Soaring Eagle Rides

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Soaring Eagle Rides
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326 W. 2500 N. Logan, Utah 84341
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Stan hecketts didn’t intend to get into the zip line ride business when he built one on his property in Providence, Utah. He said he just “built the zipline to enjoy it with the family.” For Checketts, that includes 11 kids and 20 grandkids.

But he ended up making some innovative changes to the zip line’s design, which spurred an interest- and a market – for his unique thrill-inducing apparatus. He partnered with fellow Providence resident Val Simmons and after two years of developing the product, the two officially launched Soaring Eagle Zip Lines in 2010.

Now Soaring Eagle Zip Lines are being installed and operating in amusement attraction sites and resorts around the nation.

Amusement Mastermind

Stan’s engineering accomplishments include the World’s tallest thrill ride (Stratosphere, Las Vegas, NV) and the World’s fastest roller coaster (Guinness World Record in 2002)

Anything that can thrill people safely is very interesting to me.

-Stan Checketts

After dominating the amusement ride industry, Stan decided to use his expertise in precision engineering and manufacturing to develop cutting edge automated parking and self storage solutions called Boomerang Systems.

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