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Bepoz Is More Than Point of Sale Software – It’s Your Business Control Center
Bepoz is Built Different… No POS System is one-size-fits-all, but if you’re looking for the best POS software for your business, there’s a good chance that Bepoz is what you’re looking for. Bepoz is so well engineered that we fit perfectly in various types of restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and even stadiums or event venues. Yes, Bepoz point of sale software absolutely has features tailored for individual business segments, but let’s take a second to demonstrate just how powerful our POS software can be. For example, a business owner in San Diego has a bar, a fine dining restaurant in Denver, and a movie theater in New York. All of which have their own staff and managers that all have very different needs; not to mention different tax requirements. The great thing about Bepoz is that from his San Diego office he can easily create and apply different staff interfaces for each business, but he can use one back-end system for setting up tax codes, product ordering, inventory, and analytics at each location. It’s a wild example, but wouldn’t you say that’s pretty powerful?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee… Most POS software companies offer a Free Trial. Usually this is because of large upfront licensing fees. Which, by the way, almost all of them also charge monthly or annual maintenance in addition. It’s a big commitment for a business owner to move forward with so much out of pocket upfront. Most people can’t figure out how to even setup a POS system within the trial period to see if it will be the right pick. We’re so confident that Bepoz will fit better than any other point of sale solution that we are willing to give you your first month’s subscription money back if you are not completely satisfied in the first 30 days. Give Bepoz a hard look and you will see a real opportunity for ROI.

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