The “blue sky” phase of theme park design is the initial stage of the design process, where designers brainstorm and come up with creative, imaginative and innovative ideas for the theme park. It encourages designers to think big and come up with ideas that are not constrained by any limitations or boundaries.

This is why it is called “blue sky” as it reflects the limitless possibilities and potential of what could be created, as if designers were looking up at an endless blue sky with no boundaries.


“In Blue Sky, the theme park architects and engineers are often tasked with fact finding – gathering as much information about the building and/or site the proposed new project is proposed to be located. Typically, at the end of the Blue Sky Phase the Creative team presents their ideas to the theme park Owner for a design review, an early high-level estimate is done of their deliverables, and upon review of this information the theme park Owner decides if the design team can move forward into the next phase of design. If the Owner agrees to move forward with the project, an additional small design budget is provided to the design team.”

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