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AMEGA offers high-level projecting, production and engineering solutions in motion technologies, simulation and virtual reality for many different sectors. is a solution company.

AMEGA, which has the technical infrastructure and equipment to produce its own technology, is one of the firsts in the sectors it is connected with its production technique, product range and solutions developed; With its experienced engineers and technicians, it completes every stage of projecting and production in its own factory with 4,000 square meters closed area.

Organization of customer satisfaction as a goal since the principles and intellectual movement conversion capability with a multitude of products tailored to the needs of standard and specific projects and solutions developed AMEGA, although one of the industry leaders in Turkey, with interesting products from each other has developed six continents and more than 20 in the country.

Motion simulation technology in the field while maintaining our structures and manufacturer serving the international standards, Turkey’s leading company in the design and engineering. To develop itself continuously by using technology and engineering at the highest level in project and manufacturing; to be a customer-oriented leader institution that continues to break new ground in this direction.

To develop solution-oriented projects in all areas of motion technologies and simulation and to create added value by going beyond the needs. To emphasize our corporate identity in the international arena with our manufacturer structure and projects that make a sound; To contribute to the development of the sector by protecting our pioneering identity.

Our values
Our understanding of commercial ethics and social responsibility in the light of the basic principles of humanity is the basis of our company’s corporate values ​​and customer satisfaction principle. Along with this base; continuous improvement in the light of information and technology, reliability, total quality management internalized in every stage of our business, communication-basedness, innovation, flexibility and solution-focus constitute our indispensable corporate values.

Business Phone Number: P: +90 (216) 561 22 33 (PBX) F: +90 (216) 561 63 34
Business Website Address: http://amegaentertainment.com/
Address: Amusement Construction Co. Inc.
5954 Brainerd Road
Chattanooga, TN 37421
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Amusement Construction is the leader in the design and construction for go kart tracks, miniature golf courses, batting cages and bumper boat ponds, and for years have been dedicated to creating fun for the world!It all started with miniature golf construction and operations in 1960, and grew to manufacturing award-winning attractions for the family entertainment center industry. Amusement Products began its own construction company, Amusement Construction, in 2000. Amusement Construction began building go kart tracks, miniature golf courses, batting cages, and bumper boat ponds for facilities around the country. Who better to build the sites for the attractions built by their sister company? Since Amusement Construction specializes in family entertainment center construction we know how to build attractions better and more economically for you. The best thing about using Amusement Construction is having your project built per the design, on time and within your budget. Local contractors will tell you that they can build your go kart track, batting cage or miniature golf course, but it is so much more than just pouring concrete. Most local contractors will not even know they are making a mistake until it is too late. Amusement Construction knows how to build the mini golf holes so they play how they should, pour the concrete on the go kart track so your customers can have the smoothest ride, and pour the sloped concrete floor for the batting cage so all the balls roll back to the collection area. This attention to detail ultimately makes your customer’s experience better and makes them want to visit your facility again.

Before beginning the construction phase of a project, you should develop a business plan and create some design concepts. The experts at Amusement Construction can help with the miniature golf course design, go kart track design, batting cage layouts and bumper boat pond designs. We will start with a blank slate and develop a whole family entertainment center design for your site with attraction designs and renderings. These can be used for approvals and are great tools to help you obtain financing. Bankers and investors will be impressed when you show them a scaled drawing of your facility instead of just talking about it.

Family entertainment centers have emerged as a leading entertainment destination in many cities. The FEC industry has seen a rise in construction of indoor and outdoor facilities around the country, in small towns as well as big cities. Indoor family entertainment centers with 20 to 30 feet elevated coaster tracks have gained popularity in the past several years. Whether it is a racing location or an entertainment center, Amusement Construction has designed and built coaster go kart tracks and racing tracks around the country.

Racing on the go kart tracks, playing miniature golf, hitting baseballs and softballs in the batting cages and getting wet on the bumper boats are activities that have become mainstays at family entertainment centers, and these attractions are still going strong today. These types of attractions have proven to attract customers and generate more revenue for you, the operator. When you offer a top-quality product, and have had a leading industry construction company build your attractions, your customer can tell the difference and they will continue to visit your facility for years to come.

