truly enlightening.”

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