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Stockbridge, VT, 05772
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Advanced Animations has artisans and technicians from such disciplines as art and design, sculpting, engineering, fabrication, woodworking, costuming and computer programming. For more than 20 years, we have been putting “Imagination in Motion” at major theme parks, casinos, museums, retail centers, trade shows and traveling exhibits throughout the world. We specialize in bringing concepts to life — from animated figures to interactive exhibits to the “never done before.”

Our touring events group, Advanced Exhibits, produces “edutainment” attractions for corporate, museum and theme park industries.

We like what we do! We enjoy the challenge of creating something where nothing existed before. This combination of fun, dedication and technical expertise shows in the outstanding quality of our work.

Major Products and Services
Our services include design, fabrication and event management for:

Animatronic figures and shows
Dark rides — custom and pre-packaged
Set and scenery
Special effects
Edutainment shows
Corporate, trade and museum exhibits
Tour/trailer exhibits
Interactive displays
High-tech robots, available to rent for trade shows and meetings

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Address: 735 Los Angeles Avenue
Monrovia, CA 91016 USA
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AET was established in 1990 to bring together the technical talents and expertise of its founders and associates, and to market the resulting unique package of design and production services to the entertainment industry.

AET enjoys a solid professional reputation based on the accomplishments of its founders, whose combined years of experience in the entertainment industry provide a platform of visionary thinking and state of the art technology for the design, development and delivery of technical services to the entertainment industry.

AET specializes in supplying well-engineered and fabricated show action and show effects equipment worldwide to the major Theme Parks and other Location Based Entertainment installations as well as Motion Pictures. We provide a team that can take a project from your Creative Team’s earliest concept all the way through Opening Day and on into warranty and any continuing service needs.

AET is a participating member of IAAPA and the Themed Entertainment Association.

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(626) 599-8337
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Address: 1277 Andrews Parkway, Allen, TX 75002
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Billings Productions is a world leader in the design and development of animatronic exhibits for zoos, museums and theme parks. Our aim is to help promote awareness of prehistoric life and endangered wildlife by making learning fun and entertaining.

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Address: 709 Foothill Ct
Boulder City, NV 89005
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Since 1987, Characters Unlimited Inc. has specialized in “Making your place an attraction” by designing and building affordable, life-sized, mechanically animated and talking characters. We have hundreds of characters available for you to choose from, including animatronic people, birds, animals, dinosaurs, fortune telling machines, sign waivers, and much more. We own the trademark for Zoltar Speaks® and are the only manufacture of the fortune teller Zoltar Speaks®, since 2006.

Our Story
Olaf Stanton, the president and founder of Characters Unlimited Inc, grew up and worked during his adolescent life in the booming tourist town of Wisconsin Dells, WI. He learned how to build non-animated “dummies”, or characters, from his stepfather back in the 1970s. Surrounded by entrepreneurs his entire life, Olaf knew that he wanted to start a venture of his own. So, after graduating college, he packed up and headed West to a small town outside of Las Vegas called Boulder City, NV where he founded Characters Unlimited, Inc.

In the early years of Characters Unlimited, (way before ecommerce!) Olaf and his wife Krishun would go on selling trips with a van full of various themed characters to sell. They would stop at trading posts, gift shops, and various tourist attractions all across the West, in search of new customers. Between then and now, advancements in our products such as talking and moving movements, the introduction of new products such as the Zoltar Speaks® fortune teller, Man in Outhouse, and animated animals have grown the company into something far more than its beginnings.

Today, our team at Characters Unlimited is proud to provide customers all over the world with quality, hand-crafted, static and animated characters of all kinds. We work with companies of all sizes and budgets. Some of the companies that we are grateful to have worked with include Bass Pro Shops, Circus Circus, SLS Las Vegas, Cedar Fairs, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Chuck E. Cheese, The Big Texan Steakhouse, and many more.

We are only limited by your imagination.
We pride ourselves in our slogan and will do anything in our means to help make your dream project a reality.

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(702) 294-0563
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Address: 1817 Cherokee Street
Saint Louis, Missouri
63118 USA
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Creative Visions is the brainchild of Mark McDonough, a thirty-five year veteran of the
amusement industry, who leads an amazing team that will bring your ideas to life.

The origins of the company date back to 1986 when it was providing technical and A/V support for
corporate events and meetings. In 1992, the firm entered the themed amusement industry and
soon changed it’s name to Creative Visions, reflecting the new scope of it’s offerings.

Creative Visions is now a world-wide provider of custom animatronic characters and custom displays
and special effects for the themed amusement industry.

What sets Creative Visions apart?
It’s our quality and attention to detail. We do not claim to be the biggest, but our quality rivals the best.
We want you to be happy with your Creative Visions experience by delivering exceptional quality at a fair price…consistently.

