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ASC is your one stop shop for New and Used Amusements. ASC has a large inventory of new and used equipment available for your needs. Check out our website for a full list of available attractions. We Buy, Sell, and Trade!

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Headquartered in Azusa, California, with a reliable network of distributors throughout the world, B-Air® takes pride in manufacturing quality equipment for the inflatable, water damage restoration as well as the pet and animal industries. Our highly skilled engineers are continually in search of innovative ways to optimize the B-Air® product line in response to innovations within all the industries we serve. B-Air®’s innovative products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities reflecting our continuing dedication to design, performance, and safety. B-Air® products are certified ETL and CE approved for use in the US, Canada, Europe, and South America.

When it comes to professional janitorial, inflatable, pet drying, and restoration equipment, no manufacturer surpasses the design, engineering quality and customer service that B-Air® is known for.

With 20 years in business, we have dedicated ourselves to creating high-quality products delivered with excellent customer service.

Serving customers in need of heavy duty equipment for their businesses and customers in need of reliable equipment for home use, B-Air® provides equipment to a variety of industries and businesses.

As we continue to develop and expand our existing product lineup, we can keep providing cutting-edge equipment to the ever-evolving industries we are committed to serving.

At the world-class B-Air® facilities located in Azusa, California, designers and engineers are dedicated to innovation and improvement in their creation of our restoration equipment, janitorial air movers, inflatable blowers, and commercial pet dryers.

This is an effort to meet the company’s goal of continuously increasing standards of performance, quality and safety.

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Address: Bears Playgrounds
7577 E. Main St.
Lima, NY 14485
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Built exclusively by the Playground Crew at Bears, our Natural Playgrounds are built primarily from cedar logs and are perhaps the best looking systems in the Universe. We offer Natural Playground structures for home use and Nature Inspired Playground structures for public use as well as independent events and outdoor classroom hardscape. Our reputation and web site has earned us customers from coast to coast and around the world.


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Invented in sunny So Cal, Big Squirt!® sits right next to all the fun famous So Cal inventions like the Water Weenie®, Hot Wheels®, Frisbie® and the very tasty In-N-Out Burger®, a So Cal icon.

Since 1988, Big Squirt! Inc. has been manufacturing the ever popular Big Squirt® Water Toy as you see it today. Known for the most wet summer fun you can have, the award winning Big Squirt!® has brought smiles to millions of people and wet clothes to even more.

Oh, why did we mention the iconic In-N-Out Burger? Well, in 1989 all the deliveries and trips to to another icon made famous by “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” Raging Waters San Dimas, were fueled with pit stops at the very first In-N-Out Burger stand in Baldwin Park, just off the I-10 freeway & Francisquito — just try to pronounce that one.

Big Squirt! was invented by Joel M. Schafer, an engineer who worked at Hughes Aircraft Company, yes, the company founded by its namesake, Howard Hughes. While the young engineer was serious about science and satellites, he was crazy about water and living at the beach. One day in 1987, while on a different water related adventure on the Colorado River, the waterlogged inventor saw something that made the gears start turning.

The next stop wasn’t the laboratory, it was back home to the beach! That very next spring the Big Squirt! company was started in the living room of a Hermosa Beach, CA surf house. When not surfing, skateboarding or cruisin’, the days were spent full of R & D, squirting people along the famous Hermosa Beach “strand.” Hermosa Beach is also the birthplace of surf equipment maker Body Glove and the famous Dive-n’ Surf surf shop.

After only one summer, the operation outgrew the living room and the business was moved to a garage in neighboring Redondo Beach. While this was an ideal move, the very next summer, the garaged proved too small for the fast growing company.

Since 2000, Big Squirt! Inc. has been innovating and building the entire Big Squirt! product line in its current Torrance, CA location. An award winning company, Big Squirt! Inc. is also an innovator in participatory waterpark attractions, consumer products and backyard fun.

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Address: 27618 County Road 561
Tavares, FL 32778
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BoMar Soft Playgrounds International imagines and constructs extraordinary soft play elements for clients around the globe. Located outside of Orlando, Florida, one of the country’s most competitive scenic arts markets and home to many premiere theme parks, we are on the cutting edge of the industry’s latest production technologies.

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Address: Hi Striker® Company, P.O. Box 415
St. James MO, 65559
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Welcome to the Hi Striker Company where you will find some of the industry’s greatest games suitable for any event from backyard birthdays to full fledged carnival fun anywhere!

Traveling carnivals, party rental operators, amusement parks and more have all enjoyed our fantastic products for over 50 years.

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Address: 42392 Yarrow Central Road, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, V2R 5E2
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The Imagination Corporation is a unique family company that specializes in the design and construction of custom environments and one of a kind dimensional signs.

We merge state of the art tools with old world craftsmanship and a healthy dose of imagination to create absolute magic on every project we tackle. “Ordinary” simply doesn’t count for much with us.

Our specialty is the design, fabrication and installation of custom elements. We enjoy working with our client’s teams to ensure the quality of the project exceeds all expectations.

Whether you are looking for a unique sign, an eye catching storefront, or an entire theme park, we have the expertise and passion needed to put your venture over the top.

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Address: Main Offices & Factory
226 Upton Road
Colchester, CT 06415
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From waterparks to ballparks, home gardens to hammock nets, InCord Play includes divisions of Amusement, Sports and Specialty and is committed to the science and craft of recreation throughout an extensive array of professional and consumer applications. Setting the benchmark with exceptional design and durability and backed by a 20+ year gold standard reputation that includes renowned customer service and lead times, we invite you to explore all that InCord Play has to offer!

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Address: Nets Unlimited
28248 N Tatum Blvd B1-450
Cave Creek AZ 85331
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Available Products

Complete Exhibit Structures

Hand-Woven Stainless Steel AnimalContainment Nets

Children’s Playground Nets

Animal Transport Nets

Cable and Related Hardware

Coil Mesh, Welded Wire, and Zoomesh for Animal Containment

Custom Sunshades and Screens

All sizes of Synthetic Netting for Temporary Holding, Aviaries, or as General Barriers

Handrail and Guardrail Nets

Manila, Polyester, and other specialty ropes

Sports Netting for Golf, Baseball, and Hockey

Personnel Safety and Debris Nets

Business Phone Number: 1-866-NETS-R-US
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The Trampoline Thing™
The Trampoline Thing™ is by far the most unique and exciting product of its kind on the market today. Imagine jumping 24 feet in the air and doing many flips consecutively without fear of falling! The Trampoline Thing™ makes this possible with a highly engineered (patented) lift and bungee cord system. The Trampoline Thing™ is fun for everyone! It appeals to a wide variety of people and can be used by anyone between 30 and 240 lbs. It is simple to operate, mostly weather resistant and requires very little maintenance. It is popular with people of all ages, but most popular with those ages 5 to 20 with high repeat customer use.

The Trampoline Thing was developed in 1993 and can be found in hundreds of locations throughout the world. It has helped big companies and small business owners achieve healthy returns on relatively small investments. The really great thing about The Trampoline Thing™ is that it is manufactured and shipped right from our Smithfield, Utah offices. We carry all the parts, accessories and supplies for the unit and offer our 24/7 tech support so you will always be able to get back up and running if something does go wrong at your event.

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