At Amusement Construction, we build fun things. And it is fun doing it and helping our customers succeed in the industry. If you are considering building any of the attractions we offer, please browse our website and fill out our contact form for more information.

Business Phone Number: (423) 892-7264
Business Website Address: https://amusementconstruction.com
Address: 5954 Brainerd Road
Chattanooga, TN 37421
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Since 1960, we have dedicated the existence of our company to creating fun for the world through exciting products. Our first goal is quality and dependability. If you can’t keep it working, you won’t make any money. That is why we spent our first ten years as a manufacturer perfecting the quality and performance of our products. Having accomplished this, our next goal was to outperform the competition and gain increased customer satisfaction. How did we accomplish this? Refinement and innovation! The timeline below lists a few of the “firsts” we have achieved, and are just a few of the reasons why Amusement Products is the leader in the family entertainment center industry. Many of these innovations have changed the industry forever.

Business Phone Number: 1-800-438-3558
Business Website Address: https://amusementproducts.com/
Address: Amusement Supply Company
1430 Hwy 1793
Prospect KY 40059
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ASC is your one stop shop for New and Used Amusements. ASC has a large inventory of new and used equipment available for your needs. Check out our website www.getzulu.com for a full list of available attractions. We Buy, Sell, and Trade!

Business Phone Number: 502-228-4595
Business Website Address: http://getzulu.com/
Address: BERG USA
608 Jeffers Circle
Exton, PA 19341
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Experienced in active playtime pleasure

BERG has more than 30 years experience in developing, producing and selling active outdoor playtime pleasure! Our pedal go kartsand trampolinesguarantee years of trouble-free playtime fun.

Leader in innovation
Our own team of experienced designers and engineers work daily on updating and improving our products. Leveraging innovations intechnology, quality, safety, ease of use and design, our products constantly improve in function, ease of use and appearance.

Dutch Design

All our products are designed by our employees at BERG. After development of a prototype and after extensive testing, the new pedal go kart or trampoline is taken into production. Quality and flexibility are our watchwords.

Safety first

Parents should not have to worry about the safety of toys. Children should be able to enjoy carefree and uninhibited play. That’s why safety is paramount for all BERG Products. Safety is constantly taken into consideration – from the early development stage of a new product.

BERG Tests

BERG is synonymous with top quality. Children are able to enjoy years of fun with our products. That’s why we set high quality standards for our products. BERG conducts internal quality control on all of its products subjecting, the go-karts and trampolines to extreme conditions. In addition to our internal testing, BERG submits its products to quality control testing independent bodies. As a result of the tests, the products are certified in accordance with international standards and legislation. Of course the products are also tested by the users themselves: children.

The environment

BERG takes responsibility for its role as a global citizen responsible for its “environmental footprint”. Sustainability is an important item for us. We do our best to be as environmentally-friendly as possible in our production. We devote attention to the paint on the products, for instance, and also to the synthetic components of the BERG pedal go karts. Further, BERG waste materials are submitted to recycling as much as possible!

ISO certified
BERG also represents top quality for the organisation and the business processes. We are noticeably dedicated to making our customers satisfied, and are continuously looking to improve our organisation.
To realise this aim, BERG has been certified for ISO 9001 since 2012. ISO is an international quality management standard. This is how we show our worldwide customers that they can rely on our quality.

In 2016 BERG was certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, the latest quality standard.
This certification supports our Mission Statement: INSPIRING ACTIVE PLAY, creating fun, innovative, quality go-karts, trampolines and ride-ons, as well as our Core Values: Creative, Innovative, Connected and Learning Organisation.

Business Phone Number: +1 484-873-8050
Business Website Address: https://www.bergtoys.com
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of Quality Custom Miniature Golf Courses
Castle Golf is a premier designer and builder custom miniature golf courses, both indoor and outdoor. For over 40 years Castle has been building a wide range of course styles, always with an emphasis on longevity and recurring play. Not only do we provide these distinctive courses, we also have a variety of approaches to fit most budgets and circumstances. Regardless of size and elegance, the commitment to quality and innovation is always present.

