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At amaZulu, Inc., we provide a variety of thatched roof products and turnkey services to theme park, hospitality, entertainment, and other commercial industries. amaZulu has been a premier theme park material supplier to the top Theme Park / Water Park Developers and Owners for over 16 years.

Individual consumers rely on amaZulu, Inc. products to turn their homes and backyards into unique environments using thatch roofing, thatch umbrellas, tiki huts and more. Our business and consumer clients both know they can rely on our top quality products to transform their creative visions into beautiful reality — cost-effectively, responsibly and sustainable. Our green building products are unsurpassed.

Watch the short video to see some of our products and applications. Visit our blog to learn more about the products we work with, how our products are made, and some innovative projects. And please join our email list so you’ll never miss an informative post on theming, design, sustainability, natural materials, authentic environments, and much more.

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Address: Artistic Contractors, Inc.
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Welcome To Artistic Contractors

Artistic Contractors, Inc. offers creative design and custom fabrication while specializing in scenic attractions and themed environments. It is our innovation, high standards of themed design and construction, quality and dedication to our customers that makes Artistic Contractors the ideal fabrication partner. We provide one-stop solutions for all your scenic design and fabrications needs including:

• Woodworking & Carpentry
• Architectural Reproductions
• Silicone & Urethane Rubber Molding
• Museum Quality Fiberglass Reproductions   • Mural and Scenic Painting
• Sculpture
• Mold Making & Casting
• Metal Work

Our ability to envision even the most unique designs and ideas coupled with our attention to detail enable our clients to get more than they hoped for, and everything they deserve.

Capitalizing on our in-house capabilities and reputation for high quality standards, Artistic Contractors is your full service fabrication & scenery shop, providing all aspects of visual enhancement through custom construction.

In addition, our craftsmen understand the need for quick turnaround in this business and will work to bring your project to completion on time. We have never missed a deadline!

We would welcome the opportunity to bid on your next project!

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Address: Corporate Headquarters
4201 County Road P
Jackson, WI 53037
FAX: 262-677-6020

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COST’s roots began in 1957 when John Stanwyck’s contracting company was hired to develop naturalistic habitats at the Milwaukee County Zoo. The zoological industry was seeking changes to the standard cages common in zoos, and sought out a firm that was proficient in concrete applications and artistry. Since the very beginning, Stanwyck’s firm excelled in blending proven construction methodologies with an artistic flair. This proficiency had enabled COST to develop highly realistic exhibits within the majority of zoos and aquariums in the U.S. and numerous projects abroad.

Original Fleet 1959
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COST Signage
Jon J. Stanwyck was named President in 1978, where his leadership skills continued to drive innovation in thematic construction, and was later led by Lance L. Stanwyck, until his untimely passing. Under their decades of leadership, COST has branched out into many different market segments and grew dramatically into the firm it is today. Their integration of technology in design through construction has streamlined processes and improved efficiencies at all organizational levels. Jon continues to keep COST on the theme construction forefront as the firm celebrates its 60th year in business.

COST’s 144,000 square foot plant is equipped with BIM modeling, 5-Axis Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machine, prototype 3D printing, a proprietary Computer Aided Framework System (CAFS) and automated bar-bending equipment. The Jackson, WI plant operates GFRC, FRP, and urethane spray departments in addition to paint booths. Various epoxies and acrylics are also utilized by COST’s staff of scenic artisans. Theme carpentry, mechanical systems, and steel fabrication complete the numerous departments within the main production facility. In addition to the Jackson, WI headquarters, field offices in Orlando, Seattle, and Winnipeg, Manitoba have been established to better serve regional clients.

Six decades from inception, COST’s award winning work can be visited at zoos, theme parks, casinos, resorts, museums, botanical gardens, residential communities, golf courses, family entertainment centers, theme retail stores, and restaurants throughout the world.

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Saint Louis, Missouri
63118 USA
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Creative Visions is the brainchild of Mark McDonough, a thirty-five year veteran of the
amusement industry, who leads an amazing team that will bring your ideas to life.

The origins of the company date back to 1986 when it was providing technical and A/V support for
corporate events and meetings. In 1992, the firm entered the themed amusement industry and
soon changed it’s name to Creative Visions, reflecting the new scope of it’s offerings.

Creative Visions is now a world-wide provider of custom animatronic characters and custom displays
and special effects for the themed amusement industry.

What sets Creative Visions apart?
It’s our quality and attention to detail. We do not claim to be the biggest, but our quality rivals the best.
We want you to be happy with your Creative Visions experience by delivering exceptional quality at a fair price…consistently.

