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Bolliger & Mabillard brings its original ideas to the amusement industry backed by sophisticated engineering, a broad base of practical experience, together with first-rate quality control and fast, conscientious after-sales service.

The company enjoys a worldwide reputation among the amusement parks clientele for providing and maintaining extremely smooth rides on all of its coaster designs.

Bolliger & Mabillard is committed to providing quality products and services, for complete client satisfaction.

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01141 244 721 580
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Address: 224 Outlook Point Dr, Suite 600
Orlando, FL 32809 – USA
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Dynamic Attractions works confidentially with theme park operators to invent new ride experiences. Dynamic’s bold engineers and precision fabricators are the secret ingredients behind a number of industry firsts. No ride system company is better experienced to help turn your nearly impossible ride idea into a thrilling success.

We hold five key values that drive us every day – innovation, safety, integrity, trust and teamwork.

Making attractions is hard work. Our culture of collaboration ensures we get attractions done, on time and on budget. Our engineers, creatives, estimators, draftspeople, procurement, sales teams are laser focused on making rides that are innovative, exciting, safe, comfortable yet also exciting. We have a relentless focus on quality. We ensure the safety and quality of our ride systems down to a molecular level. Going the extra mile and focusing on quality and safety have allowed us to foster lasting relationships wtih our theme park partners. At Dynamic Attractions, we are excited about building the rides of tomorrow!

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+1 407-240-3490
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1391 Flat Creek Road
Athens, TX. 75751, USA
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With over 23 years in experience and as the original creators of patented mobile rock climbing walls and Auto-belay systems, Extreme Engineering has been globally recognized as the primary supplier in family-friendly thrill rides such as the Cloud Coaster roller coaster, High-Action Adventure parks, ziplines, Extreme Air launchers, climbing walls and other theme park attractions. Extreme Engineering is an engineering design and fabrication firm, offering design solutions in several industries such as aviation, amusement and green energy.

Entrepreneur and engineer Jeff Wilson, started Extreme Engineering in 1995 with the inception of the portable climbing wall prototype in his personal research and development shop. Through Mr. Wilson’s creativity, and expert knowledge in product design, the company has quickly grown to be the world’s largest supplier in Family Friendly rides. Extreme Engineering has customers in almost every continent across the globe. Jeff Wilson continues to lead the industry through awe-inspiring ride designs, earning him over 10 industry product awards.

Mr. Wilson has a mechanical and aeronautical engineering degree from California State University Long Beach with over 30 years in engineering and design experience. He has worked for companies such as Hughes Aircraft, American Hospital Supply and Hewlett Packard. Mr. Wilson has also consulted for Bell Helmet, NASA, Disney, Flowline and others. Jeff Wilson has been operating his engineering firm for over 22 years with focus on family-friendly, interactive products that are fun, safe and profitable to the amusement industry. Currently Mr. Wilson holds over 40 patents to his name, including the mobile climbing wall, auto-belay systems, and decelerating devices on zip lines.

Today Extreme Engineering is seen as the industry leader in Family Coasters, Engineering Design and Adventure Rides.

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D-86505 Münsterhausen
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Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH is a renowned German designer and manufacturer of amusement rides.

The company’s decades of experience manufacturing amusement rides makes Gerstlauer the manufacturer of choice for amusement parks throughout the world.

Strong roots, distinct goals
Gerstlauer supplies innovative concepts and custom-made services for amusement rides.

As a manufacturer and reliable development partner, we create added value for our customers. Every park, from the smallest to the largest in the world benefits from high standards, quality teamwork and the integral service supply of a family-based business.

Gerstlauer rides are “moving the world!” The Gerstlauer team consists of dedicated employees utilizing the most advanced CAD systems and manufacturing processes.

Full service from one source
Gerstlauer offers you complete service around the design, construction and operation of your amusement rides from one source: our services consists of: a detailed simulation before construction of the ride, on-time installation and start-up, extensive training, and maintenance.

Ride experience in a new dimension
Whether roller coasters, giant wheels, flat rides, lighting, control systems, people movers, or the refurbishment of an old ride: Gerstlauer always reduces design, color and function to technical and aesthetic perfection.

Stationary or transportable, simple or complex, for families or thrill seekers – Gerstlauer builds something for everyone.

Quality, safety and long-life cycle
All of our state-of-the-art amusements rides correspond to the worldwide highest technical safety standards: ASTM, DIN EN 13814, DIN 4112 and TÜV-Süddeutschland.

Our name stands for highest quality and best service.

Let us know your target audience and goals: we will give you a quick and detailed reply – and we are more than happy to serve you

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Tel.: +49 8281 9968-0
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Address: Maurer Rides USA
Steve Boney
9402 Palm Tree Dr.
Windermere, FL 34786 / USA
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Since 1876, Maurer has been working from headquarters in Munich and today has over 1000 employees at six production sites around the world. In 1992, Maurer entered the development and production of Amusement Rides with the takeover of the activities of Co. BHS / Anton Schwarzkopf. Maurer still provides service and spare parts supply for all Schwarzkopf coasters.

To focus on the roller coaster market, Maurer founded the subsidiary Maurer Rides GmbH in 2003, which today acts as a specialized and independent unit of the Maurer Group. Most of the production takes place at the Munich site with Maurer SE as the main company.

Maurer Rides specializes in rail-mounted transport systems. In addition to roller coaster trains and related Amusement Rides, this includes passenger transportation systems and people movers as well as conveyor systems for the transport of goods.

