Polin WaterParks

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Polin WaterParks
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Gebkim OSB Refik Baydur 6 41480 Dilovasi
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Experience & Expertise
With 40 years of experience across the globe in the composites sector, we’ve developed an unmatched business and technological expertise. With 3000 projects in the last 38 years, our wealth of experience continues to grow

Know – How
Our extensive business experience in the aquatics industry distinguishes us from our competitors.

Worldwide References
We have successfully completed more than 3000 projects of different sizes and complexity in 103 countries around the World.

Strong Partner Network
We have built strong and long-term relationships with our outstanding partners in 50 countries around the globe.

Excellent Staff
We have experienced, talented, innovative staff of professionals dedicated to aquatic industry. The quality of our people makes us stand out

Strong R&D Focus
We are committed to research and development. We never stop improving our products and services or introducing new products to the industry.

Commitment to Quality
We established Polin with the best quality and service in mind. It has always been our goal to produce the finest quality products in the industry.

Competitive Price
We are proud to serve superior quality products and service at a competitive pricing.

Dedicated Customer Service
Polin is a client-centric organisation.

Strong Supplier Network
We only work with the leading suppliers around the Globe and we have a strong reputation among our suppliers. We have succeeded in building strong working relationships with them.

High Capacity Plants
With state-of-the-art production facilities, we are proud to say that we have a high plant capacity.

Easy Communication
We understand that effective communication is crucial for success of any project. With 38 years of experience in 100 countries around the World, we’ve gained an important advantage of working in any culture. All our employees engaged in communication with customers speak fluent English.

Competency in Applying All Fiberglass/Composites Production Methods
Leading in the industry in waterslide manufacturing technologies. NLE, SPE, Translucent, Magic Shine waterslides.

Geographical Location & Culture
Turkey has an important logistics advantage due to its geographic location where continents Europe, Asia and Africa meet. Our production centers are located between these three large markets.

Looking at the world map, Turkey is at a place where west and east meets, where you can still feel the trace of hundreds of cultures who had lived in this region, where you can fully experience the taste of four seasons. Living in such a beautiful, multi-cultural environment creates a synergy that takes our team one step ahead in developing the most successful projects.

Due to huge cultural and historical heritage, we have an important flexibility while working with different cultures.

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+90 (262) 656 64 67 (pbx)
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