About the President:

Mark McDonough, President of Creative Visions, has been in the theatre since age eleven. He has worked on
countless stage productions, owned three companies and worked as a radio DJ…all before he was old enough to drink!
He was chapter president of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity at Saint Louis University where he graduated with degrees
in both Technical Theatre and Advertising. He currently resides in Saint Louis with his dog Rocky.

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CV Entertainment GbR
Address: Götzstraße 10A
67547 Worms
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Everything starts with an idea, the idea of redefining entertainment.
We have made it our mission to create immersive worlds with the help of innovative technology and individual design.
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CV Entertainment was founded in 2017 and we have experience in the leisure industry, including working with amusement parks, museums, zoos and other leisure facilities. Together with our clients, we work out concepts, develop storylines, build props and special effects and offer numerous interactive solutions to enhance attractions. Find out more about CV Entertainment at

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+49 (0) 6241 506 1314
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Address: 2503 North Neergard Avenue, Springfield, MO, 65803, United States
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Elemoose is a haven for designers, thinkers, and dreamers alike, offering a place for skilled and artistic individuals to create work that satisfies his/her niche. We are committed to bringing to life a wide range of ideas and designs by melding artistic talent and advanced technology to produce the highest quality, most innovative products one can imagine.

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Fabrication of themed/scenic elements, enviroments, castings and props for the casino/hospitality, retail, theme restaurant and attraction markets. Work includes GFRG, GFRC, FRP architectural moldings, shapes, statuary, water features, themed POS, exhibit, 3-D props, specialty signage. Integration of design, engineering, structure, artistic integrity, faux finishes, graphics, lighting, mechanical effects. Turn-key capabilities.

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FAST Corporation, in its current form, is really a culmination of four iterations of the business. While no one is exactly certain of the date or even year the business began, in the late 1960s or early 1970s Sculptured Advertising opened the doors providing primarily larger than life animals to businesses and roadside attractions. Sometime in the mid-1970s the name was changed—because of partnership and association adjustments—to Creative Display. Under the name Creative Display construction of the first FAST Corporation icon was completed in 1978, the 145 foot long Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame Musky in Hayward Wisconsin.

In 1983 Jerome Vettrus incorporated the company under the name Fiberglass Animals, Shapes, and Trademarks, AKA FAST Corporation. Jerry intended to grow the business providing much of the same type product—animals, business trademarks, and roadside attractions—but quickly recognized a unique opportunity. Marketing in those days was heavily concentrated on two annual trade show exhibits. At one of the larger exhibits Jerry simply parked a trailer with an 11 foot tall Viking affixed in the parking lot—money was tight. Jerry received many compliments on quality of workmanship along with a simple question, “What does it do?” The lack for an adequate answer motivated Jerry to come up with a product of the same workmanship that “does something,” paving the way for the current line of FAST kiddie delight themed water slides. With these new additions to the product line, the company began to experience a steady growth rate.

In 1999, the company had grown to a point in which Jerry figured his talents in design, sculpting, and painting were not effectively being used as he was spending too much time running the business. He turned to James Schauf, a golfing buddy and good friend, who had extensive experience in manufacturing. This meeting resulted in Jim buying Jerry out in January of 2000. The Schauf family has owned and operated the business since, expanding FAST Corp’s market share and product line. Jerry continues to work for FAST Corporation helping the company maintain a creative and quality edge.

The next time you see a life size elephant at a gas station, 8 foot high cheese mouse at the store, 6 foot frog water slide, 20 foot high flamingo, or 3-story eyeball you can bet the piece originated in Sparta Wisconsin at FAST Corporation.

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North Hollywood, California 91605
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Flix FX designs and fabricates high quality mechanical effects for television, film and themed entertainment venues. We also specialize in physical effects, robotics, action/electronic props, miniatures, oversized props, hydraulic/pneumatic systems, mold making, environmental effects and graphics. We have a vacuum-form capacity to 4′ X 8′ and create custom architectural accents.

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Florida’s Attraction & Entertainment Solutions (A&ES) collaborates, creates, designs and fabricates world-class themed environments.

Attraction & Entertainment Solutions (A&ES) offers professional creative services and technical expertise. We provide a proven process-oriented approach to efficient and effective design-build production for large-to-small themed attractions, interactive environments, and related industries.

Our business is based on transparency and trust. Our professional team of talented architects, engineers, designers, craftspeople, artists, and artisans are dedicated to integrating aesthetic excellence in the delivery of the highest quality products possible. We use best practices and work collaboratively to design, fabricate and install environments to engage human action and immerse guests and visitors into a realm of memorable experiences. Our team of industry expert’s worldwide produce customized, cost-effective and award-winning creations from concept through creation and installation with safety first, all delivered on time and on budget. As we advance our business, we are proud to announce our new Plastics division.

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