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About Adventure Golf Services

Based in Traverse City, MI, Adventure Golf Services is the industry leader with over 30+ years industry experience specializing in: miniature golf course and family entertainment center (FEC) design; development and construction of permanent, portable and modular miniature golf courses as well as other sports and golf related products for clients worldwide. We have a client portfolio consisting of both large and small companies to include: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruise Line, Disney, Jack Nicklaus, GlenLivet, Ripley Entertainment, Mall of America, and more. Our design/build services team can help design and properly build a simple or very elaborate miniature golf course that meets any space/budget specification as well as any look-and-feel to be achieved.

AGS Products:

Adventure Style / Landscaped Miniature Golf Courses
Custom Modular Miniature Golf – rooftops, cruise ship decks
Pre-Designed Modular Miniature Golf
Mini Links & Mini Links Jr.
Little Duffer™
AnyWhereLinks® and AnyWhereLinks® Jr.
Modular Sports Products
GolfCourt® – golf learning/practice center
GolfCourt® Hitting Bay – golf swing bay
Game Courts – Bocce Ball, Croquet, Shuffleboard, bag toss
Pickleball / Paddle Tennis Courts
Putting Greens
Design-Only Services
Design-For-Bid Services
NEW: SplashGolf – water mini golf

Adventure Golf Services (“AGS”) was founded by Arne Lundmark in 1984. Arne’s experience as an owner/operator of several miniature golf courses and family entertainment centers including, ski resorts, inspired his journey to golf course design for other operators. Today, the company operates internationally serving clients worldwide for our entire suite of products and services.

We are a family-owned business dedicated to the design and innovation of the miniature golf and other related products. Our company culture and reputation is built with a high level of integrity and attention to detail. Scott Lundmark, President is the second generation family member continuing the company traditions for years to come.

AGS is the expert at combining fun and profitability. Give us a call and see why we’re leading the industry…..We look forward to working with you!

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Address: Amusement Construction Co. Inc.
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Amusement Construction is the leader in the design and construction for go kart tracks, miniature golf courses, batting cages and bumper boat ponds, and for years have been dedicated to creating fun for the world!It all started with miniature golf construction and operations in 1960, and grew to manufacturing award-winning attractions for the family entertainment center industry. Amusement Products began its own construction company, Amusement Construction, in 2000. Amusement Construction began building go kart tracks, miniature golf courses, batting cages, and bumper boat ponds for facilities around the country. Who better to build the sites for the attractions built by their sister company? Since Amusement Construction specializes in family entertainment center construction we know how to build attractions better and more economically for you. The best thing about using Amusement Construction is having your project built per the design, on time and within your budget. Local contractors will tell you that they can build your go kart track, batting cage or miniature golf course, but it is so much more than just pouring concrete. Most local contractors will not even know they are making a mistake until it is too late. Amusement Construction knows how to build the mini golf holes so they play how they should, pour the concrete on the go kart track so your customers can have the smoothest ride, and pour the sloped concrete floor for the batting cage so all the balls roll back to the collection area. This attention to detail ultimately makes your customer’s experience better and makes them want to visit your facility again.

Before beginning the construction phase of a project, you should develop a business plan and create some design concepts. The experts at Amusement Construction can help with the miniature golf course design, go kart track design, batting cage layouts and bumper boat pond designs. We will start with a blank slate and develop a whole family entertainment center design for your site with attraction designs and renderings. These can be used for approvals and are great tools to help you obtain financing. Bankers and investors will be impressed when you show them a scaled drawing of your facility instead of just talking about it.

Family entertainment centers have emerged as a leading entertainment destination in many cities. The FEC industry has seen a rise in construction of indoor and outdoor facilities around the country, in small towns as well as big cities. Indoor family entertainment centers with 20 to 30 feet elevated coaster tracks have gained popularity in the past several years. Whether it is a racing location or an entertainment center, Amusement Construction has designed and built coaster go kart tracks and racing tracks around the country.

Racing on the go kart tracks, playing miniature golf, hitting baseballs and softballs in the batting cages and getting wet on the bumper boats are activities that have become mainstays at family entertainment centers, and these attractions are still going strong today. These types of attractions have proven to attract customers and generate more revenue for you, the operator. When you offer a top-quality product, and have had a leading industry construction company build your attractions, your customer can tell the difference and they will continue to visit your facility for years to come.

At Amusement Construction, we build fun things. And it is fun doing it and helping our customers succeed in the industry. If you are considering building any of the attractions we offer, please browse our website and fill out our contact form for more information.

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Address: 5954 Brainerd Road
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Since 1960, we have dedicated the existence of our company to creating fun for the world through exciting products. Our first goal is quality and dependability. If you can’t keep it working, you won’t make any money. That is why we spent our first ten years as a manufacturer perfecting the quality and performance of our products. Having accomplished this, our next goal was to outperform the competition and gain increased customer satisfaction. How did we accomplish this? Refinement and innovation! The timeline below lists a few of the “firsts” we have achieved, and are just a few of the reasons why Amusement Products is the leader in the family entertainment center industry. Many of these innovations have changed the industry forever.

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Big Sky Miniature Golf was founded in 1998 on the premise that creativity and durability make a pleasurable and realistic miniature golf experience. Owner Michael Codman strongly feels that the quality of the play of each hole, the realistic appearance of the water features and rock work, and the affordability of the recreation itself, make each individual course a successful business. Let us bring it all into play on your property!

Please take a look around at the extraordinary installations Big Sky has installed all over the U.S. We look forward to making your dreams of a award winning course come true.

