Rocas & Design

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Rocas & Design
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Madrid – Spain
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Rocas & Design is a theming engineering company leader in the theme and amusement park industry. Our business model allows us working without outsourcing nor middlemen as well as offering ‘turnkey projects’.

Balance between traditional finishing and troubleshooting by means of engineering.
Process simplification since you only have one partner.
Wide range of finishing options: ethnic (Polynesian, Mayan, Eastern…), historic (Greek, Renaissance, Persian, Egyptian…), fantasy, (Elfic, Sprites, Superheroes…), science-fiction (Animatronics, Robots…), modernist (industry, lineal designs…), architectonic (giant moulds, cornise with overhangs…); regardless of the volume.
Strict meeting of deadlines.
Very low maintenance.
Flexibility thanks to working with every range of products.
Strong technical support: in-house Department of Structures and Engineering.
No outsourcing.
Immense range of materials and finishing options: mortars, resins, wood, metal, GRC, composites, etc.
Turnkey projects.
Large-scale projects possible thanks to our human and technical means.
Merge theming and engineering.

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+34 966 737 883
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