Since the beginning, Maurer Rides regularly pioneered the development of revolutionary new technologies, which later became the market standard. In 2004, for example, the Maurer X-Car was the world’s first system for inverted rides without a shoulder restraint. Innovative track figures can be designed with the help of the self-developed multi-body simulation package XTRAC and the track tubes are bent three-dimensionally with the Maurer XBEND method in unprecedented precision. The introduction of the revolutionary Spike® drive technology represents a milestone in several sectors in the development of rail-bound transport systems.

Numerous awards and patents underline the status of technology and innovation leader.

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Address: 1007 East Pratt Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202, USA
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Founded in 1995, Premier Rides is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. Since our beginning, Premier has supplied numerous unique, thrilling attractions, has provided our signature Premier Service™ including spare parts to clients around the globe. The Premier Team has earned the reputation of being the best in the business , growing into additional offices located in Europe and Asia. With a strong attention to detail, a focus on safety and customer service, our highly motivated team has an impressive background that includes: first-hand experience working for theme parks; responsibilities related to all aspects of amusement rides, from design and fabrication to installation, operation and maintenance; technical expertise in areas such as mechanical engineering, construction, quality control, business administration, rider safety and customer service.

Premier’s philosophy regarding our project teams is to assign a full time team to the attraction so that maximum attention can be paid to both production and client needs. Our team is balanced with focus on both the technical and administrative requirements of the project. Past experience in the industry allows our team to anticipate client needs, and creates an appreciation for the expectations of the client.

Premier has always had a significant focus on client accessibility to the project team. Our 24 hour a day live response phone system ensures that the client can always contact the Premier Team 365 days a year. Premier is always focused on the newest technologies to ensure constant communication.

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RMC was formed in 2001 by out of box thinker, Fred Grubb.
Started out of Fred’s garage in Athol, Idaho, RMC began with about 10 employees who repaired traditional wood coaster tracks. For several more years, RMC designed and built several water parks, erected other manufacturers’ coasters and erected steel buildings. After years of rebuilding traditional wood tracks, Fred knew that there had to be a better track system that would not require constant repair/maintenance. After speaking with renowned coaster engineer, Alan Schilke, in 2008 the Ibox track was born. Six Flags gave RMC their first big break, by contracting RMC to overhaul an existing wooden coaster, The Texas Giant. With very little marketing and no sales force, RMC now has 115 full-time employees and 5 manufacturing facilities, totaling more than 75,000 square feet. Started in the garage by a hardworking, high school educated man from Wyoming to becoming a leader in the roller coaster industry, RMC personifies the true American dream story while continuing to thrill riders all over the world while still keeping its good old American values.

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Address: Sartori Rides s.r.l.
Via del Commercio, 19
35044 Montagnana (Pd)
Vat: IT01298680289
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Over the years, thanks to its creativity, passion for the Rides sector and the constant contact with customers, Sartori designed new type of amusement Rides, bringing trade requirement ahead of his time. Constant know how technology upgrade and improvements lead Sartori to develop a distinctive style, brought as an example to the highest levels amongst the amusement manufacturing sector.Sartori Rides has become a brand, a byword of quality and reliability. Nowadays Massimo and Manuela Sartori take over the Company. They treasured of their father’s experience, bringing innovation to materials, technologies and new attractions projects.

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+39 0429800222
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Skyline Attractions will deliver wow when you want new, we will deliver different when you tire of the same, we will dream up the best when good enough no longer cuts it.

Our collective roots in the amusement industry and our passion for the business will be evident every time we apply our decades of experience in business management, manufacturing, and design. We will deliver the most reliable American-built attractions using high-quality components, impeccable attention to detail, and clever engineering. We will never forget that we are in the business of fun, and we will deliver fun not only in our products, but also in the way we treat our customers.

We will strive to garner respect from our customers and employees by developing responsible rides and business practices that never compromise in safety. We will conduct ourselves ethically and fairly, recognizing the best never stop learning and always have room to grow. We will look to hire dedicated, passionate employees with a fundamental understanding of our values, and we will respect their contributions, encourage them to grow and to lead both at work and at home, and reward performance and ideas that uphold the mission of our company.Skyline will grow our relationships with our customers and employees as we continuously grow and develop our product line, letting fun be our guide, safety be our check, and fairness be our mantra. We will amuse our customers this year with the coolest and most innovative rides and equipment, surprise them next year with an inspiring twist they never saw coming, and astound them for years to come with the big ideas we’ve got in our back pockets!

Skyline will listen, we will adapt, and we will respond when unexpected challenges arise, whether with our products or with our procedures. We will learn from and build on those challenges to help us innovate and create new, different, more reliable, and more exciting experiences!

Skyline Attractions won’t be everything to everyone, but we will be the best manufacturer of quality American-built rides that the most demanding buyers require. We will be the premier company that the brightest talent wants to work with, and we will be the first, second, and third partner considered any time something new is needed.

And we will amaze you.

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1 (407) 587-0080
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Address: P.O. Box 62050 Cincinnati, OH 45262
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The Wooden Roller Coaster Experts
The Gravity Group, LLC was founded in 2002 by a group of veteran wooden roller coaster designers who were passionate about bringing wooden coaster technology to the next century.

The team of engineers at The Gravity Group has more experience designing wooden roller coasters than any other company in existence today. As a result, the designs that The Gravity Group produces are consistently the highest-rated wooden rides within the industry.

The group focuses on doing business with integrity and establishing solid professional relationships with parks and suppliers.The principals of The Gravity Group saw the need for a modern wooden roller coaster car and developed the Timberliner, the industry’s only steering wooden roller coaster car. In this endeavor, they formed Gravitykraft Corporation for the manufacturing of these Timberliner cars.

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+1 (513) 948-8400
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Fax +1 (513) 948-8420
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