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Cold River Mining Corporation is a national award-winning company, and your premier source for gemstone panning sluices and mining attractions. To date, we have designed and built over 400 sluices located at campgrounds, mini golf courses, family fun centers, gift shops, farms, zoos and museums. Throughout our 24 year history, our company has been committed to creating hands on, innovative, and interactive attractions where participants may find amethyst, rubies, emeralds, arrowheads, crystals, and much more. Cold River Mining Corporation always ensures a great find and an unforgettable experience.

Our award-winning corporation has been putting smiles on faces for years. All work is custom made so that our mobile mines and gemstone mining sluices can be built to your specifications.

Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have.

Rob Houchens 502-851-4019

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Flagship Carpets has made carpets and rugs for over 40 years. In 2012, we began an exciting journey as the “The NEW Flagship Carpets”. By combining years of industry experience with the most innovative technology in the world, we have distinguished our company as the only direct manufacturer in our market.

Advanced Technology
Flagship Carpets maintains the most innovative and unique carpet printing machinery in the world. Compared to other suppliers where the product is printed with 256 dpi technology, we manufacture and create our carpets at 625 dpi. What this means to you is a more crisp, detailed image with superior definition and clarity.

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Rich Lahey purchased Harris Miniature Golf Courses Inc. in 1988 with a vision for changing the industry.

Back then, miniature golf courses were mostly portable plywood tracks dominated by windmills and clown faces. Sales were dismal. Miniature golf, which hadn’t changed much for decades, had lost its appeal.

Rich believed beautifully landscaped courses with dramatic features, lots of curb appeal and plenty of challenge – not by putting windmills or barns in the way, but by building banked, undulating greens and holes with risks and rewards – would revive interest in miniature golf and bring profitability back to the industry.

“I could see it,” Rich recalls. “I’d drive by these flat plywood courses with the usual array of wooden obstacles, and there would be no one playing. Miniature golf is a really fun family game, but the courses were old and boring. I knew if we built more appealing and challenging courses, people of all ages would come.”

And come they did.

Over the ensuing decade, Rich’s vision led a revolution in miniature golf, leading the industry to build more elaborate courses than ever before and causing profits to soar. Now, instead of charging $2 a game, course owners could charge $4 or $5 and people would pay it. Today, the average price of a round of miniature golf is $8. Rich was hailed by The New York Times as the man who reinvented miniature golf. Today, the industry boasts more than $1 billion in annual revenues and has minted more than its share of millionaire course owners. See how much you could make with our mini golf revenue calculator.

Based on Rich’s vision and decades of experience in building courses around the world, we rely on water features and beautiful landscaping to create fun and inviting spaces. The delicate contours, slopes, and undulations of our greens reward players for a good putt while not overly penalizing a poor effort. At Harris, we believe the key to success is building courses that are interesting and fun to play with just enough challenge to make players want to come back and play again.

Rich and the team at Harris also pioneered the concept of the 36-hole course. Having two 18-hole courses can be key to promoting repeat business and profitability. Two courses not only create more choices and challenges for players, they provide the capacity necessary to accommodate large crowds on summer evenings and weekends. Long lines at overcrowded single courses can reduce profits and drive customers away. Having the second course also allows owners to host groups without having to turn away walk-in customers – a key to midweek profitability.

At Harris, we know that a well-designed and well-built course will produce repeat business year after year. A poorly designed course will quickly become boring and frustrating, and repeat business will drop off. We also know that some of the best design ideas occur during construction, as the course is taking shape. All on-site changes are made with the customer’s approval and without additional charge. Get a brochure today about all our mini golf services!

All of our projects are covered by the Harris 110% Guarantee, which means Rich and the team will always go the extra mile to make sure your project is as good as it can possibly be.

“At Harris Miniature Golf, we always give our customers the full measure of our talents,” Rich says. “We feel it is the little things that make the difference between a good job and a great job. The courses we build not only meet but exceed customers’ expectations. We finish projects on time and on budget. When we give you a price, we stick to it.”

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The Imagination Corporation is a unique family company that specializes in the design and construction of custom environments and one of a kind dimensional signs.

We merge state of the art tools with old world craftsmanship and a healthy dose of imagination to create absolute magic on every project we tackle. “Ordinary” simply doesn’t count for much with us.

Our specialty is the design, fabrication and installation of custom elements. We enjoy working with our client’s teams to ensure the quality of the project exceeds all expectations.

Whether you are looking for a unique sign, an eye catching storefront, or an entire theme park, we have the expertise and passion needed to put your venture over the top.

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Family owned and operated, Miniature Golf Solutions by Bailey Consulting Inc. has over 25 years of experience in all phases of development and operations of some of the world’s finest Mini Golf facilities. Owners David Bailey and son Matthew Bailey bring knowledge and expertise to every aspect of the project. This experience has proven very helpful in creating facilities that are fun and challenging, profitable and low maintenance.

It is our policy to provide full attention and focus to each customer by accepting only one project at a time!

Examples of our work can be seen throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, and Germany. These projects include a variety of work ranging from backyard waterfalls to elaborate miniature golf courses

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We combined jet engine technology with fluid dynamics to deliver the most powerful, focused, and quiet air stream available.

Atomizing technology creates tiny water droplets that easily evaporate for maximum cooling. Perfect for miniature golf courses and theme park queues.

Total user control: the Power Breezer gives users the ability to set moisture settings for climate and personal preferences. Users can control the variable fan speed and oscillation.

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