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Lakewood, NJ 08701
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At BMI Merchandise, we treat our clients like partners. Want access to the latest, hard-to-find item? We will hunt it down for you. Having difficulty managing the inventory of your low-ticket value items? We invented a system that makes the process seamless. Frustrated with tireless hours and dollars spent picking prizes and keeping your merchandise assortment up to date? Let us do it for you!

BMI Merchandise is different. We have developed proprietary software (AMRS™), our Integrated Redemption Technology, for redemption centers which streamlines your daily operations. It’s a fully customized solution that allows you to spend time on the things that really matter. From our unbeatable customer service, our customized websites to the most on-trend inventory, with BMI you have the industry’s best merchandising experts on your team.

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Address: Calplush USA HQ
Los Angeles Showroom,

Office, & Warehouse

3575 S Santa Fe Ave
Vernon CA 90058

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We have non-licensed stuffed animals including unicorns, bears, dogs, bunnies, gorillas, dinosaurs, lions, tigers, owls, raccoons, elephants, llamas, fish, whales, dolphins, sting rays, ducks, alligators, cows, pigs, and more!
​We sell and manufacture our plush toys, pillows, backpacks, purses, neck pillows, handbags, baby rattles, and more wholesale to distributors, retail stores, carnivals, bowling alleys, and flower shops.
​We offer custom plush for businesses and nonprofit organizations. Our minimum custom order is just 1,200 pieces. Our custom plush can include an embroidered logo, screen printed logo, t-shirt, or bandanna.
Send us a line if you are looking for custom plush.

Business Phone Number: 323.582.6689
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Caravan Softoys has and continues to be a leading importer / exporter and manufacturer of quality plush toys with some 30 plus years experience offering our product expertise out of Montreal, Canada as well as Yangzhou, China.
Always eager to enhance our customer satisfaction, we are proud to announce a new merger with Big T Toys & Sports out of Riverside, Ca. now allowing us to efficiently and cost effectively offer our services out of both the East and West coasts.

Coupled with our global amusement industry perspective, our commitment to delivering a best in class experience truly exemplifies how we set ourselves apart from our competitors.

Business Phone Number: 450-430-6769
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