We invite you to review our web site articles and photos and learn how we can help you layout your facility for maximum success.

Business Phone Number: 480-968-1955
Business Website Address: https://www.castlegolf.com
Address: IPK Karting S.r.L.
via Preon 5, Salizzole (VR)
37056, Italy
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The main role of the factory team Formula K Racing is to represent products of the Formula K brand, which are made in the IPK factory for racing purposes. Sport results of the Formula K products thus continue in the previous experience and successes of products that have been made in IPK for 15 years already, always achieving the highest goals.

The Formula K Racing brand has been occurring in the top karting races for many years, and it ranks among the best world teams. Thanks to the professional experience and new innovative procedures, Formula K Racing is now a successful competitor in all karting categories. In order to achieve absolute results, Formula K Racing gives a chance to all drivers who are able and willing to race on the highest level and thus achieve top results.

It is mainly due to our professional background, excellent Formula K products, the team consisting of successful racers and experienced technicians

Business Phone Number: +39 0456901065
Business Website Address: https://www.formulak.it/
4897 Indian School Road NE, Suite 150
Salem, Oregon 97305-1126, USA
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Fun Parts Xpress | Supplying parts and providing technical assistance to all go kart and bumper boat operators
Hi, I’m Fransisco Villegas, the parts manager of Fun Parts Xpress. Fun Parts Xpress was created in 2001 to fulfill a need to supply parts and provide additional technical assistance to all go kart or bumper boat operators, regardless of who manufactured their equipment. As a division of J&J Amusements, Fun Parts Xpress is the direct supplier for all the parts we carry and has the largest in-stock inventory of go kart tires and tubes, including our patented Bigfoot™ tire: the most durable, longest lasting concession go kart tire available.We carry Honda, OEM and replacement parts for almost every kart and bumper boat in the industry, both foreign and domestic. Our goal is to keep your entertainment center, theme park, or family fun center running at its very best. We are always striving for excellence, and stand by our parts, service and equipment. Give Fun Parts Xpress a call and let us show you why we are the leading supplier and manufacturer in the industry!
Largest in-stock inventory of parts and accessories for go karts and bumper boats in the world.

Business Phone Number: 1-800-854-3140
Business Website Address: http://www.funpartsxpress.com
Address: PO Box 21064, RPO Charleswood
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3R 3R2
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Gould Manufacturing has been a leading manufacturer of amusement rides for theme parks, amusement parks and zoos since 1965. Our Antique Auto ride is a family friendly and popular with both operators and park patrons. Using the same quality design, we also manufacture a line of food and beverage vending carts.

Business Phone Number: (204) 344-5000
Business Website Address: http://www.gouldmanufacturing.com/
4897 Indian School Road NE, Suite 150
Salem, Oregon 97305-1126, USA
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J&J Amusements began as nothing more than something fun between twin brothers in 1957 who decided to open the first miniature golf center in Utah. Their love of amusements moved them to begin building some of the first fun centers and amusement parks throughout southern and central California. They would build rides and try things, all with the goal of providing more fun to those who visited their centers. When they invented the bumper boat in 1975, they were in love. They patented the bumper boat in the US and became US Coast Guard Certified. In 1990 J&J brought on new partners and began manufacturing concession go karts. And just like the bumper boat, J&J’s line of innovative and durable go karts took off. In 1993, the company was moved from southern California to Salem, Oregon. Today, J&J Amusements’ family of go kart and bumper boat attractions allows us to meet the evolving needs of the amusement industry with our safe and durable amusement products. We are 100% owned by employees – most of whom have been with the company 10+ years – who provide master planning, custom design, manufacturing and theming for complete amusement solutions. For 40 years, J&J Amusements has been manufacturing fun and entertainment attractions that are loved by the entire family. At J&J, we believe one of our advantages is the understanding that at the end of the day, we’re creating fun. Each go kart and bumper boat we manufacture will see sunshine and rain, hear laughter and play, and be enjoyed by families across the world. Our products must be built durable to last and safe to take care of each passenger they hold.

Business Phone Number: 1-800-854-3140
Business Website Address: https://jjamusements.com