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Neweb Labs uses artificial intelligence, holography, and motion capture to provide cutting-edge experiences.

We create and combine 3D animated assets with interactive technology for use as holograms, on social media, and in mobile applications to be used for concerts, events, social engagement, brand activations and virtual humans. If you want to create an unforgettable experience and build an emotional connection with your audience, come to Neweb Labs.

Neweb Labs is the sister company of Vox Populi Productions, which has been producing the topical show ICI Laflaque, broadcasted on national television Radio-Canada for the past 14 years. It is a 3D animated, 21-minute show based on current affairs and news. The owner, Yves St-Gelais, has won numerous awards for his work in 3D animation including several Gemeaux Awards, which honours French-Canadian achievement in Canadian Television. Because of the nature of the show, they had to develop a production pipeline allowing real-time motion capture, which led to its President and main Producer, Yves St-Gelais, to start a new company focusing on interactive characters and personalities and real-time 3D animation.

After two years of R&D, Neweb Labs was officially launched. We have an award winning team with over 20 years of experience in visual effects, 3D animation and motion capture along with expertise in artificial intelligence and holography. We developed the first interactive holographic singer in the world: Maya Kodes. Her website is She is live and can interact with an audience. She has this capability because we use advanced motion capture technology and have developed a unique pipeline in order to capture movements and vocals in real time. She is a testament to our technical and artistic capabilities.

We also developed an artificial intelligence app so you can finally put a face to a virtual assistant engine and interact on a more personal level. This was completed in partnership with Di-o-Matic, a leader in software development, together with whom we developed the software communication protocols between our characters and various artificial intelligence engines on the market. The latest trend in customer service is using virtual humans as greeters, customer service agents, tour guides, and check-in people for retail, hotels, airports, lobbies and events. Our system can be used for mobile applications or for virtual human terminals.

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