Event Production

Address: 322 E. Central Blvd #1604
Orlando, Florida
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A full service ice skating production company specializing in fresh new ice skating performances with turnkey operation. Ice, costumes and design, lighting, soundtrack, choreography, sets and design can all be included! Theme park entertainment, casino shows, conventions, holiday ice spectaculars, and made for TV events.

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(508) 380-4772
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INNOVATE Entertainment, Inc.
Address: 811 N. Catalina Ave., Suite 1108 Los Angeles, CA 90277
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Attraction Design, Media Production, Audience Engagement
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INNOVATE Entertainment is a design and production studio that leverages immersive and social storytelling, along with the latest technology, to produce content driven entertainment & engaging experiences for brands of all sizes. Our collaborative network of digital designers, creative technologists and media professionals has allowed us to deliver multiple award-winning projects for our location-based entertainment clients and their beloved brands around the world.

Our passion and in-house competencies encompass all facets of the creative process – from the most preliminary concept all the way through to a completed production process.

Our core competencies include:

Blue Sky Development
IP Procurement
Guest Experience Analysis
Preliminary Master Planning
Placemaking & Zoning
IP Development
Industry Trend Research

Brand Development
Story Refinement
Master Planning
Concept Development
Graphic + Wayfinding Design
Technical Design
Lighting Design
Interactive Technologies
Audio Design

Vendor Oversight
IP Oversight
Media Production
Creative Direction
In-Field Art Direction
Project Management
Installation Supervision
Ride Programming
On-going Updates

With each project, our goal is to create an experience that takes the audience on a transformative journey that connects with them on a deep and personal level.

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Address: LCI UK: 55 Merthyr Terrace, London, SW138DL
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LCI is a London based design led, attraction and event production company.  Our mission is to deliver your vision for the project, and make the process a positive experience throughout.  LCI will take your initial ideas and further develop the concept into a deliverable reality.  LCI will ensure that every aspect of your project is covered. Your role in delivery can be at the level of involvement that suits you. The service we provide will be designed to meet your needs as a client, whether you are an expert in multimedia experiences, or if this is your first project.

We use the latest technology and design processes to create the best possible experience for your audience.  Our creative and installation teams can provide a wide range of custom services to deliver large scale attractions or smaller scale promotions.  We offer the highest quality products and services, regardless of the size or location of your project or event.

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+44 (0) 208 914 7617
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