About the President:

Mark McDonough, President of Creative Visions, has been in the theatre since age eleven. He has worked on
countless stage productions, owned three companies and worked as a radio DJ…all before he was old enough to drink!
He was chapter president of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity at Saint Louis University where he graduated with degrees
in both Technical Theatre and Advertising. He currently resides in Saint Louis with his dog Rocky.

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Address: 5524 ST-PATRICK, SUITE 320
H4E 1A8
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Neweb Labs uses artificial intelligence, holography, and motion capture to provide cutting-edge experiences.

We create and combine 3D animated assets with interactive technology for use as holograms, on social media, and in mobile applications to be used for concerts, events, social engagement, brand activations and virtual humans. If you want to create an unforgettable experience and build an emotional connection with your audience, come to Neweb Labs.

Neweb Labs is the sister company of Vox Populi Productions, which has been producing the topical show ICI Laflaque, broadcasted on national television Radio-Canada for the past 14 years. It is a 3D animated, 21-minute show based on current affairs and news. The owner, Yves St-Gelais, has won numerous awards for his work in 3D animation including several Gemeaux Awards, which honours French-Canadian achievement in Canadian Television. Because of the nature of the show, they had to develop a production pipeline allowing real-time motion capture, which led to its President and main Producer, Yves St-Gelais, to start a new company focusing on interactive characters and personalities and real-time 3D animation.

After two years of R&D, Neweb Labs was officially launched. We have an award winning team with over 20 years of experience in visual effects, 3D animation and motion capture along with expertise in artificial intelligence and holography. We developed the first interactive holographic singer in the world: Maya Kodes. Her website is She is live and can interact with an audience. She has this capability because we use advanced motion capture technology and have developed a unique pipeline in order to capture movements and vocals in real time. She is a testament to our technical and artistic capabilities.

We also developed an artificial intelligence app so you can finally put a face to a virtual assistant engine and interact on a more personal level. This was completed in partnership with Di-o-Matic, a leader in software development, together with whom we developed the software communication protocols between our characters and various artificial intelligence engines on the market. The latest trend in customer service is using virtual humans as greeters, customer service agents, tour guides, and check-in people for retail, hotels, airports, lobbies and events. Our system can be used for mobile applications or for virtual human terminals.

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(514)842-6602 #240
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Address: 151 Kinnelon Road
Kinnelon, NJ 07405 USA
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PeopleVisionFX produces special effects for theme parks, museums, trade shows and special events. Our effects are “People Magnets” that inevitably attract attentive audiences.

The SpokesMannequin® is an animated figure that is based on our system for the production of three dimensional television. It can “clone” anyone, is compact and reliable, and can include interactive and other capabilities. Dimensional projection can present human beings, fantasy characters, machines, products — virtually anything — in life-size, miniature or enlargement.

The PhotonOpticon™ is a hologram-type effect where video images of varying levels of translucency are projected onto a transparent screen. Unlike ordinary holograms, PhotonOpticon images are able to move and to incorporate synchronized audio.

The Anatomical VideoSculpture™ is another product of PeopleVisionFX’s system for three dimensional projection. The Anatomical VideoSculpture is a life-sized human projection that “opens up” to reveal various internal organs.

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+1 (973) 509-2056
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Address: 5316 East Avenue
Countryside, IL 60525
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Reynolds Advanced Materials specializes in turning ideas into a physical reality by showing you materials that can do things you never thought possible.

We help people like you convert concepts and project designs into a finished product. We’re easy to talk to and our expertise can guide you to the right materials and/or equipment for your application.

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Toll-Free: (800) 477-4457 Local: (708) 354-0969
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_(708) 354-7825
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Address: 745 West Forsyth Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32204 USA
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Attraction Design
Our creative team works closely with clients and brand managers to conceptualize the complete attraction design. From story writing, animatronics, media, special effects and every detail in between, our innovative designers create solutions for success.

Founded in 1977, Sally Corporation began as an animatronic production company to help market corporate brands in a unique and entertaining way. Since then, Sally has evolved into the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of the most successful dark rides around the world.

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Fax +1-904-355-7170
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Address: 360 Wakara Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
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For more than 25 years, Sarcos has created dexterous robotic systems designed to master the world’s most dangerous and unpredictable environments.

We are a global leader in the development and production of energetically autonomous, highly mobile and dexterous robots. We are redefining the work force of the future in a broad range of industries including automotive, aviation, industrial manufacturing, oil & gas, power generation, construction, logistics, mining, defense, public safety and health care.

Our Mission
Save lives and prevent injury while helping humans go farther and accomplish more than ever before.

Our Focus
Complex problems call for specialized solutions. At Sarcos, we are enabling the workforce of the future by deploying robots that combine human intelligence, instinct and judgment with the strength, endurance and precision of machines.

Our Reputation
Our experience, dedication and ability to deliver, where no one else can, has earned us our reputation as a true technology leader with a singular focus on the people we serve.

Business Phone Number:
(1) 888-927-7296
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